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History Rhyming….

October 22, 2011


Via the fascineting e-Book, Dope Inc. , linked also in a previous OWS post…

In his City of God, the great humanist St. Augustine described the degeneration into cultism that brought on the destruction of Rome, in terms that have direct bearing on the post-1963 degeneration of the United States:

The stage plays, those exhibitions of depravity and unbounded license, were not introduced in Rome by men’s vices, but by the command of your gods. Far more justifiably might you have paid divine honors to your Scipio than worship gods such as those, for they were not more virtuous than their high priest.

Are your minds bereft of reason? You are not merely mistaken; this is madness. Here are people in the east bewailing Rome’s humiliation, and great states in remote regions of the earth holding public mourning and lamentation — and you Romans are searching for theaters, pouring into them, filling them, behaving more irresponsibly than ever before. It is this spiritual disease, degeneration, decline into immorality and indecency that Scipio feared when he opposed the erection of theaters. He saw how easily ease and plenty would soften and ruin you. He did not wish you to be free from fear.

He did not think that the republic could be happy while walls were standing, yet morals were collapsing. But, you were more attached to the seductions of foul spirits than to the wisdom of men with foresight. That is why you take no blame for the evil you do, but blame Christianity for the evil you suffer. Depraved by prosperity, and unchastened by adversity, you desire, in your security, not the peace of the State, but liberty for license.

Fascinating, eh?


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  1. blindman permalink
    October 22, 2011 7:32 pm

    the intoxication of expansion leads …
    to the degeneration of contraction,
    every time, through out time.
    you could call it a universal principle?
    a limiting factor one would be well
    advised to consider.
    there is more to the story but
    that is an interesting historic
    rhyme. !

  2. nina permalink
    October 22, 2011 11:52 pm

    Indeed fascinating and true too. I admire your accurate thinking this is of interest to your readers. Many times the most brilliant of men have written on the proliferation of Roman bread and circuses in the declining days of the empire.
    Repeating cycles like hamsters caught on the endless wheel going round and round, going insane.

    >Muy gracias mi amigo<

  3. Vee Wong permalink
    October 27, 2011 2:55 am

    “…That is why you take no blame for the evil you do, but blame Christianity for the evil you suffer.”

    Ah, blame. It all started with the concept of sin. We are sinners. Are we?

    What if we did not sin (what’s that anyway)? Will the duality disappear? Will the universe?

    But here we are, live and evil, two sides of the coin. Duality. Consciousness. And… supeconsciousness that encomasses all. Duality and non-duality, all in. Nothing escapes.

    No sin, no blame. Could that be nirvana? All knowing?

    Wake up time.

    Thanks for sharing.

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