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SOCFO R U cUltuRal……

April 21, 2012


Does the title say it all?

SOCFO R U cUltuRal

Some Quantum mechanics, some social engineering, some word play, some really sirius bizness,

In Truth,



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  1. nadall permalink
    May 7, 2012 6:33 pm

    Once again, you’ve spoken from out of my heart. I got into a discussion long ago with a black man about how I hope some purity remains in races and if racism has any good factor to it, it would be just that….keeping at least a part of us separate….preserving the particular beauty of each race/culture. I also said that it’s a whole nother thing if two people of different races meet, fall in love, want to marry, have children….that’s awesome and a magical thing happens in such instances….a whole new being emerges. In such a case, the touchstone is love. (or even lust, as long as it’s individual and not across the board.) Along the same lines, when I travel, I always seek out local fare to eat contrary to so many who want to eat at a franchise. Then, why travel? Just stay ‘home’ and eat at Mickey D’s, right?

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