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3 years and counting….. And the apocalypse rolls on…

June 9, 2013


First off, pleasant surprise to see this in my in box…

Happy Anniversary!

You registered on 3 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

So a big thank you to all of you readers, commentators, wordpress….it’s been a deeply liberating experience. And brought me friends from the world over. Given me a platform to share my wild and multifarious thoughts on topics large and small.

3 years. I can literally chart my own growth, paralleling my posts, with certain insights making me have to give up my own cherished beliefs. Be bold enough to make calls and write on topics that are considered dangerous grounds.

So much for that, how about this. Apocalypse, if you recall merely means the unveiling. Root of the word is Calypso, the nymph, Calypso, a hider, a deceiver……as mentioned in my apocalyptic post, this is a time for revelation.

The deepest secrets are/will be revealed. In fact, they were always hidden in plain sight, but perhaps that depends on which eye is doing the seeing, eh? 😉

So, how about this:

Is this proof the Virgin Queen was an imposter in drag? Shocking new theory about Elizabeth I unearthed in historic manuscripts



From the article…

The king, Henry VIII, was due at any hour. He was traveling from London, in great discomfort — for the 52-year-old monarch was grossly overweight and crippled by festering sores — to visit his daughter, Elizabeth.

The young princess had been sent there that summer from the capital to avoid an outbreak of plague. But she had fallen sick with a fever and, after weeks of bleeding, leeches and vomiting, her body was too weak to keep fighting. The night before the king’s arrival, his favourite daughter, the only child of his marriage to Anne Boleyn, had been dangerously ill. In the morning, Elizabeth lay dead.

Elizabeth’s governess, Lady Kat Ashley, and her guardian, Thomas Parry, had good reason to fear telling the king this awful news. It would cost them their lives. Four of Henry’s children had died in infancy and, of the survivors, one — Edward — was a sickly boy of five and the other an embittered, unmarried woman in her late 20s.


The ten-year-old Elizabeth was Tudor England’s most valuable child in many ways. She could surely be married to a French or Spanish prince to seal an international alliance — and her own children would secure the Tudor dynasty Henry so desperately craved.

Now she was dead, and when the king discovered it, Parry and Lady Ashley would surely be executed. Their sole duty had been to keep the princess safe: failure was treason. The penalty would not even be beheading, but death by the most gruesome torture imaginable.

They would be bound and dragged through the mud for a mile to the scaffold. There they would be hanged, cut down and disembowelled. Their entrails would be hauled from their bodies and held in front of their faces as they died, and then their limbs would be hacked off and displayed on spikes, to be picked bare by the birds.

Their only chance of concealing the truth, and perhaps buying themselves a few days to flee the country, was to trick the king.

Kat Ashley’s first thought was to find a village girl and dress her up in the princess’s robe, with a mantle, to fool the king. Bisley was a tiny hamlet, however, and there were no female children of Elizabeth’s age.

But there was a boy, from a local family called Neville. He was a gawky, angular youth a year or so younger than Elizabeth, who had been the princess’s companion and fellow pupil for the past few weeks. And with no time to look further afield for a stand-in, Parry and Lady Ashley took the desperate measure of forcing the boy to don his dead friend’s clothes.

Remarkably, the deception worked. Henry saw his daughter rarely, and was used to hearing her say nothing.  The last time she had been presented in court, meeting the new Queen Catherine Parr, she had been trembling with terror.

The princess was known as a gentle, studious child, and painfully shy — not a girl to speak up in front of the king who had beheaded her mother.

So when ‘she’ stood at Bisley manor, in the dimness of an oak-beamed hall lit by latticed windows, it was not so surprising that the king failed to realise he was being duped. He had no reason to suspect his daughter had been ill, after all, and he himself was tired and in pain.

But after he left later that afternoon, the hoax began in earnest. Parry and Lady Ashley realised that if they ever admitted what they had done, the king’s fury would be boundless. They might get out of the country to safety, but their families would surely be killed.

What next, are we going to find out that ‘Hitler was a bastard child of the rothschield family?
Or are we going to discover that George Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush funded Hitler and the Nazis?
Or will we (gasp!) find out that it was New York bankers via the odious city of london bankers via the exceedingly odious vatican that funded and directed the Bolshevik revolution that killed 20 (some say 60) MILLION christians in the greater russian territory before, during and after WWII?
Or perhaps even that the 4 great architects of India’s freedom were ALL BRITISH STOOGES?
Well, we can hope, eh?
Without a care, I remain……


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  1. Dublinsmick permalink
    June 9, 2013 9:01 pm

    Hitler was a Rothschild!!! Don’t tell those fanboys that however, they will hit the ceiling!

    Anyone wishing to delve deeply into this mess, I recommend the spymaster!

  2. Dublinsmick permalink
    June 10, 2013 2:42 am

    India developing robotic soldiers! Welcome to the world of the terminator!

  3. Dublinsmick permalink
    June 13, 2013 1:38 am

    I think we have another one of those super moons coming up I believe June 27th.


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