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The deep perversion of language…

October 11, 2011


Someone recently wrote a comment that I chose not to publish (due to it’s tone), deeply critical of my writing. And I looked over my old writing and saw a greater flow to the writing. Longer sentences, completed thoughts.

Recently, like a sputtering word-smith. Brrrrrp…….brrrrrrp……

Interesting. Very different quality and I agreed with the commentator at one level.

As always, the flow caught me and got me thinking about language in general. We ARE because of language. It is the densification of sound, giving form to this world we in-habit. And it really is just that. A habit.

Over and over, like religion, again and again, spoken into existence. I think therefor I am.

Cogito ergo sum.


I looked around and at myself and realized, that believing the above to be axiomatic (if there is a Yog I have practiced deeply, it’s Naad Yog, the Yog of Sound), I KNOW we are no-thing but a densification of patterned sound. The womb dictates the pattern. Simple eh? Thus too the fractal nature of the world.

if everything returns to one, what does one return into?

Language. If it is the “creatrix”, then it’s wrought quite an awful screech of a world, hasn’t it?

It’s okay to be a Buddh and acknowledge suffering.

So look around, especially in a city (especially a city like Bangalore), and imagine for a moment that the entire edifice of what you perceive is condensed sound…… where is the harmony? Where is the resonance?

So our common, unspoken language has wrought for us this polluted, merciless, ruthless world of Industrialized corporate fascism….. OUR COMMON UNSPOKEN LANGUAGE.

It hit me like a brick. Can you see it? There is something deeply perverted in language. Beyond the perversions of ever shorter spans of attention. Beyond the perversion of pandering to the lowest common denominator in popular speech.

Even the best spoken amongst us are being driven by the in-herent devolution of language.

Cogito Ergo Sum, eh? Cogito Ergo Bum perhaps? I see a T-shirt there.

Cogito Ergo Bum.

Look back just a hundred years or so. The public and private discourse was in language rich and thick and still rooted in the true essence of what was attempted to be conveyed. Now?

Cut! Cut! Cut.

As a stark example:

From a fascinating article I read on the site, on words removed and added to the Children’s Dictionary printed annually by the Oxford University Press. The definitive guide to English for Children.

Please see Social engineering in action, via language. It is the veiled fist. Please think about that for a moment…


Words taken out:

Carol, cracker, holly, ivy, mistletoe

Dwarf, elf, goblin

Abbey, aisle, altar, bishop, chapel, christen, disciple, minister, monastery, monk, nun, nunnery, parish, pew, psalm, pulpit, saint, sin, devil, vicar

Coronation, duchess, duke, emperor, empire, monarch, decade

adder, ass, beaver, boar, budgerigar, bullock, cheetah, colt, corgi, cygnet, doe, drake, ferret, gerbil, goldfish, guinea pig, hamster, heron, herring, kingfisher, lark, leopard, lobster, magpie, minnow, mussel, newt, otter, ox, oyster, panther, pelican, piglet, plaice, poodle, porcupine, porpoise, raven, spaniel, starling, stoat, stork, terrapin, thrush, weasel, wren.

Acorn, allotment, almond, apricot, ash, bacon, beech, beetroot, blackberry, blacksmith, bloom, bluebell, bramble, bran, bray, bridle, brook, buttercup, canary, canter, carnation, catkin, cauliflower, chestnut, clover, conker, county, cowslip, crocus, dandelion, diesel, fern, fungus, gooseberry, gorse, hazel, hazelnut, heather, holly, horse chestnut, ivy, lavender, leek, liquorice, manger, marzipan, melon, minnow, mint, nectar, nectarine, oats, pansy, parsnip, pasture, poppy, porridge, poultry, primrose, prune, radish, rhubarb, sheaf, spinach, sycamore, tulip, turnip, vine, violet, walnut, willow

Words put in:

Blog, broadband, MP3 player, voicemail, attachment, database, export, chatroom, bullet point, cut and paste, analogue

Celebrity, tolerant, vandalism, negotiate, interdependent, creep, citizenship, childhood, conflict, common sense, debate, EU, drought, brainy, boisterous, cautionary tale, bilingual, bungee jumping, committee, compulsory, cope, democratic, allergic, biodegradable, emotion, dyslexic, donate, endangered, Euro

Apparatus, food chain, incisor, square number, trapezium, alliteration, colloquial, idiom, curriculum, classify, chronological, block graph

See this Story HERE


What do you see?

Control language and control the world. It’s really that simple. Social engineering in broad daylight, by diktat.

If there is no word for something, it falls out of our memory, individual and collective. No point of reference, no-word to hang a memory tag on.

Here is another way to look at it.

Can you think of anything that has no word associated with it?


Para-dox, eh?

Language is that important. TV perverts language. Authorities pervert language. Politicians pervert language. Parents pervert language. Social change perverts language (in a de-evolutionary time anyways).

As I’ve pointed out various times, etymologically…. English is rife with inversion perversion. Words have opposite current and origin meanings.

Is it any wonder then that our world seems so perverted? How do you become pure from the perversion of language? it’s really infected, don’t take my world for it, research it. Check out world after word on

Beauty, Handsome, Compete, Convenient…. on and on and on…..

But it is a rabbit hole you have to dive into. Every thought, every exchange perverts it further. Mis-take upon mistake.

Now it’s phrase perversion. I love you to death. I’m dying to go to Bali. I have a dead-line.

That’s sick. Crazy sick…

Like that…. on and on….

Perhaps the place to begin is in silence. Silence helps to deepen listening. From deep listening comes the ability to detect essence. And words will drop away and perhaps you too will feel awkward writing or speaking. I run a Design House? De-Sign? Remove the Sign, the essence and call it a good thing?

I say de-sign this and de-sign that all day. When I really want to say en-sign. I walk with an ensign crew. Who would understand me? Quite the trap. Now, the Yogi’s retreat to the mountains makes more sense. Language has been on a downward slide for millenia now. I’d say it’s perversion has been the prime tool of control.

I hope that made sense. Very interesting place to be for me….

And then, there was this… more social engineering. Clumsy but quite effective. A real tell….

Taking a bite: Barton chomps on the steak in one shot from the photoshoot


In your face, literally. Look at the shadow. And the rest of it on the link.


I wonder where that word came from???

pervert (v.) Look up pervert at Dictionary.comc.1300 (trans.), “to turn someone aside from a right religious belief to a false or erroneous one,” from O.Fr. pervertir, from L. pervertere “corrupt, turn the wrong way, turn about,” from per- “away” + vertere “to turn” (see versus). Related: Perverted; perverting. Replaced native froward, which embodies the same image. The noun is attested from 1660s, “one who has forsaken a doctrine or system regarded as true, apostate;” psychological sense of “one who has a perversion of the sexual instinct” is attested from 1897 (Havelock Ellis), originally especially of homosexuals.

Source HERE



Pure language…. what a concept. Some say Sanskrit has that element of purity, the word itself means perfectly formed.

Also, I saw the pernicious side-effects of allopathic medication. Un-believable. Absolutely un-believable.

A “Doctor” gives you a “Drug” and keeps you in a Hospital(ity) so that he/she can Cure you?

Cure you? Like curing dead meat for preservation? Doctor, Drug?

Heal, not cure, is what is needed.

The language is slippery at every step. At least on commonly trodden roads.

Please share your in-sights about language with me.

This upcoming week is going to be a zinger. A hummmmmmm-dinger. Feels very Thor’s Hammerish, if you get my drift.

Just breathing, deeply as often as I pay it attention/awareness.

Hugs all around,










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  1. blindman permalink
    October 11, 2011 9:42 pm

    you are hitting the mark with this. imo
    bodies without souls = words ?

    How Usury Killed The Economy


    ” bodies without souls will,
    with their judgments,
    give us rules
    teaching us
    how to die well. ”
    leonardo da vinci

    • October 12, 2011 7:25 pm

      thanks for that awesome quote bm. fitting that it should be from DA Vincy him-self.

      Language, such a deep river, eh? Embodiement. 😉

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Nadall permalink
      January 12, 2012 6:30 pm

      or to be born … from Discovery News again … and check the language too. Pregnant robot trains students. Medical students get a ‘real-life’ birthing experience when a robot goes into labor. Hmmmmm.

  2. blindman permalink
    October 11, 2011 9:46 pm

    bodies also would be planets, bodies of water etc..

  3. Michael Seymour permalink
    October 11, 2011 10:59 pm

    Vivek – WORD! Thank you for yours. Where to begin, Hamurabbi? Words but more in particular written words, i think. I came to the conclusion about a week ago, so this is a new theory and not well fleshed out yet, i am sure there are logical pitfalls and weaknesses and all that. Please bear with me…the conclusion is that Humanity is actually run by machines. Oh no skynet…not quite. What is a machine other than a tool to magnify ones imapct on ones surroundings. A lever, being a simple machine, allows its user to apply more torque to an object than the user would be able to apply without the lever. Complex machines are combinations of simple machines. So to be general a machine is a tool that helps to concentrate power to have a greater impact on available resources. The machines that we commonly refer to are purpose built vehicles, they accomplish their objective as it is their purpose to do so. They are not sentient, so there is no reflection on their objectives or methods, agreed? They operate with binary logic, yes – no, on – off. The design of the machine dictates its purpose, form begets function, a car is a complex machine for transportation it is generally good for its intended purpose but not good at flying, for example. The design of the car dictates that its purpose is to move along the ground, preferrably a road.

    The machines that are controlling humanity are not computers or robots or alien autonomous metal organisms, they are machines that we built. We built tools that assist us in concentrating power, or harnessing the power of multiple people to achieve a particular impact on our resources. We built machines with such great efficiency that to create the machine required a tiny fraction of one persons energy yet this machine could potentially harness the enrgy of millions and millions of people. We built a machine out of words! We built a coporation, we in-corporated, gave birth to an entity that is formed entirely out of contracts, not nuts and bolts, not physical resources of any kind. A machine that trains human beings to behave in a manner that supports the purpose of the machine. A machine that perverts human beings into slaves of a corporate agenda.

    One blog that i read makes the claim that the world is run by psycopaths. The people that are in positions of power and authority act in a manner that could very easily be quantified as psycopathic behavior. They display utter disregard for other people; are self serving to extreme lengths, obsessive compulsive, narcissistic, unforgiving, merciless, driven by greed. Indeed I basically agree with this person, but why? How did God (or such thing as you would call it, the universe, great spirit, consciousness) allow for the leaders of a sentient group of organisms display behavior that is detrimental to that organisms survival, thrival, sustain? We have done this to ourselves. We have taken a small subset of our emotional psychological potential and codified it into contracts that then must be adhered to or else we loose the means to eat. The corporation rewards its leaders by satiating the worst of human flaws, greed. So the leaders end up being perverted by the machine that “leads.” The effects of the machine reach far and wide and impact many more people than those that operaste the mnachine. The machine impacts the resources in often harmful ways. The machine makes unconscionable decisions, decisions that a single well balanced human being could not make. Please kind sir, can you produce a posion so powerful that it would kill all life on this earth for many centuries, please can you do this because it would make me some more money? Yet, here we have plutonium 238!

    The corporate machine allows pewople to divorce themselves of their consciousness. How many times have you heard, “oh its nothing personal, its only business?” There is no business without people, of course its personal. This machine has stolen our souls, Vivek, it is that powerful. Forgive them for they know not what they do, these psychopaths in power are victims of this machine that was set in place many centuries ago. I don’t know the history well enough. I would also like to draw the distinction between the words that define a corporate entitity and the words that define laws. In the US justice system, there is a jury, this is an impartial group of people that basically inject a consciousness, a heart if you will, into the rigid structure of legal code. The jury is not rewarded, so there is not incentive toward amoral behavior. There is no such impartial, unrewarded consciousness in the global corporate machine structure. There needs to be.

    It seems to me that the ills of humanity are due to the unconscionable acts of corporations that have allowed a permemant cognitive dissonance to infest humanity. Collectively we have lost the ability to interact in a tribal relationship where there are demands upon us, support for us to meet those demands, life and death consequences, and relational skills that last many generations. Instead we walk in and out of various corporations and “interact” via a prescribed script: “Welcome to xcorp, how can I steal your soul, i mean help you?”

    There is a book in this inspiration and I’m sorry for taking so much of your space up but the power of the word gave birth to the contract and to the corporation, and then arguably, i am reluctant to say it, the anti-christ! dan dun dah……A bodyless body that only has power because we give it power that steals our hearts and souls, what else do you call such a being? sounds like a satan to me. metaphores and meaing, simulacra and simulation.

    I am grateful for your contribution to the gnosis. Respectfully, Michael S.

    • October 12, 2011 7:26 pm

      Awesome thoughts Michael. What can I say/add?

      Write the book. Go for “it”.

  4. Dublinmick permalink
    October 12, 2011 1:28 am

    Hello Vivek
    Just trying to keep some some semblance of balance. How are you? I hope fine.


  5. October 12, 2011 1:21 pm

    Thank you, Vivek.

    Words definitely have power. Power to create and power to destroy. Power to reveal and power to conceal. I seem to have known this unconsciously all my life. Could this be the cause of shy-ness and a fear or loathing of speaking?

    For me, one of the most frustrating features of my native English — and all Western languages, I think — is its insistence that one know the type of genitals a person has before one may refer to them in the third person.

    Silence, indeed.

    • October 12, 2011 7:28 pm

      Thanks for sharing pob, and yes, silence, in deed and word, yes?
      I think we are seeing the tattered end of a leaf whose time has come to “Fall”, how timely, eh? Dry, bereft of “essence”….very interesting…..

      To silence….

    • January 15, 2012 7:54 pm

      I don’t know if you will read this unless the server notifies you of a reply, but having studied Chinese, they have the word “ta” that is used for third person singular for masculine and feminine. The distinction is one different “radical” in the character of the word, denoting either male or female, but there is no verbal distinction, ta for both males and females. Now, having said that, as a native English speaker, I think that Chinese is relatively vague when compared to Romance and Germanic languages. This might be partially due to one word-one character-monosyllabic nature of the language, or also limiting syntax structures (ex: STPVO), but there is also the fact that Mao reformed the language in the fifties by eliminating many characters from schools and standard usage and also creating simplified characters. I imagine the language was much richer before this happened, if also more difficult. Anyhow, American English has suffered from cultural amnesia, poor education, hyper-speed technological ADD, and last but not least, the insertion of every false discourse imagined by the social engineers and complicit media. How are we to talk about things truthfully when that is the last thing anyone who knows the truth wants? Ha! If you own the language, you own people’s minds.

      • January 26, 2013 2:14 am

        I always wondered about “Ta.” So if they can speak without gender and be understood…what about us? In the 70s, I used to love to write the Chinese character for “love.” It flowed so nicely–maybe because it had the “xin” for heart as part of the character. Since, it has been simplified with the “heart” omitted and the character for “friend” replacing it. It has a very different feel to it now. “How are we to talk about things truthfully when that is the last thing anyone who knows the truth wants?” I am certain that quite soon the truth can be revealed..without the “man-datory” falsehood accompanying it!

  6. Nefer Ku permalink
    October 12, 2011 4:07 pm

    Namaste Bhagawan:

    I Greet You in the Sublime Light of Radiant Mind.

    Precision and clarity of Language mirrors precision and clarity of thought. The perversion and obfuscation of language implies a similar intention in thought.
    We were long ago warned (Orwell’s 1984) about the sharp blade of this weapon and we see it, today, everywhere deployed. Collateral Damage, Quantitative Easing, Enhanced Interrogation Methods, Extraordinary Rendition, Humanitarian Police Action, Austerity Measures and on and on and on.
    As one previous cultural critic has remarked: “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” “By the twitching of my thumbs…” I expect you all know the rest.
    Thank you for that which you do. Shanti.

    and on.

    • October 12, 2011 7:40 pm

      My dear friend, so glad to hear from you read your thoughts. Very deeply expressed I might add.

      Would you like to share your astrological in-sights with all of us? Since Cathartes Aura left here, I feel bereft of planetary in-sight.

      And yes, very true… that list of Newspeak is quite chilling:

      Collateral Damage, Quantitative Easing, Enhanced Interrogation Methods, Extraordinary Rendition, Humanitarian Police Action, Austerity Measures and on and on and on.

      Add Kinetic Action to that list……

      And to answer an old question, in a cycle of infinity, with infinite cycles contained with-in, where, in time, can you put your thumb and say NOW!…?

      May peace be upon us all…

  7. neil permalink
    October 12, 2011 4:28 pm

    also thought I might add,the english language lost its masculine feminine attributes a long time ago,am not sure exactly when this happened but I expect dublins does,old english was a completely seperate language,completely different to the english we speak nowadays…..

    I totaly agree with you vivek it is being addapted to hinder full expression of the emotion body,why else would people strip out the masculine femminine attributes in the first place,other than to restrict that one thing……..

    anyway respects

    • October 12, 2011 7:50 pm

      Precisely Neil. Language, especially the lingua france, has warped into it’s present state pretty quickly. Old English, not even Olde English…. just plain old…. was still fairly true. Perhaps the the last century was the century of english…now in it’s death throes. The age of the lawyer/barrister…
      Perhaps it’s all cyclical and in-evitable. But that does not deny us choice, eh?

      Thanks for sharing….

  8. ummmmm steak tartar permalink
    October 12, 2011 4:43 pm

    Hitler and his top dog ideologues were vegetarians. The truth is simple a lie is complex. That’s all I need to know.

    • October 12, 2011 7:52 pm

      hmmmm…I’ll have to chew on that one. A carrot of course.. 😉

  9. Ray permalink
    October 12, 2011 6:30 pm

    Vivek…….spot on….as usual !…….To the ROOT.

    I here quote the Bible, ( which I seldom do) .

    “In the beginning was …..The Word,
    and the word was with God,
    and the word was God”.
    “All things were made by him, by the word,
    and without him – the word –
    was not anything made that was made”.

    Word = Created Vibration……..yes ?

    And V… your words,

    ….”I KNOW we are no-thing but a densification of patterned sound”.
    ….”Perhaps the place to begin is Silence.
    …..From deep listening comes the ability to detect essence”.

    Once Again………so,,,,provocative and to the root !

    “THEY” …. have not, as yet, taken the words……

    …….”Be Still and Know…….I AM” !

    Thought = Vibration = Light = Creation……yes ?

    BE MINDFULL…….of your thoughts ALL !

    We CHOOSE…..which vibrations to HOLD.
    ………( Well,……it’s tough sometimes – eh ).

    • October 12, 2011 7:46 pm

      It’s what you say Brother.
      Word. That Bible quote is so “Telling”, eh? So telling.
      And what about Aum? ommmmm!
      Ohmmmmm, but that is just resistance. Presentense. Pastense.
      Don’t be tense.
      Just relax. Your mind.
      Seriously, I mean, like average, it’s just another pin-prick..
      We’ll nuter-lize your pain…etc…
      What a World. Look at that. World is Mostly made up of Word. Interesting, eh?
      Word….this world is 4/5th Word.
      Now THAT is a tell. Not Will I Am…. you know…? Eh?

    • January 26, 2013 2:31 am

      Excellent insights! Clearly this is my belief: ….”Perhaps the place to begin is Silence.
      …..From deep listening comes the ability to detect essence”.

      The “Essence of GOOD” that is! (This is such a no-is-y, very no-is-y world.) If we could have silence, would we need to think? Is thought mostly words? Could we then be alone…with the Essence…for eternity?

  10. blindman permalink
    October 13, 2011 10:54 pm

    note: foot….
    all words imply the general form to be observed
    directly, without words, but with the senses. direct
    confirmation. the words set up the context of the perception
    but do not deliver the essence of life to the soul. the impact
    is missing with just words. until the being is experienced then
    the words can recreate the memory experience and perhaps
    the future experience?
    speaking of words.. the kogi. here , the prophets
    are secluded for the first nine years in a cave , weaned on
    words and their context, before exiting/egress to the light of day.
    KOGI Lost Tribe of Pre-Colombian America
    there is a movie…
    i bring it up here because their direct intervention of the learning
    process of their mamas is a system of substitution of experience
    with a word based description during the formative years, this,
    apparently, results in the birth of their leaders and seers.
    that is all overwhelming.
    simply, the word is the articulated expression through unity
    of lung, heart and mind: the remembrance of the gift of life
    given to the child and student at the foot and breast of
    the past, the gift of consciousness and imagination and
    illusion. the gift of this majik, as a substitute for experience
    and ………
    in the virtual digital world words and their emergent constructions
    become real, virtually speaking, and in this realm that is as good
    as gold.
    but… you can’t eat bytes, even in little bits. no e.
    that is what i said but not what i had in mind. language is the
    finger, not the moon. that is what i had in mind. derivatives of
    the finger have little relevance to the moon anymore, behaving
    more like mist and whispers drowned out in ocean spray on
    bolder built strands. it always collapses to what is real, the main
    structure and function, and language is then rejuvenated. time
    above in the thread many insights. we live in one function
    and our described histories appear to be just tangents of little
    significance to the main function, but constitute our collective
    reality. unfathomable i guess?
    word. the unspeakable.

  11. October 14, 2011 2:41 am

    Neil I know a little bit about it but not much. It is sort of the same old story. In the fifth century, Olde English was Anglo Saxon and was actually German. In the 7th century after the so called “Christianization” it began to change. As you might expect there is no greater agent for change than “Christianity.”

    The so called educated class used latin. As the Saxons left Europe for the isles, later came the latin priests and there you have the rest of the story. It is similar to what happened to the American Indians and the missionaries. You need to get on board with the program or you are not “civilized.”

    • Ray permalink
      October 14, 2011 2:05 pm

      Dublin, ( or anyone else ),

      Do you have a book recommendation regarding this topic of
      the takeover of Christianity – of the Anglo Saxon / Celtic cultures ?

      It is interesting that many of the Christian churches in the British Isles,
      were placed on top of the sacred sites of these previous cultures.
      Geometry was greatly involved – in the old Celt structures and
      replicated in the “new Christian churches” – but obscured in a way,
      as if to hide the root of it all.

      And somehow……Free Masonry has something to do with all this
      subterfuge !

      But there is much more to it…..and it is like an “itch” to me.
      I would like to know more.

      The very alphabet English speakers use,
      is at its root, derived from the “TREES”…….
      e.g., the first letter “A” represents the ELM tree, etc., !

      The Celts had high regard for nature, whilst Christendom seems to
      have dis-regard for the Mother.

      Anyway – If anyone has in mind a seminal book on this subject,
      I would sure like to hear about it !

      Blessings to all of you !



  12. Ragnarok permalink
    October 16, 2011 9:59 pm

    The ‘Celts’ also appropriated existing sacred sites as they entered the british Isles, possibly from around 700 B.C onwards. There is a tendency to idealise the pre-christian ‘Celtic’ inhabitants of the islands as being somehow more legitimate than subsequent invaders and immigrants. They were little different from any other aristocratic elite, subjugating the native population with fire and the sword, hardly great role models.The Geometric configurations embeded in many of these multi period sites dates right back to Neolithic times. How the neolithic farmers of the 3rd milenium B.C gained the knowledge they did whilst encoding it in monumental constructions is a difficult one to answer, although there was conceivebly contact with various mediterranian cultures.

    • Ray permalink
      October 20, 2011 2:56 am

      Hi Ragnarok….
      I suppose no peoples ever…were quite perfect eh 🙂
      Neolithic yes….just something about New Grange and some of the other sites that is so “seductive” yes?
      I love some of the ancient Celt jewelry….Torques particularly, very advanced metalsmithing techniques entirely forgotten for many centuries…, certain forms of raising..(anti-clastic to be exact )……Just Fabulous stuff.
      But I’m still looking for that good book somewhere ! 🙂

  13. October 19, 2011 10:17 pm

    I thought it was interesting that the word “euro” was next to the word “endangered” in that list of new words you quoted…

    awesome post, by the way. as have been the others I’m just catching up on.

    • October 21, 2011 3:00 pm

      Nice to hear from you again flip. If you’re feeling thought-provoked, I’m feeling satisfied! 🙂
      And funny, nice catch, Euro Endangered.

  14. Nadall permalink
    November 23, 2011 9:37 pm

    Is it ok if I share ‘cool stuff’ I’ve (re)discovered in an appropriate (hopefully) part of your blog, Vivek? Here’s an example. Regarding the deep per(not pre)version of Language, the phrase SELF CENTERED has been given a totally negative conotation (A con notation if you will) whereas the truth of the matter is that’s the only way to actually BE actual; the most precise and perfect place to live from; a lot more fun and VERY hard to do consistently (for some of us) I think too many toxins, dis tractions make it even harder to get and stay there. So I’m putting down the donut (never!!!) and turning off the TV. 🙂

    • November 24, 2011 3:34 pm

      Very nice Nadall. Self Centered Bad, uncentered good. Strange world we’ve been spun into eh?

      And yes, I really appreciate it when someone dives back, it’s all one long, open dialouge, hmmmmm?

    • January 26, 2013 2:37 am

      Good “centering” Nadall! I tried to rate this post but there is a glitch here…so I am quite sure others liked it too!

  15. January 29, 2012 10:54 pm

    One of your best posts, ORI. Thanks. It works on so many levels.

    The ancients wrote about the perversion of language. Think of Confucius and his “Rectification of Names” idea.

    In more recent times, Walker Percy has presented a delightful and insightful contribution in his inimitable style: see the section “Semiotic Intermezzo” from his late work “Lost in the Cosmos”. Very worth considering, and relevant to your projects.

    • January 30, 2012 7:22 am

      Thanks Spectator and more than that thank you so much for the rectification of names lead. Holy SMOKE! Back then. Even back then. Wow!

      🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • January 30, 2012 10:11 am

      The Rectification of Names… thanks again spectator, I feel really, really validated. By Confucius no less! 🙂 Just reading up on it.

  16. Mary permalink
    May 25, 2012 3:57 pm

    Fascinating! Many new ponderings here!

  17. November 16, 2012 9:47 am


    The real (ancient) question is:

    1) Does truth exist?
    2) Can one know it?

    Or is it all Leela (magical) and Maya (unreal)?

    Well. at a real basic level you can get the answer to the first question (Does truth exist?) just by staying hungry for a few days.

    The answer to the second question (Can one know it?) you will get as you eat your first meal after staying hungry for a few days.

    Where am I going with this?

    It is through the coming collapse we will start telling the truth to each. And cycle will start again….lies will build up again until next collapse!

    The real question is: Is humanity learning as it cycles through rises and collapses?

    mansoor h. khan

  18. November 29, 2012 3:56 pm

    I think you need to research this further. Coz really, you are spouting pretty much crap and I really dont have the time to explain how and why you are wrong. But in brief:

    Saying short sentences are inherently bad is based on what eveidence? It all depends on context and the audience. Latin, if I am not mistaken has a lot of short senteces.

    Also languages evolve to suit the needs of those who are speaking them. Words that are relevant remain, while those rarely needed become more obscure.

    Cant even be arsed to explain the stuff with the lists of words put in or out. But basically, think chicken or egg.

    It would be good if you had some kind of evidence to bolster your arguments.

    The steak pictures! WTF are trying to say? Are you thinking that in the olden days people didn’t do fucked up stuff? Coz the stuff that was done to/by people “millenia” ago was vile!!! That would be the same point that you say we started the “downward slide”.

    Seriosuly, your post is some inflated incidivist bullshit, excactly the kinda crap blogs are full of these days.

    De-sign?! Are you serious???

    I am sorry for being negative, but reading your post, it is clear to me that your understanding of English, and in broader terms history, leaves a lot to be de-sired. (Oh wow! look what I did)

    I will leave you with a disturbing thought –

    It is the people with the most knowledge that stay silent, because they realise that they know nothing. It is people that barely understand things that tink they have all the answers.

    So I put it to you – Your post (and largely all similar posts) is what does the damage to language, not all the irrelevant crap you complain about!

    • November 29, 2012 4:18 pm

      “Cant even be arsed to explain” and “Coz really, you are spouting pretty much crap”….

      I rest my case V.

      Your ramble above exemplifies what is the De-evolution of language and people. You de-fine, not re-fine down your chosen path… at least as it seems from how/what you write.
      I suggest you dig deeper into the meaning of life, where we are as a people and perhaps where you are as a person?
      Given the drift of your response though, I’ll assume you couldn’t be arsed to bother, eh, brother?
      Regard-less, to itch his own.
      Be well.

    • November 30, 2012 11:32 am

      Your latest is in the trash. If you expect to have a dialouge with that tone and timbre, you are mis-taken.

      There are 300+ other posts here. In-form your-self and write with a sense of genuine inquiry if you want to.

      Else, I have no time to bandy words with the likes of you.

    • DrMeatwadPhD permalink
      August 21, 2013 12:52 am

      I am very curious as to what your “trashed” comment contained. Per-version instead of perver’t’-sion. Axe the author, didn’t your “good book” warn you about the devil de-constructing words in this whirled.

  19. Dublinsmick permalink
    June 2, 2013 7:43 pm

    I must say however it may well be that the Irish origins Tsarion speaks of were Scythian who were in Palestine at one time and then some of them left for Ireland. However we also remember that Palestine was under Vedantic culture at one time also which was world wide until the killing by Constantine in the Vatika. He killed the Vedic Priests and then rome helped stamp out the nature religions in the isles in a convert or die type scenario.

    • June 3, 2013 3:54 am

      Tsarion, with that huge chip on his shoulder, always has me skeptical. 🙂 Can’t help it, though what he says is full of meaning.
      My own personal feeling is that the wisdom movement started in the Kashmir/Afghanistan region, with the advent of Kashmiri Shaivism (Tantra) and the Roshaniyas (Illuminated ones). The Vedic priests were essentially fire/sun worshippers, with their more historic, pagan underpinnings lost to the evolution of the age of “rules” and ritual.

      It’s been downhill for a long time though, since.

  20. September 29, 2013 12:34 pm

    Reblogged this on SyesWorldView and commented:
    A concise and thought provoking article on language and how it can be bastardised to support social engineering. A quality read.

  21. WSMassiv permalink
    January 29, 2014 4:15 pm

    I am pretty sure we can boil this down to EXPERIENCE or CONNECTION rather then language. Language is an interpretive tool. (usable for social engineering)

    EXPERIENCE or CONNECTION is beyond superficiality.

    My Definition of Experience/Connection:
    Fullness in the moment. Complete calmness and contentment in experiencing the present. Giving homage and thanks in acknowledging the beauty of the moment regardless of positive or negative connotation.

    Side note: One of the best classes I have ever taken was Technical Writing in college. You remove all aspects of useless verbiage. This helps to get ones point across concisely.

  22. varma permalink
    April 24, 2014 11:30 am

    Must say I agreed with your commenter. But you have clarified your stand on the use of language and the yoga of sound in this post. language today has well n truly become rife with contradictory figures of speech. All the best with your attempts to transform it.

  23. jrjrjrjrjr permalink
    July 2, 2015 10:46 pm

    Absolutely agree with this article! I was born in the 80s and have witnessed the perversion or change in the common language. Truly, the young people of this generation display the new language which has been brought to them via technology, Hollywood, the school system, and other agents of perversion.
    It’s very difficult to believe we will return to a society that respects and upholds clear and rich language because of the powerful influence the new narrative has on the human mind. But I for one will try to enlighten others through clear speech and example. We live in turbulent times and this subject is vital to the survival of an empowered speaker. In a way we have to be as word smart as lawyers but employ the truth.

  24. Bob permalink
    May 7, 2017 6:37 am

    Pleasant to find someone decrying the drop in standards. We swim against a sunami.
    A Chap.


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