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orchestral chorus lines and pathological plot lines – via Nina

March 5, 2013


Poignant, powerful words, penned/inked/typed by Nina at Deep Into ArtLife West….she speaks to and for me, so perhaps to and for you too?

I’m maturing, every day. Like wine, per-haps.

orchestral chorus lines and pathological plot lines:

I suppose it goes with the territory.  Look at what we are doing … conversing on a regular basis with people we’ve never met and likely never will through a medium most of us, unless we happen to be geek hobbyists, have no idea how they actually work.  There are people out there living their entire lives in ratty pjs glued to these little boxes sharing their most minute life details with complete strangers.  Points for the most heartfelt, the most revealing of minutae, the most ingenious command of links to others firmly locked into the same pizza delivery lifestyles, when at its most pronounced means what?  Based on the global popularity of this particular manner of survival, it reveals a tragic longing for connection to others that is obviously absent in their 3-D.  We’ve always known this at heart, but paid little, if any attention to whatever we might do to change it in our own 3-Ds.  It may be that serious external change is impossible in these times, the imaginary neon lights beckoning from every angle, every waking minute, something like living on the Las Vegas strip if it were physical, so that you can not escape the pressure of your zeitgeist even if you try with every ounce of energy, the very impulse to indulge, for the most part, inescapable, the life blood of the New World pumping through every little person heart because … because that is all there is.  That the controls manufactured specifically for managing overpopulation make casual conversation, normal courtesies and compassion very close to impossible, thus the out of all control populations revert enthusiastically to the fantasy of connection through invisible mediums, except they blotted out all the really good stuff that makes life beautiful.  The individual desire for attention has gone into overdrive, the unmet narcissism of the lonely Human Being has no time for, or memory of, the real person behind the written word.  And while all those fonted words of temporary, inanimate connection produce a brief semblance of reality, the acknowledgements pale in comparison with the real thing.  They bear numerous, serious and cautionary downsides.

The worst of them being the unknown chorus line accompanying electronic reality.  Behind every feeling put into binary code await uncountable chorus lines ready to parachute into your authentic life in ways least expected.  I’m saying this must be part of the draw.  When the false meets the real, the narcissistic ego is assuaged as a three prong plug meets the socket – snap-pop-bingo.  Its a step up, closer to something intense (whatever that is), greater leaps of fantasy are taken, after which 3-D hardly matters.  Of course, considering the common state of 3-D, it makes a sort of secondary logic the individual would desire retreat into imaginary communes of supposed agreement.

One day, not too far from today, these electronic mediums will be directed towards their final purpose.  Cyberwarfare will replace all ground and air wars. Its already happening.  It is backwards now, too expensive, too contagious and unwieldy to use in full today as it will be used eventually, but great highways of inroads are being made by the hour.  Why wrangle with the problems and expense of F35s when any resource-laden nation can be brought to its knees through cyberwarfare?  Eventually it will become the weapon of choice and all the little bloggers, tweeters and effingbookers clogging up the bandwiths will be phased out by stray variants of worms and hacks.  Not only will it be a self-defeating exercise to manage your add-ons, heh, how many of us actually know how to stay clean of the as yet unknown electronic diseases still in the womb?  Busting the little people’s small pleasures will be immeasurably easier than lining us up to take seriously manufactured stupidity.

Back to the chorus lines.  Recently, I was kind of shocked into recognizing the sea of humanity’s Dagwood and Blondie grouping into simpleminded sectors of black or white mass opinion.  As I thought at the time, the first episode was a feeler.  An how far can we go feeler.  Apparently, we can go VERY far.  Everything one might type or dictate into the electronic medium of their choice is food for the black and white chorus lines of mass opinion.  This is but a stage my friends, a training exercise for tomorrow’s plot line.  In the future, whatever overpopulation does on an individual basis will be accompanied by choirs of opinion,  long lines of faceless, disembodied people you’ve never met and never will, speaking to you through multiple devices as arms and hands in text stretch out in unison coercing you to feed them what it is they want.  And how do we know what they want?  Whatever we feed them will be twisted to suit what they already think because they don’t really think, they adopt what they’ve admired from afar and use it as nourishment for their own pathological needs.  This behavior is a sideshow mirror of the courts of our current justice system replete with prosecution, defense, judge and jury, as if a “crime and criminal” were identified and opinion camps firnly established.  It is just-us after all.  Who are we fighting, who are we defending today?

Before I had the rockbuggy, my beloved V8 was smashed.  I was forced into battle with the offender’s insurance company.  Of course, when something like that happens, my first instinct is to be done with it, but it immediately turned into a full time job because not only was I dealing with several different agents, I was dealing with Godzilla, the insurance industry’s computer system that decrees your fate.  The cast of characters grew by the hour, from the state, to storage at the tow guy’s holding facility to insane repair estimates.  I came to realize each massive industry out there has its chorus lines, the required-by-law parades of needy, greedy hands all screaming “gimme gimme” and all of them in full ignorance of the victim’s plight.  And let us not forget the byproduct groupies these TBTF industries spawn such as the underground parts market or the hot, slimy breath of municipal auctioneers.  Doesn’t it make you wonder WTF is gonna happen when the states’ agencies are mandated into health insurance exchanges?  Geeze amighty. 

Enough of that for now, I am merely bringing to your attention certain evidential fallout one may not have grokked was included in Mayan Prophecy that is actually in full bloom as we speak.  The artisan carvers of prophecy…

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Dis-obediently, More-onically…


In Residence, Pondering Lightness 😉

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  1. March 5, 2013 5:09 am

    Vivekkkkkkkkkkkk, blow me away with a feather.
    Love you.

    • March 5, 2013 5:19 am

      That was some heart-felt writing there Nina….. I was going uffff-uffff like a boxer on the receiving end. Many layers of irony there too, eh? 🙂

  2. Hélène permalink
    March 5, 2013 7:36 pm

    I love the rabbit holes you provide for me Vivek. Always grateful for the illumination.

    • March 14, 2013 5:24 pm

      Helene, more than happy to be your Rabbit hole guide. Always pre-tested for hair and/or awareness raising too. 🙂

  3. dublinmick permalink
    March 6, 2013 1:27 am

    The boogerman has been grabbing my comments over at Nina’s. Word press usually works for me however. This interwebz is a funny thing. It is a bit like the town you live in as some people you can identify with and some you cannot. There is an exception, in the town you live in, it is more difficult to gravitate toward people who are shall we say for the purposes of brevity, on your wave length or tangent.

    It is much easier to do via the internet. Let us admit we all seem to gravitate toward posters we feel have a certain personna we can identify with and feel they actually understand what we are expressing. We will find those pockets of people who are genuinely trying to make sense of a chaotic world. I have found that many in the “town you live in” are not attempting to do anything similar. They have bought into the big lie that “everything is fine.” Yes they we and us, are at the pinnacle of human evolution and technology is at our finger tips. I know you know the mindset I am referring to. They don’t give a shit about the THE HAU DE NO SAU NEE address given in Switzerland. They are oblivious to the planetary destruction going on around them. The principles would go a long way toward restoring some sort of dignity on this planet, but no one cares.

    I have been fortunate to bump into some quite amazing people on the internet which I have never met in person but would rather have tea with than most of the guys on the block where I live. I have talked to Chucky and Avops on the phone however. I find them to be real and genuine people and AVOPs promised a spare room if I am every up his way. Chucky’s wife says I sound like Sam Elliot!

    It has all been good for me, you realize not everyone wants to fill the world with DU, struggle incessantly in a democrat vs republican, liberal vs conservative mind lock. There is a real problem with this in the U.S. as the programming is strong and the average westerner is pretty stupid, I can say this as I am a westerner and not have rocks thrown at me.

    For instance many laugh as the world did not end in 2012, the Mayans never said it would. We have entered the Oortcloud however and and aligned with the center of the milky way. It has lots of unknown energy fields and objects. I don’t think Joe couch potato can promise everything will be “just fine.” We have the same situation with global warming. Everytime there is a mega freeze, Joe toots his I told you so horn. Never mind the unprecedented volcanic eruptions are for now neutralizing the increased solar particle.

    Me I don’t have any illusions about “fixing” the world. There are far too many decaying nuclear power plants, toxic sludge, and pollutants of every stripe floating around to clean up or fix. This is the face of a polar axis that is indeed shifting and will stress the areas where such industries are located. No we are in a situation where it is highly doubtful that even a mutant version of humanity will emerge from all this. Some very diabolic entities have pretty much trashed this planet. I am secure in the knowledge and believe there are many other planets where humans can gravitate to and for many the human body does speed the evolution of the consciousness. I also believe there are far worse planets than this one for those who receive a failing grade.

    One of my faults is I am probably what you would call a “troll spotter”. I used to engage with them quite frequently but have out grown it. It is a fairly useless endeavor. For instance I noticed yesterday that the dog poet had been having some problems with this guy call captain Spadgett. You know the sail boat and hat …. just too good to be true. That is one reason I don’t comment over there much, posters such as him. He immediately it seemed, realized I had his number also as I got nothing but insults from him. I am sure Vivek can tell you Hari Krishna is part of the dark side program. I mentioned to the captain that anyone can paint a blue streak on their forehead and run around quoting the Gita, it doesn’t mean they know any more than you are I. It did not go over too well.

    It is not that I have cut myself off from people entirely I am going to a class reunion this year with old friends but I am sure there are subjects I could not broach with most of them on level I could with many of the faceless people encountered on the web.

    • March 14, 2013 5:22 pm

      Dub, I like how you say it like it is. We are all of a kind, one of a kind and yet related in some interesting, pre (or dawning) aquarian network.

      I’ve reently opened myself up to the real, physical world of people, more… it’s a fascinating ride. Fascinating. as for old friends, acquaintances…. lost to me and I to them. family too. We speak different tongues, same language. 🙂

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