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May 21, 2012


How are you? I’m well. It’s been intense, no doubt, but then growth was never meant to be easy on the new-born. At some point, change of state kicks in and it is a transition, a jolt, a jerk into an expanded reality.

We had a major Solar eclipse yesterday. Felt tight like a rope. I was up, watching it count down.

up and down

Two owls called me up-stairs.

So, the eclipse (like all eclipses, especially total ones) are points of state-change.

I like the one about never being able to step in the same river twice. Yesterday is now firmly behind us. ūüėČ

And this is a lead up to the June 6th Venus Transit. Venus needs to be deeply studied by everyone. Not sure how many got the sand creature reference. but we are Pentagrams, and Venus/Earth crosses make a Pentagram. The first time I saw this, I near fell off my cushion.

Watch it, pretty amazing. And those¬†following¬†along with my Velikovsky reference will remember that Jupiter (JewPeter) at Saturn’s say so, released a Thunderbolt (Venus) at the Sun, which en route, played gravitational destruction games with the EArth and MArs.

So the Hexagram is our next natural evolution. You see? The sixth sense is not something we’ve forgotten.

Rather on the contrary, it s sense we are yet to gain. if we are evolving that is. if we devolve, which we seem to be, we will lose a sense. All fractal and dimensional.

So back to Venus Transit. When Venus Transits the sun, it becomes a direct channel for us to the Sun.

Quite powerful. Happens rarely. Even more empowering (notice how the paucity of anything makes it that much more precious and power-filled?).

Venus, in Indian Mythos is a Male God, representing Shiva (The Destroyer’s) Semen!!!!!

A white male god. How interesting. And everywhere else, She is the very embodiment of the sensualized feminine. Wily, hot, mysterious…

The agreement in the Structure of constellations across all these diverse mytho-histories and the dis-agreement in planetary archetypes seems really suspicious to me, like a plant.

Shukra, He is of white complexion, middle-aged and of agreeable countenance…

Fascinating, eh? And he does share the same day as Venus though, Friday.

Venus on seashell, from the Casa di Venus, Pompei. Before 79 AD.


Venus in approximately true color, a nearly uniform pale cream, although the image has been processed to bring out details.[1] The planet's disk is about three-quarters illuminated. Almost no variation or detail can be seen in the clouds.

Did you know how big s/he is?

Flattening 0[4]
Surface area
  • 4.60√ó108¬†km2
  • 0.902 Earths
  • 9.38√ó1011¬†km3
  • 0.866 Earths
  • 4.868¬†5√ó1024¬†kg
  • 0.815 Earths

I had no idea…. learn every day….

So, very significant times, overall.

The evolution is proceeding apace, without regard to who is along for the ride, consciously and who is just along for the ride.

These markers are opportunities to shift ourselves, in the main.

Is it something to prepare for? Well, in my mind, the more present you are, overall, the more likely it is that your “real” self will create/magnetize the optimal milieu for you.

So, it’s always the same ne?




The way up is down and the way forward is the other way. Slowing down is speeding up.

Re-member too that we are¬†approaching¬†an end to relativism. We are¬†entering¬†a time/place of absolutes. Look how much of the world’s population is now the same. Culturally the same. Linguistically the same. Same Food. Same Clothes…same same….shame…

This apparent ex-plosion of choice is what I’d call, in market terms, a blow-off top…the ride down is hairy. I’ve been on that roller-coaster. It’s amazing if it’s by choice. Harrowing if by circumstance.

How do you find richness in simplicity?

Quite simple, you don’t. It finds you.


Okay, then I drummed a little…



One Drum One Hand One Finger


More soon, much brewing is on-going…

Stay sharp, re-fine…

I have an inkling that Deepwater Horizon’s echo is getting ready. It is in-evitable, such are these times.

Someone in comments (Sam) asked and I did some cards for 23rd of May 2012 (this coming Wednesday) and got this:

“Sam, I‚Äôm seeing Trouble in the Air element.

Very very COLD air event. Possibly something to do with a Deep Sea Release of something…..?

Some country ruled by a Queen. Though that accounts for most of the world. I hope that North Sea Rig is going to be okay.

That is what my crystal ball is saying.”

In Truth,


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  1. Glumling permalink
    May 21, 2012 7:15 pm

    “The way up is down and the way forward is the other way. Slowing down is speeding up.”
    I read this quote then thought about if we’re really devolving now or evolving since when I compare Pyramids and Cathedrals to Strip Malls and Wal-marts it seems like the faster we build things the uglier they become.

    • May 21, 2012 8:03 pm

      Isn’t that true Glumling? The evidence of our collective fall is everywhere. Individually, we can always find our centers again, given enough time and effort.

  2. May 21, 2012 11:10 pm

    You are amazing.

  3. Gary permalink
    May 22, 2012 8:00 am

    That most beautiful center it seems in doing the most mundane of things with the eye tuned to the most exquisite attention to detail and performing that task magnificently. All the while taking care of your brother.

    Oh, and those big losses of the digital fiat…well, they seemed big, those marks that were written in the sand – until the big wind/wave/flash came up and blew/washed/glassed them all away. Be well as you can in spite of it all.

  4. nevermade permalink
    May 27, 2012 1:43 am


    Canada student protests erupt into political crisis with mass arrests
    More than 500 people were arrested in Montreal on Wednesday night as protestors defied controversial new law Bill 78

    Bill 78 was rushed through by legislators in Quebec in response to the demonstrations.

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