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Holy Smoke…..speechless again…

October 14, 2011


No description needed. Please give this a deep watch/listen.

Thank you blindman, you are clearly anything but.

And thank you all, readers and commentators…. so enriching!

Awesome 🙂

Click the link below… in-joy.

Cultural Anthropology, Ecology – The Kogi; “The elder brothers’ warning”


Step lightly this coming week, I feel the system creaking. Very un-wieldy feeling.


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  1. Nefer Ku permalink
    October 14, 2011 7:46 pm

    Namaste Bhagawan:

    I Greet You in the Sublime Light of Radiant Mind

    This is most Strange, Curious, and Weird in the original sense of this last term (i.e. “Other Worldly”). I had seen this video several years ago, however, in the version I saw, or think I saw, at the end the Kogi chopped the ropes to the Bridge and it plunged into the chasm, does anyone recall seeing this other version?
    At any rate, last night I was turning over in my mind your comments to my last comment as well as the original entry to our conversation and was attempting to construct a reasoned reply and this went on in my mind for several hours as I attempted to formulate-what exactly-I thought it was I was trying to “get at” via the various sub threads.
    Well suffice to say the thing became rather elaborate and involuted to a marked degree but it centered “Exactly” on the issues raised in this video and in some sense ties in the other sub topics we’ve touched upon.
    I almost launched into a long essay to you but then thought: “now wait here, this is way too much, he doubtless hasn’t the time for something at this length and its way too diffuse” etc. And now this morning this old message from various pasts on precisely the thread I was attempting to formulate and present to you.
    Turn the matter over in your mind, my friend, and tell me if I have permission to write you at the other address with this discussion. I will be working through it anyway as part of a larger narrative effort so it will be written one way or the other (metaphysical pun intended). Thank you for all you do.

    • October 16, 2011 5:51 pm

      Nefer, of course. I was just looking for persistence, is all. Follow through is lost except in the strokes and swings of champion golfers and tennis players.

      Look forward to your co-respondence.

      And synchronicities abound, hmmmmmm? The video tied together so many threads for me.
      Such fascinating, Omen-ous times.


  2. blindman permalink
    October 14, 2011 11:52 pm

    so. here we are and out/in of context but for those
    who have ears …..
    page 314. section III ( 16,17 )
    “the science of yoga”. I. K. Taimni
    “17. the sound, the meaning (behind it) and the idea
    (which is present in the mind at the time) are present
    together in a confused state. by performing samyama
    (on the sound) they are resolved and there arises com-
    prehension of the meaning of sounds uttered by any
    living being.”
    samyama ?
    page 286.
    4. the three taken together constitute samyama.
    what three you might ask?
    page 275.
    1. concentration is the confining of the mind within a limited
    mental area (object of concentration).
    2. uninterupted flow (of the mind) towards the object
    (chosen for meditation) is contemplation.
    3. the same (contemplation) when there is consciosness only
    of the object of meditation and not of itself (the mind) is
    thany you v. i remain blindman.

  3. blindman permalink
    October 15, 2011 3:16 am

    check this.
    Stephen Bruton with Delbert McClinton & Sonny Landreth – Day Drinking.wmv

    fur grins….HA !!

  4. blindman permalink
    October 15, 2011 3:31 am

    the pack is forming.
    Old Blind Dogs – Willie’s Aul’ Trews / The Auld Reel 1/ The Auld Reel 2.wmv

  5. Ray permalink
    October 16, 2011 5:22 pm

    The Kogi.
    ……Akin to our tribe,
    ……………..The Okie Dokies.

    We, The OakieDoakies,
    also believe that we are here to help the Plants & Animals.
    We know that by doing so, we also help the
    Creator to be joyful,
    to recognize, accept and help release Angst !

    Our tribe prefers to address others as
    Brothers & Sisters, Children of the All
    …..and Dude & Dudette,
    but never by the diminutive…..”Little Brother” !

    Like the Kogi, we also like shovels…….they are very hand-y.
    We have other implements……that we appreciate as well.

    Everything is just OakieDoakie with our tribe
    because……this experience, here, now,
    this accelerating learning curve,
    is propelling us toward,
    Gratitude & Awareness of the Omnipresence !

    Opportunity abounds !
    Opportunities to make “Decisions” !
    To learn, to contract, to expand, to stretch.

    We Know this…….Omnipresence !
    We “Prefer” to think Inclusively !
    To not presume
    that anything is wrong,
    is a navigated waypoint
    on the way to
    ……..there not being anything wrong !

    Don’t you think so ?

    Not that there is nothing to do,
    but, the “Doing” is in the “Being” …… we think !

    Time comes.
    A star appears.
    We change course.

    We change creation……it changes us,
    as Coincidentally as meshing gears.
    Even if it appears to some……….Otherwise !

    Coincidentally……for a new course,

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> START HERE >>>>>> 🙂


    • Nadall permalink
      October 17, 2011 4:28 am

      🙂 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<okie dokie<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  6. Alex Rodriguez permalink
    October 17, 2011 1:27 pm

    Great documentary, Vivek! thanks for sharing….

    • October 18, 2011 6:47 pm

      Alex, all thanks to blindman via comments. But boy, too my breath away….

  7. brian kennedy permalink
    October 18, 2011 6:00 pm

    the recent video of the Marine confronting and shaming the police in NYC was instructive. A clash of archtypes in the light. He said, in essence, “Why are you dressing up for playing war? There are no bullets flying. You are cowards!”

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