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The Great Machinery Death Cult…wake up!!!

May 29, 2012


As many who are regulars and many who have been passer’s by, have known that I’ve said, clearly, distinctly and without an iota of doubt, that I have the solutions to some of the world’s/mankind’s most pressing problems.

In real life, I get a lot of “Why don’t you just build it”, “why don’t you just do it”… and I point them to the fact, again, that two of the greatest minds in the last century, Tesla and Schauberger were ruth-lessly dealt with (read harassed, stolen from and finally killed off) and we are living in a world that has NOTHING from Viktor Schauberger and the worst (60 Hz, 220/110 volt AC, a killer, mad-maker, planetary destroyer of the highest order) from the stable of Nikolai Tesla.

Of course, in real life, I go and meet people, often very “Big” people and share the reality of these works with them.

NOT ONE has refuted what I’ve shown them as a global game-changer.

NOT ONE has been able to step up to do something with me.

I’m speaking of Millionaires, billionaires, captain’s of industry.

Here is a typical exchange…. this one with the just retired CEO of one of the world’s largest MotorCycle makers…

He was making some bleating noises about how he wanted to mentor the next big thing, the next great breakthrough…

So I wrote him, he wrote back a snapper, I wrote him back and silence…because the truth of this industrial world is hard to swallow with eyes open…



M, is India really ready for technology? How many people DIE every year and are maimed because of CompanyX products? Why has no one bothered to go back to the root de-sign? On whose table does that buck stop?

Shall we connect and try something radical?

– Vivek Chaturvedi


I find your proposition bizarre! You want to throw the baby out along with the bath water. Just because a few people get into accidents, you are suggesting one stops making mobility vehicles! It is like saying stop growing bananas becaue soem one somewhere died choking, while eating a banana, or stop growing peantus because a few people have allergies!

What are you trying to get at? A return to cave dwelling or old stone age life? Of course we need sustainabilty and to convserve natural resources, reduce accidents etc. There are rational approaches to this issue Sorry, your ideas seem to be rather extreme and unworkable.


Greetings M, appreciate the response. I’ll ask you this…

Does/did X maintain an accident investigation statistic? See how many people are maimed and killed using X products? What were/are the primal and proximate causes of death/dis-memberment? What directions were taken in design & engineering to mitigate such?

Why are Leg-Guards dis-appearing into excuses for regulatory compliance only? If ABS is truly a life-saver, why is it a luxury and why has it taken so long to come to India? Consumer-death/Cost Arbitrage?

Why are such powerful motorcycles sold in India? Do we have roads/facilities/training to ensure safety?

Do motorcycle engineers know that a motorcycle is two gyroscopes attached to a frame? What, anywhere in the design of a motorcycle, allows for precession of a gyroscope as a prime force in a moving motorcycle? What happens when you turn a handle at any speed? (It falls over in the other direction, yes?).

Why are motorcycles licensed for driver only when a passenger is fully capable, with no input or controllability from the driver, of causing a “Crash”?

I can go on. I had the same discussion with the head of design of Company Y( Very large Automaker). For cars. He was alternately fascinated and struck dumb, but of course could not move an inch due to cognitive dissonance and momentum.

My ideas are a new paradigm and in India, I’ve only found push-back. X,Y,Z,…. and captains of industry. India is anti internal innovation, skin colour biased, especially in “real” engineering.

And companies have helped keep this unfair east west technology based arbitrage going. What basis otherwise for the ridiculous APE and other un-safe, noisy, polluting three wheelers? And the pathetic, Chinese import based electric vehicle industry.

One just needs to look at a motorcyle to realize nothing has changed.

Just steering dampers (cheap, easily available) would solve so much, no? Because you and I know you should not “turn” the handle at speed. Not too much anyways. Otherwise, why does every racing motorcycle have this simple, life-saving innovation?

Last question, please pass this on to X leadership if you can….

In India, with such a long rainy season, 1/2 inch gear change knoblets?

Those leg-guards? Why? So more vehicles can squeeze on a road, I understand, but what about the rider?

Brake pedals sans rubber?

Ad. Blitz showing stunt riding?

Again, appreciate the time you took to peruse my ideas.

We are at the crux of a massive shift(!) and in India/Indians are like deer in the western headlights. The numbers of dead and maimed are staggering. Staggering. To blame the users, when they are overwhelmed with Dhoom and Dhoom 2 and Stunts, stunts, more stunts, is dis-ingenuous. And I’m sure Bike companies paid top rupee to be “placed” in such movies.

But insurance provides a nice enough financial buffer I suppose, what is a lakh or 10 maimed for life or dead every year.




This is my life ladies and gentlemen. Not easy, always fascinating.


The person who takes the banal and ordinary and illuminates it in a new way can terrify. We do not want our ideas changed. We feel threatened by such demands. “I already know the important things!” we say. Then Changer comes and throws our old ideas away.

  • The Zensufi Master
In Truth,


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  1. omgrown permalink
    May 30, 2012 5:44 am

    ah yes, user interface

  2. neilo7 permalink
    May 30, 2012 2:42 pm

    They tptw don’t want your meddling ideas,Vivek…
    And they probably don’t like it that you are having ideas,,,and I know they definitely don’t want you expressing your ideas,,,,,
    In actual fact without doubt they are in deep fear of your ideas
    And that is a beautiful thing,,,,
    Like a glass of refreshing water in the desolate waste ground of so called civilisation

    • May 30, 2012 3:08 pm

      Tell me about it Neil. I’ve tilted at least as many windmills as Good ole Don Q. 🙂

      Appreciate the sentiment.

  3. neilo7 permalink
    May 30, 2012 4:00 pm

    Appreciation for your appreciation…

    And keep them ideas coming

  4. May 30, 2012 7:45 pm

    “I just invent, then wait until man comes around to needing what I’ve invented.”
    R. Buckminster Fuller (one of my Heroes!)

    I think the problem is, the “Millionaires, billionaires, captain’s of industry” are captivated and entranced by the Matrix.

    Bottom up, not top down, imho. The bottom of the pyramid must change the current paradigm. There will be no other way out but through.



    • May 31, 2012 9:55 am

      Susanne, just see, as a result, that Bucky is a no-one now. Sure they call things Bucky Balls and here and there Dome Home companies make dome homes and lot’s of folks doing Showground domes. Not much else really.

      After the Diamaxion disaster, Bucky was put in his place. Sadly, his most used invention is a bomb Sight. And making Naval Logistics more efficient during war. Plus, he wrote and spoke many dense things.

      A friend of mine was his ‘minder” in London in the latter days (this friend is one of those far-out geniuses who has got nothing but stick from the world)… he said Bucky was just a showman, a hollow, dense talking, wise-cracking shell, holding up his models and talking tensegrity. Much as I admire the man, in the end, he became another establishment guy, where he had originally come from. Quite sad actually.

      Viktor Schauberger on the other hand….phew…. no words to describe either the scope of his vision, his actual prototypes and how he was done-in in the end. As was Tesla. Those two men walked against it all. And died miserable.

      bucky retired happy. And if you see the actions of the BF Institute in NY, NY, his tarnished legacy is being led into impractical high tech, MIT style with lip-service to his concepts. In some ways, Bucky became what the Venus Project guy is. Sad but true.

      Still, his ideas were brilliant. He was though, in my mind, a dimension short too. Tensegrity is two dimensional. I see it as Torsegrity. Torsional Integrity, it fits the real world.

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      And bottom was attempted. See the post:

      Bottoms Up Phase two coming right up!

      • vee wong permalink
        June 1, 2012 5:29 pm

        I don’t think you would have to wait long for man to come around and needing…coz it (the wait) will be cut short, as we follow this ‘path of development’.
        I believe the neding will com shortly after he reset.
        Thanks for sharing,

      • June 1, 2012 6:04 pm

        Tesla I know well. Just beginning to research Viktor Schauberger. Sad about Buckminster, but not surprising, really.

        • June 1, 2012 6:18 pm

          Isn’t it Susanne? The 20th century was the Century of Maha Maya (Great Illusion). And most of it’s gods and heroes had clay feet.

          And both of your businesses are amazing and VERY close to my heart (I’m an ole sea dog, Indian Navy 🙂 ).

          Glad to have you “on-board”.

  5. Nadall permalink
    June 2, 2012 4:50 pm


  6. BustySuckers permalink
    March 2, 2015 8:12 am

    It must be you never had the skills to ride/drive any type of motor vehicle so you want to cut the lefty off everyone else who knows how to operate them. You should keep riding your bicycle unless you failed to reach that milestone too? As someone who’s been riding motorcycles since the age of 8 and now 53yrs old with no crashes at all to speak of I feel I must explain Its all about skill and respect of everyone/everthing around you while riding.
    Just because a few idiots get on them and kill theirselves dont mean they should be redesigned/banned.
    Well’ lets ban shoes too as I see people walking out in front of cars and I know good’n well they would have stayed inside their home without buying those shoes. We should have a shoe burning party today….Ban swimming suites as people wont drown without owning them? Your brains now spinning right, imo.
    1st’ Quit comparing everyone in the same manner. In the US we have many many life long riders over 80yrs old who ride daily & ride accross our big country to huge biker rallys without any issues.
    2nd’ Maybe you need to push for motorcycle skills tests to make the riders pass before getting plates/license. We have both a written & riding skill test to pass, then we get our license stamped “MC” to show we passed it. They will take your bike away and sell it if your cought without one. Its saved thousands of lives. Sorry’ I ruffed you up here, but I do understand your frustration, just not your answer to the problems core.

    • March 2, 2015 5:14 pm

      Hullo Busty, I’ve not come to anything written on this blog lightly. Please see my Ensign (what the world commonly calls De-sign). Please see my website dedicated to the same :

      Thanks for sharing anyways. By the way, have you ever ridden a Yamaha RD 350? Now that was a bike…it si available as a collector bike in the US. Cheers and ride safe.


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