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And the circus rolls on….and on….

November 5, 2011


It’s getting a little ridiculous out there. What I posted in my last post has become a flood of IRAN ATTACK stories. Loud denials, especially from Ben NetYenYahoo. Did you know that his brother Yoni NetYenYahoo was an Entebbe hero? On July 4th 1976 to boot. On the American Bicentennial.

It’s when I read things like this, and the fact that Mehmood Achmedenijad was one of the key student leaders in the CIA controlled Tehran American Embassy  hostage crisis back in 79-80, that I go Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!! How convenient.

Stooges abound, make no mistake. It is all currently controlled opposition. Only. Greenpeace is another shining example. Full of good-hearted lemmings down below and a totally controlled leader-ship. The Israel of the Green moment. Greenpeace is usually violent in it’s opposition. Ironic and really worth studying, especially if you donate to them.

Anyways, ‘leaders” everywhere, and especially those coming into prominence now, are good to know/understand. For better or worse, they control large energetic forces, nationalism, jingoism, the hope of entire populaces. Study Dilma in Brazil. Or the *shudder* Gandhi family in India….

And all these female leaders now. Shocking to think that they will lead us into the abyss. Gandhi, Merkel, Dilma, Thailand’s new PM, Austraila’s Gilliard (SP!)…. running the banks (IMF has Legard and the IMF is DA bank of banks)….

Surreal times. totally surreal. I got a chance to see Bangalore’s “underground” today. Music, spiked, punked, tatted kids…. surreal too. The music was mostly surreal and wildly applauded. I felt like I was in a time warp. I felt older than them and younger at the same time. Being in the Sound Control area helped and I had earplugs on.

I’ve had a material change in the quality of my life outside home since starting to hear the city through a pair of ear-pugs or just plain cotton wool in my ears. Made me realize how desensitized we are to the screech and howl of the industrial world.

Related, at least tangentially, the sound control stage was at the side wall of the club’s property and being an industrial pub, it’s neighboured by factories. And I could see workers through a window over the wall… working huge lathes, making some kind of cast and ground metal pipe fittings. The noise was tremendous. And there they were, neither goggles nor ear-plugs. Just deafened, coarsened. Generally. And here I was, looking in, ears plugged to the sound of Indie-rock, equally “off”.

Try it. It’s a perfectly safe experiment. You become less jumpy. More sane. More able to discern finely, the edge of the white noise having been taken off. Even if you live in a calm, silent place, try it, it will change your aural relationship with your surroundings.

And just in case you thought the NEWS was fair, balanced and most importantly…. independent, check out the video below and laugh. Or cry. Or at least throw away your cable connection.


More soon. Much anticipation next week.



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  1. blindman permalink
    November 5, 2011 10:54 pm

    if in america news was food the product would be
    cheese whiz. that conan clip is revealing.

  2. November 6, 2011 4:56 pm

    The current situation is very strange. Most of us know the crash is coming, but nobody quite knows what the trigger will be.

    Israel is as good a bet as any.

    • November 7, 2011 7:21 pm

      True. But it also seems that it is IsRaEl’s time to shine. We are on a hair trigger, that is for sure.

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