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A Lion Roars back to life and A big Lesson learned…

July 29, 2012


Hope you are well and Humming!

just to let you know, WordPress sometimes goes hay-wire with Photos, so keep scrolling through the gaps. I’ll try to fix it meanwhile. 🙂

I had the opportunity to look back today as I pondered my present. Such a play of life imitating art, as with-out thus with-in, rejuvenation and a really swift kick to the knees, cutting me down to size. 🙂 The last was a tough one… but when you ask universe to be true with you, it is and then you take it as it comes. Interesting too that the kick in the knees came via Krishna, the flute playing god-head, often considered a Christic persona, many of the same stories associated. Fascinating stories. More on that in a bit.

First, for the past year, my world has literally and figuratively closed in around me. Due to a botched road/drain works project in my colony, both my cars were caught behind a mountain of building materials piled on the road (only exit)

So, for the better part of the past year, they collected sand and dust and muck and just stood, mute. And I similarly sat, mostly mute at my machine or up on my terrace, going ever deeper. It seemed as if someone had fenced me in and said, Vivek, figure it out.

The journey has been my ascent into manhood at the ripe age of very soon to be 46. These past few months especially have been intense beyond anything my own intense life had shown me prior. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Anyways.

But there I was, on a single spot, eating a simple three meals a day, playing the same instruments to the same backdrop, humming and singing the same base notes….

The journey, for those interested, is a tale in itself, for another day’s telling. 🙂

6666 (June 6th) was a big day for me on that very journey, for all of us actually.

More on that another day too.

So today, after months of moulding, a Lion sprang back to life. 🙂

This Lion….

Le Lione…

Peugeot + Munniswamy

With the able help of the very sincere Mr. Munniswamy, who you see in the pictures, the mane was combed, the coat was washed and dusted, new batteries, some foot-pump action on deflated tires… and He was Back. I know, all cars are shes, but the French apparently did not know that.

Le Lione…

Ready to Rumble…

And then First drive…. very reflective of how I am feeling, after a long time. The drive is back. My short drive to the Petrol Bunk was a catharsis in itself. Anything can be a meditation. It just depends on how present you are in what you are doing,

And to think I tried so hard to sell it, feeling completely detached from the dusty mess it was.

Sometimes all it takes is a little dusting. 🙂

Wandered into my garden space and saw this:

Pots and Paints


Painting done as a part of the incoming ritual, while a master artist (Ram) created magic on my walls…

This was the remnants of the tea service for the help, something that gets such in-ordinate gratitude that it, is a story in itself.


And then, to my back, the joker. Kokopelli. Krishna.

Playing the flute to Radha. A warrior god, enfant terrible….

Krishn and Radha

Krishn and Radha

His method, if you could call it that, was called Leela…play.

And today this couple taught me a playfully hard  lesson, the one on the knees 🙂 It said…



I really thought about that and realized how much assumptions weaken us. If I need to make an assumption about something, I’m not close enough to it or aware enough of it.

The dynamics of how is not really important. But I thought it meaning-full to share.

Make no assumptions. It always leaves us in a stronger place.

Between humans, truth-full communication is a great assumption killer.

The more you are aware, the less you need to assume.

Has this been noticed before?


Well, I felt like an ass today and learned a good lesson at the hands of the master of play. 🙂

I played this: one that did not make it to the final cut… thought you might in-joy it…

Me on YouTube: Experimental Voices… < —- Click here…

In-Joy, 😉

In Truth,


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  1. Nadall permalink
    July 29, 2012 7:04 pm

    Ah….yeah. I was ‘afraid’ of that. (Part of the ‘wisdom’ of age and experience). Landed on your feet though, didntcha!!! As the maestro says “All good”. 🙂

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