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46th Ripple, 4th Distillate Away…..thoughts…

August 6, 2012


Today is the 46 echo of my birth. I’ve always seen this day as one to go back. It’s a powerful journey, one well worth re-membering for all of us. Ask yo mama, she’ll probably re-member for you. A good day to reach back/in and clean up the pipes. 🙂

An intense day, time and the culmination of a particular journey I began 4 years ago to the day. It took me every-where. A Phantastic journey if you will. Every thing and one and situation felt larger than life. Gifts, all.

I realized a few things on the way. Thought I’d share some and also put out the 4th from final cut of the DVD’s sound-track. My gift. It is not finished. This version still went through 4 re-finements. But it has all the elements and more and I wanted to share it. Feel free to feed-back and pass on. Your gift to me.

Some things I learned:

1) Maya is a mirror. Tough, tough lesson. Every distortion is in us. MaYa, the mirror of YaMa, death, is life itself.

2) We are matter. We matter. Our Being is matter. Our being matters. Deeply. For most of us, it’s a difficult and worthy dive to take.

3) Truth is an en-foldment, not an un-foldment. It is not a revelation, it is a real-ization.

4) Our under-standing lies in the Soles of our feet. Get it?  😉  Conscious walking will un-lock all doors.

5) Love is not a word. Paradoxes abound.

6) The world is full of people who are asleep at the wheel of their lives.

7) Technology in it’s present form has over-reached it’s control capacity.

8) Fear IS the key, the question is where is the lock?

9) There is no higher purpose than to know our self. In full self-knowledge, we are in harmony with our-selves and everything we meet. Our false/many selves distort us and thus everything around us.

Don’t polish the mirror of the mind.

Shatter it.

And here is the music… Injoy it. 🙂


4th Distillate Away in D Major

In Truth and Gratitude,


PS: I have an interesting wish for this year. I want to play a tennis match with Roger Federer. Roger, if you are reading this, please have your agent get in touch.


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  1. August 6, 2012 8:50 pm

    Hau`oli Lā Hānau!

    “Hau`oli” means “Happy, glad, gay, joyful,”
    “Lā” means “Day, date” (as well as “sun, sunny”)
    “Hānau” means “To give birth; to lay (an egg); born.”



  2. Michael Goforth permalink
    August 7, 2012 4:55 pm

    Happy Birth-Day Vivek…!

  3. August 10, 2012 12:46 am

    I want to know when your wishes come true.

    • August 13, 2012 4:47 am

      Of course you will. And I hope it is “our”. The desire here was always for an en-lightened collective Debbie. 🙂

  4. blindman permalink
    August 12, 2012 1:18 am

    may you be enlightened on this day as all days
    as you were on your first day, and then some.
    but , anyway, and always.


  1. 4th Distillate Away in D Major | BogsLife

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