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Final Cut- Trailer 01

November 16, 2011


The DVD is ready. The Book is ready. The CD is ready. πŸ™‚

Here is a short take from the final cut of the DVD.

Do comment, here or there and share if you feel called. More coming soon. Release ready in a few days.

Aadividyaa the trailer…



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  1. November 16, 2011 10:04 am

    Looking good Vivek, glad to see its finally done πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to reading/watching/hearing the work.

    • November 16, 2011 7:36 pm

      It’s finally here Karan, right on time, obviously!!! πŸ™‚ I’ve relearned the lesson pf patience and larger timing.

  2. November 16, 2011 10:57 am

    Beautiful. Grips my soul.

  3. simonsito permalink
    November 16, 2011 1:31 pm

    really interesting!
    theres more to come, isnt it?
    bring it on!

    • November 16, 2011 7:35 pm

      πŸ™‚ yes there is simon. Lots and soon. Glad to see it resonated.

  4. Michael Seymour permalink
    November 16, 2011 2:28 pm

    Nice, is that the electroharmonix ravish sitar? love effects on acoustic! as we are the universe pondering its reflection, life imitates art imitates life…technology is another form of art?

    • November 16, 2011 7:33 pm

      Thanks Michael. That’s a Fender (China mfg.), on a Roland Cube amp, delay and little flange….. awesome space, which you wll see more off coming up.

      Really glad you appreciated it. And funny, I said that just the other day in the fractal post. Tech+Art = Modern Magic

    • November 16, 2011 7:58 pm

      Cool, i hear it now, the 1:11-1:14 is masterful and i thought the low note was a drone effect from a harmonizer. OT do you think the searl effect generator actually works? and to a previous post, the UNITED STATES Corporation and its stranglehold on its citizen/ employees…is it worth trying to escape that? there was mention of filing a ucc-1 that was promptly ridiculed. i feel guilty for giving my children ss numbers. cheers!

      • November 22, 2011 7:03 am

        Good ear Michael. As a musician, I should have guessed you were hearing something deeper. Actually the entire sound-track is played upon the Indian Drone, the Tanpura.

        My Tabula Rasa if you will. πŸ™‚

  5. November 16, 2011 7:00 pm

    Vivek, how will you distribute the work… amazon? I’d love to get them when they’re out.

    • November 16, 2011 7:47 pm

      I’ll distribute it very interestingly Tuttysan, perhaps you can even be a part of it? πŸ™‚

  6. Colt Lake permalink
    November 16, 2011 9:16 pm

    I have surprised myself with the magnetism of your work. I look forward to your output.

  7. Vee Wong permalink
    November 19, 2011 3:17 am

    Congrats, Vivek. It’s here finally. Look forward to more.

  8. Gary permalink
    November 19, 2011 4:19 pm

    A creator of harmonic resonance, you are.

  9. velobabe permalink
    November 19, 2011 11:22 pm

    nice to see and hear you again good sir. look forward to next release. haven’t been around ZH much but glad i got to watch this and read comments. stay safe. i might take you up on the offer from over a year ago. i need to leave this country i use to love.

    • November 20, 2011 6:14 pm

      Hey Kathy, good to see you back and glad you liked it. Too bad about the US, eh? Let me know how it rolls for you. And heads up for the next one. Meanwhile, give the Audio from the CD a listen. πŸ™‚

      • velobabe permalink
        November 21, 2011 12:39 am

        rolls, that is a good perspective. what doesn’t bend brakes. i will look for CD. i love music and i love your music and all. musicians are lucky. but i like to dance to your music so i am interactive with the energy.

        • November 22, 2011 5:41 am

          πŸ™‚ The CD trailers are the last two posts. Let me know if you feel like dancing to them?

  10. Stephen Baze permalink
    November 20, 2011 1:26 am

    And I would add …………………and who is the master ?

    your question implies that technology is a tangible thing ? it is no doubt an extension of mans supposed intelligence in general, not necessarily a definable object . we are certainly NOT the masters even of our own designs, nor our supposed intelligence ! you have posed a great question for many to ponder ……………nice !

    • November 20, 2011 6:13 pm

      πŸ™‚ Thanks Stephen. Glad you liked it. I’m going to show a way back to our “Selves”.

  11. Stephen Baze permalink
    November 24, 2011 6:17 pm

    well needed , nice premise ………..excellent perspective and preponderance. the music does provide a carpet to ride on to the right place for such . a sort of magic carpet ride and an unwinding effect . well done ……………………………………………………….

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