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November 12, 2011


On Zerohedge, there is a commentator who goes by the handle David Pierre, who, time and again, delivers such powerful information…alwayas led me deeper down the rabbit hole.

Now, not for nothing, the rape of young boys is making headlines again. This time it is the American College Football at the heart of the issue. The players are all cut from a classic mould. The reactions (students screaming to keep the old man on, inspite of his complicity in a disgusting cover-up, talking of joe Patreno, the grand daddy of American College Football Coaches).

Of course, the most heavily implicated institution in this scandal is the Catholic Church.

Anal Sex or Sodomy is a terrible, cruel and painful ritual….. repeated every day, world over, by MANY purveyors of God’s name and teachings. And the Vatican is in constant cover-up mode. Why? How can that be? Why would an institution that says it represents god not out-raged? Why no house cleaning?

Sodom and Gomorrah are in our bodies. Sodom is the base chakra. The priests of high power (politics, money and religion), ritually abuse it. See what we can we can do to you and you still crawl into our Churches like sheep, bleating but never in revolt.

That really is the message being sent. Up yours.

And it’s not just christianity. All the “Godmen” in India have skeletons in their cupboards. Satya Sai Baba, the Afro Guru was a known pedophile and homosexual.  Yet, he was the toast of the power elite and the downtrodden masses, who gave him their sons by the thousands. And all he was, was a low-life pervert. I know first person. I got a special “hug” from him in 1995. Crazy.

So, the rape of children in general, but pervasively of boys, Sodomy, Sodom….it’s on purpose.

Now think why that might be? Something is seriously sick in the system as we know it.

Time to open our eyes…

This was David’s “tell” today…


You want to know how deep the child sex swapping underworld goes, where prestigious and wealthy middle-aged gray hair men in suits, and our “officials” and “public servants” rape young kids? To learn just about the tip of the iceberg, you can:

Look up The Franklin Coverup documentary on youtube.

Look up the Dutroux Affair in Europe

Look up Midnight Callboys at the White House of Reagan/Bush Sr.

Look up “Animal House in Afghanistan” on the MotherJones website

Look up American Diplomats in Pedophile Scandal by Lawrence Blackstone

Look up “The Dancing Boys of Afganistan” on the Guardian website, or google the Rape of Afgan boys

Look up Barney Frank’s live-in male prostitute.

Google video or youtube: Actor Corey Feldman Says Pedophilia No. 1 Problem for Child Stars, Contributed to Demise of Corey Haim

Look up the Isle of Wight pedophile ring, or Scotland pedophile ring.

Look up Covenant House in New York and their old pedophile scandal.

Look up George Green Ted Kennedy ; Green tells a story of how Kennedy told him he wanted to sleep with Green’s young daughter. Gree: “So, I sat down with Ted Kennedy, and Ted was right next to me. And he said, “George, you’re going to love this job. We’re going to send you out to all the state Democratic functions. You’re really good with money, and you raise money for the National Democratic Party.” And he said, “Then you’re going to meet some real foxy ladies.”

Well, they all think that way, frankly. It isn’t just Ted, they all do. So I… and just coincidentally, my daughter walks in. Now, my daughter is a very attractive young lady.

Ted goes, “Wow, I have to go to bed with that.”

And I said, “No, Ted. That’s my daughter and she’s fourteen.”
His response back to me: “I don’t care.”

Look up Jerry Epstein, billionaire pedophile and his relationship withBill Clinton (recently covered in a British newspaper with interviews with his young girls, maybe it was the Guardian paper?)

Watch the videos of Kay Griggs on youtube where she talks about her NATO and Marine officer husband and their homosexual guilds within the upper echelons of the military and how they groom young boys.

Google Rabbi pedophiles. You already know about the Catholics hiding their actions.

Watch the documentary on Liberia Africa on, and hear the local poverty stricken city dwellers mention how the UN officials or soldiers have sex with little boys.

The movie SuckerPunch is art imitating reality.

Then consider that the FBI and InterPol, like their false flags, are the ones promoting child pornography on the net in order to encourage it, then rope in the people who get into it, and likely blackmail those whom they can use for nefarious means. We occasionally hear about giant multinational child porn stings where 50 people are arrested; consider than during these year long stings it’s the FBI posting and disseminating images and videos of the child porn, and tracking it some of it. Likely the very law enforcement officers working on these cases use their positions to be in possession of the child porn. They are the ones promoting it, yet claim to be trying to stop it.

I could go on and on. Begin to connect the dots. The whole subject is a giant open secret that is pervasive everywhere, yet rarely covered in the media.

Now why don’t you copy and paste this information into the thousands of comments sections under thousands of articles talking about these sociopathic coaches and their inane football GAMES, where yuppy fraternity swells are getting all bent out of shape over “their” coach and taking the whole situation as a personal affront.

It reminds me of 9-11 and everyone wanting to fight the terr’ists – in this case the terrorists are those who stand up for the kids…..


Good luck with the dig. The masculine is being emasculated, the feminine is being “exposed”.

Not good, hmmmmmm?


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  1. Vee Wong permalink
    November 15, 2011 1:19 pm

    Vishnu’s cobra in the Holy Church!?

  2. virginia holder permalink
    November 16, 2011 12:21 am

    As shocking as the Penn State investigation was, sadly it’s a pattern that keeps begging the light of day. This blog had a familiar look and tone to it… …. more details to fill some blanks, Google: BCCI role, Black networks and Nebula .It appears the desperate hold of those who control this terrible mess is slipping…virginia

    • January 10, 2012 10:18 pm

      Holy smoke Virginia….crazy stuff. Aangrifaan’s research is spot-on as are the inferences. This child abuse/child sexualization madness is getting out of hand. I saw recently, toddler pageant mom’s giving their 4-5 year old’s some hyper-juice to make them perform.


  3. June 4, 2012 12:42 pm

    And right in line with all this is the Pentagon’s 50,000 child porn downloading within their ranks. They have prosecuted a handful and not a word about the rest. This was several years ago and you won’t hear a thing about it. Operation Flikr was the investigation, but no prosecution.

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