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Re-post, Interesting, perhaps timely?

March 15, 2013


Hope all is well in your world as you read this.

Serendipitously, I chanced upon a recording I had made close to a year ago and re-heard it. Made sense so I thought I’d re-share it. It felt temporally appropriate.

The theme is the death of multi-culturalism at the sword of mono-culturalism. If you do give it a listen, pardon the hacks/coughs in the middle. I was swallowing insects on a hot summer evening, walking on my terrace as I recorded.

Click Link Below:

  Are you Cultural 

In other ABNEWS (that is my version of news as it should be, Above, Below, North, East, south and West), I’m back to working with an old and dear friend from my days in the Silly-Con valley. I got a message to go forth and do something mundane for a while, while all of the esoteric in-sights took their time to seep into my bones and then my marrow. I am thoroughly en-joying the interaction with the world again, warts and all.

I’ve started playing tennis again. Tennis, that injured me deeply, physically, because I swung at it like a hammer in-stead of a stilletoe. All thrust, no parry. I feel re-related with what all sport really ever meant to me.

Never about winning or losing per se, but about the most graceful projection of the self. Mattered not what the implement or the field was/is.

In the end, all of life, as lived out-wardly, is a projection of our inner-self, modulated by the instrument at hand, be it a racquet, a club, a hammer, a paint-brush….

And the lesson I’ve learned regarding all of that, is once again, the more deeply I am in touch with my-self, the more authentic is my projection.

Think positive does NOT cut it. The mind is a melange of influence-able potential. Our out-reach into the three dimensional world is a physical thing. The grace shown by the greats flows from the depth at which they wield their chosen instrument. The “Zone” is deep with-in.

And the other lesson is that we can never master an instrument. What folly. Every day my tempramental guitar is different.  Every day the skin of my Djembe is taut in a different way. Every stroke and my racquets strings are a little more worn, a little looser. Every stroke, swing, pluck, pick is in a different world, as it were.

The only constant, if there is such a thing, and there is, deep with-in, is that self.


It reaches out with purity and effort-less-ness and grace every time. It’s our twisted filters of perception, deception and mental desire that make it’s final expression what it is.

Go deeper, every minute, because the journey is Un-finite. And it begins and advances with every step.

Here is to each of your IAM’s and your journey’s with-in.

In ruth-less dis-obedience.


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  1. dublinmick permalink
    March 16, 2013 12:29 am

    Words of wisdom Vivek.

    My back is out again, I need a good chiro pronto!

    • March 16, 2013 4:27 am

      🙂 Perhaps the question you need to ask is why is your back going out int he first place Dub? Cause and effect…

      • dublinmick permalink
        March 20, 2013 2:09 am

        I know why it is out. 7 years ago the police in this town were going to a wreck, they ran a red light and we teboned. I was going through a green light at about 35 miles an hour and as I was lined up with a delivery truck to the right (which was illegally parked) there appears this squad car out of nowhere, boom.

        I flattened the airbag and my glasses! The bag busted my face hit it so hard. There was no pain at first when the crooked lawyer showed up at my house, two days later I could hardly move. He sent me to his pet chiropractor who did not bother putting the spine straight. It was crooked like a bow and the small butterfly bone at the bottom was out of place. He didn’t bother putting it in. They were waiting for fluid build up and excruciating pain so I would beg for titanium rods in my back. That is where the money is.

        Anyway someone I know recommended their chiro and he was amazed they did not put the spine back in place. He popped it in like an aikido adept by ripping my legs in the air from a side position. It took months to keep the butterfly bone in place. Did not have any trouble for years other than slight pain but now I am getting older and sitting on the computer too long. My old doc is 81 and just had gangrene of the gall bladder, not sure he will do anything again but I found this Korean guy who seems alright, we will see what he can do. He does have massage room wing in the office. I haven’t had time to ask him if he has any attractive girls around there handling that!

        • blindman permalink
          March 20, 2013 11:55 am

          did you ever hear of the liver cleanse,
          you drink the stuff and out goes the inflammation!
          vitamin c crystals are good for that too when you
          exceed the bowel tolerance a little.
          my mom used to do an Epsom salt and warm water
          thing , the liver cleanse does something like that
          at 6 pm followed by olive oil and citrus juice at 10 pm.
          for like 10 days. I am not giving medical advise and
          of course any treatment should be discussed with
          a health care professional. I hope you feel better d.m.

  2. blindman permalink
    March 17, 2013 2:45 am

    as we were saying time wounds all heels and parts of the whole,
    ideas and dreams, dropping like drips of water from above and below
    pushed up to the surface.
    time. uncertainty and error. here a link for consideration.
    One Thing is Certain: Heisenberg’s
    Uncertainty Principle is Dead

    Click to access hup.pdf

    the point being it is not “uncertainty” but ….”margin of error in operation caused
    by the way we measure velocity.” m.m.
    that is to say observation requires time and more than one observation requires
    more time. first observation of location then the second observation of
    location and then calculation of velocity and momentum. do we really know
    what we are trying to learn, what have we learned?
    it may be like the messenger with a message, the electron, the proton and
    the self?
    if you receive the message you trust the messenger as he/she/it has given you
    the message that you believe to have value, to be true. if you do not trust
    the messenger the message has no value or meaning, you are then free to
    imagine the state of affairs as you might wish them to be. there have been
    cases where the messenger suffers the punishment for an unwelcome
    what is it that constitutes a reliable messenger? the self, receiver, and the
    messenger must share the same language? agree on points of reference,
    direction, have the same composition? same measuring instruments?
    there must be communication between the two?
    the receiver must be interested in the nature of the message the messenger
    has to offer ! or the messenger must be competent to deliver the message
    the receiver is expecting !
    and ” the very act of observation alters the” observer too.
    in the case of sub atomic reality our messenger is the subject and object
    of inquiry. we are seeking or needing a messenger with which to examine
    the nature of our messenger ! and finding a projection of ourselves in
    that void. I think this is common and natural, people projecting and
    codifying their composition into the unknown things, the dark places,
    the shadow, the above and below, the distant. there might be good reason for it
    and if carefully done it could be fruitful, perhaps? it may be close to the truth?
    or as close as we can get
    it may be that individuals are immiscible in “culture”? the monty python
    certainly had a field day with that, ministry of silly walks.
    a friend recently sent me a quote by ernest borgnine,
    ” I think we all have the urge to be a clown, whether we know it or not.”
    Ernest Borgnine
    I think he sent me that quote because once I told him that if I had
    money, won lotto, I would hire a clown to follow me everywhere I go
    in public, just to keep things lively.
    the clowns. they have a great advantage.
    when we have no messenger to give us the message we are then
    left with our mind and there we see what we are made of, so to speak.
    we can make up the message as we wish, project and guess and
    theorize all we want, we are free to make mistakes and bring about
    ruin and be as irresponsible as we like with out any negative feed back.
    we become the messenger, the message and the receiver here?
    so it goes with the clowns in the clown colony of uncertainty and fluctuations
    tearing at the strong force out of fear and instability.
    there, I have run right off the rails again….
    thanks for the post and the music !

    • March 17, 2013 5:16 pm

      Excellent in-sights BM. The certainty of the author regarding the death of un-certainty is certainly interesting! Also, hard to tell where he left/write off and you took on/off… simulflow… projection.

      Till a point, there is a message, a messenger AND a medium. Like the proverbial chinese whisper, all is evolving, bending, twisting, changing, inter-acting, bending, flexing, com-promising……

      When there is one, there is no-thing to say or do, just do-be-do-be-do, hmmmm?

      • March 17, 2013 6:03 pm

        thanks for cracking me up. I should have known
        the torus medium was gonna come up. miles is
        an intellectual warrior ! a samurai of the sciences !
        I thought you might like his approach. some day we
        will have to play some music together.
        do be …well.
        also, when playing tennis, imagine you are a photon
        of light, at pause in preparation to ……
        spin. see if that works out and let me know.
        very clear and clean. no hammer, no racket

    • dublinmick permalink
      March 27, 2013 4:49 am

      I have done Hulda Clark’s liver cleanse several times. All kinds of critters in there!

      • March 27, 2013 4:55 am

        Question to be asked then, is this: Are we a critter bag? Or are we a bag that needs to be critter free?

        for I learned that the mitochondria, the very basis of human existence, share their genome with a bacteria, not humans…. learned that via my dive into Germ-line engineering. At the deepest, re-productive end, human genomics is called germline engineering and mitochondrion are bacteria… hmmmmmmmm…..

  3. blindman permalink
    March 18, 2013 9:06 pm

    DEAN RADIN: Men Who Stare at Photons, Part 1 | EU 2013


  4. blindman permalink
    March 19, 2013 10:48 pm

    message, messenger, medium, receiver….
    message, messenger, medium, receiver….
    message, messenger, medium, receiver….
    where do they come from, where do they go?
    some body said it ..” the more things change the more
    they remain the same. ”
    go figure

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