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February 28, 2012


The pace of paradigm re-shaping events is picking up pace, becoming a Juggernaut.

Be it weird earth matters, like Sonic Booms in Hawaii and Serbia not attributable to any “Event”.

Or Volcanoes all over the map starting to rumble. CHECK THIS OUT

Or the very interesting Astrology coming up for March. A hummmmmmmmm-dinger so to speak.

Like pointed out briefly in my WATERSHED post, this is the year when all the chains begin to fall off. We are, whether by choice or accident, being freed up to be who we are, so to speak.

And I can say this with complete seriousness, it’s not an easy or a quick task. The being of who we are, as it were. No short-cuts to digging a well if you’re thirsty and there’s no water around. And it’s better by far to dig a foot a day rather than 30 feet when thirsty. Old, hackneyed advice, you might be saying to your-self. But it is true in the uncomfortable extreme.

Imagine the rather grim picture of a shackled prisoner in a small, solitary cell, suddenly being allowed into a large, well lit field. You think he’d be able to run the first day? That is what it is going to be like for the un-prepared. Re-finement is preperation. Un-used muscles a-trophy! See that? a-trophy. Tch….wabbit hole.

Re-finement is strengthening. That is why, in a transhumanistic leap of staggering implications, a ‘Scienticyst” somewhere is mixing spider and human DNA, to make tougher skinned humans. Because, pound for pound, spider webbing is stronger than steel.

So, not that kind of re-finement, but getting to know your muscles at a fiber level kind of refinement.

Getting to know your skeleton and how it attaches to your musculature.

That kind of re-finement.

Meanwhile, Greece is pushed down to it’s knees. Who knows who just won which old battle against the Greeks. Is it the Geeks Vs. Greeks? Notice that Trojan viruses abound. hmmmmmmmm………

Greece sinks to its knees

If popular protest in the graffiti-stained heart of Athens is the most obvious sign of Greece’s burgeoning crisis, a handful of volunteers gathered inside a suburban office provides a quieter, but no less painful, symbol of the country’s agony. These restrained, dedicated people meet in the modest headquarters of Klimaka, a mental health and social integration charity serving as Greece’s version of the Samaritans.

In a country where suicide is so vehemently stigmatised that it amounts to the social problem that dare not speak its name, a specialised telephone service offering counselling to those in despair began as recently as 2007. Today, the psychiatrists and psychologists who answer whenever someone dials “1018” are busier than ever. As the national economic crisis has worsened, so the volume of calls has grown.

In 2010, the service spoke to 2,500 people judged to be contemplating suicide. Last year, Greece’s first euro bail-out failed and the country’s unemployment rate rose by half in the space of 12 months, climbing from 13.9 to 20.9 per cent. As more and more people confronted redundancy and destitution, the plaintive calls to Klimaka more than doubled: 5,500 people thought to be at serious risk rang in 2011.


Hungry, and hopeless: an Athens city centre shelter for the destitute and homeless dispenses some of the1,200 meals it serves to Greeks and foreign nationals every day. ‘In many cases,’ says one psychiatrist, ‘they say they have no one to talk to. They are ashamed of becoming suicidal’

Greece sinks to its knees


It is the cradle of our current, western, Socratic, Anglo-Spheric world-view. If it is a pre-cursor, then I say preparation is highly warranted wouldn’t you say?

Syria, meanwhile is in the cross-hairs, as NATO and the US, in another Libyasque un-holy alliance, pound popular opinion and UN committees to pass crippling sanctions on Syria. Assad is the Gaddaffi du jour. Evil man, he must go so we can come.

For those of you missed this shocking piece of un-human-ness:

Hillary Clinton Cackles

And in high-weirdness, which I always copare to my own fund-raising efforts, was this strange piece of news, surely full of social engineering implications…

Sick Artist Gets $1 Million For ‘Euthanasia Roller Coaster

I think it means sick as in “Sick”, de-ranged.

On and on the wheels spin in old ruts.

The nuclear drums against Iran are beating louder by the day.

Afghanistan is aflame, because some US soldiers burned the Koran at Bagram.

The burning rage: Karzai pleads for calm as Koran fury spreads

More Nato troops are wounded as details emerge about Pakistani training of killer who struck at Interior Ministry


The tinderbox situation in Afghanistan threatened to ignite yesterday as fresh violence hit the country, and it emerged that a former policeman suspected of killing two US Nato officers in Kabul’s interior ministry on Saturday spent two months at a religious school in neighbouring Pakistan before the attack.

Protests continued in Afghan cities and spread to Pakistan yesterday after the US admitted that copies of the Koran were accidentally burned by US forces at Bagram airbase. SOURCE

To really understand why the OIL question is SO important, please watch this: Remember, this was 3 years ago.

Jeff Rubin Speaks

Interesting times eh?

Meanwhile, in response to my last post, Nina from DeepintoArtLifeWest wrote in, with righteous indignation: it tied in very interestingly to the Greek Story on suicide rates too. How numbers and print de-sensitize us, hmmmm?

Nina said:

There is nothing quite so destabilizing as being unable to care for those closest to you including yourself because you have been mentally tortured into the false belief there is nowhere to turn, nothing you can do. And then, to know, entire populations are ravaged because they stand in the way of some unknown and fabulously wealthy entities’ insatiable greed-game(!) totally void of ANY compassion. You wonder what life is all about anyway, and see the journey as trivial, cheap, a trip going from bad to worse so why bother continuing, “perhaps its better to step away, you have no useful purpose, never did” etc.

Some of the brightest, most sincere and generous of our species walk that road and are saved from suicide by spirituality. Some are not. May the Divine Force find them in time. May they come to recognize the illusion for what it is and find joy in simply breathing.

There is something else, too. Something larger. What we are seeing unfold is the dramatically negative aspect of human nature for dominance taken to unimaginable extremes so that all activities carried out by those who sit in judgement of others is manifest. Our problem is: since we can’t imagine the magnitude of the extremes, we miss all the right clues that could be positive and helpful to all. Clues such as naming dominance movements as something along the lines of Total Dominance and it appears to the public as just another weird battle term.

As if that kind of destruction is heroic, righteous, holy…


Right on Nina. I consider Nina to be my female/feminine complimentary voice. I hope she thinks that is a compliment.

And after a long time, too long, but surely for good reason, Straykitty wrote in again:

I remember that lie, Vivek. Many, many lies since then. They would reach to the Milky Way and back. No, farther back than that, to the Ultimate Lie from the beginning, from the father of lies.

It’s the truth that amazes me more. How many truths I have stumbled across lately! No, I didn’t stumble on truth. It’s been a gift — spoken to me, I think, in those quiet recesses of the soul by that Voice, that Spirit that moves in each of us.

Just when I think there is no truth left in this broken world, I’m shown something absolutely profound that has been preserved through time. Having tasted, Vivek, I can’t stop searching. And that is the key, isn’t it? That good search? That imparted drive to find truth that will not let us rest, that haunts even our sleeping moments?

And then I doubt. I have to bow my head and whisper, “Please, please, don’t let me believe a lie.” And I’m back confronting the lies again. Examining everything with suspicion.

It’s all part of this process we call living knowledge, I suppose. Each time we come back, truth has changed a little bit — made larger, deeper, and we start the process all over again. Am I the only one going through this?

“For there shall not be found many wise at that time, And the intelligent shall be but a few: Moreover, even those who know shall most of all be silent.”


This is the journey of self-discovery that can be rather de-stabilizing, so get to know your feet, starting now. And in-deed and word Straykitty, it’s about always finding the deeper question, the depictions of inner doorways seems apt. deeper and deeper, darker and darker. Awesome eh?

It’s all about balance in the endinning.


In Truth,







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  1. blindman permalink
    February 29, 2012 4:39 am


  2. blindman permalink
    February 29, 2012 4:52 am

    Lockheed U-2 Flight – 70,000ft (2 Seat TU-2 Trainer)

  3. March 1, 2012 4:57 pm

    I had to smile at what straykitty wrote because it’s everything I’am going through right now. Alot of truths are coming back, larger and deeper. And yes Vivek, it’s all about balance in the end. That’s the ultimate truth,

  4. Straykitty permalink
    March 3, 2012 8:55 pm

    First I humbly confess that I haven’t read through all the last posts, Vivek. And then I listen, because I hear in your voice a page turning, and regret, too, I think.

    Please…no regrets, Vivek. You are a kind and thoughtful soul — a rarity in a world that has slipped into a stupor or taken up a weapon. People are so broken today. And afraid. And very, very tired. We break down when women drink pesticides. We don’t know what to do after that except to cry out, “How much longer can this go on?”

    Even our friend, the Internet, must often serve more basic needs today — morning headlines, job-hunting, paying bills. But your lovely, lovely niche is still there.

    And very much needed. Who of us must not sometimes rush to reassure ourselves that music and art and spiritual people are still out there? A click away? Just in case?

    Amid all the corruption in high places and man-made earthquakes and warriors who kill civilizations and men who abuse little children, please know that your generosity and kindness has been most welcome. Whatever you decide to do, my sane, fellow traveler, no regrets.

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