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Some things are worth spreading….

June 28, 2013


Today, this pithy, pointed, well articulated and spot on comment on an article on ZeroHedge.

Well worth the read and worthy of spreading.

This is our condition regardless of our geographic location or affluence or lack thereof.

Heavy-ish start to what I’d intended to be the beginning of my observational satire series. Believe it or not, I’d started out wanting to be the next PG Wodehouse.

Nevertheless, here we are and clearly, more and more and more truth-telling is needed it seems.

Truth telling, truth being….

The age of enlightenment is the age of truth. Easy to see in a world full of lies, ne? And conseque3ntly obvious too how far we have to climb to be easy in such a world. All of us beg for everyone else to be truthfull, while we live in our world of buffering, often white lies.

Truth is not bitter, not at all, but it sure is not easy.

Here is a telling of an ancient native american practice, that I have practiced and it’s hard. Heart-hammering hard.

It’s called Naka-Ima.

Without well-being meetings, our business meetings could become bleak and dysfunctional when previously unexpressed emotions clouded issues and made it hard to come to resolution. Any topic could incite stubbornness and resistance, and the fear of not being heard would have members pushing for their own private agendas. By keeping communication clear on a personal level, fewer issues became contentious and irresolvable. We were better able to listen to and understand one another.


We held regular Naka-Ima workshops in which many members of the community participated. Naka-Ima is a practice of honesty and letting go of attachments. One of the founders of Naka-Ima, Jaime Campbell, says, “Nothing can prepare us more fully for a harmonious future than the activity of unraveling the emotional and ideological patterns which make up our own psyches.”


Aaaaaargh hard.

So, regular, liberating doses of truth telling are required. They purge us and our system of deceit.

Here, via the comment section on ZeroHedge, is this Gem:

Alexandre Stavisky

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Little off topic but one must remember.  80 years ago a combined allied endeavour in a few years diverted industry to such success that the waves of sea and cumulus high above were filled with craft of destruction to smash imperialism, fascism, expansionism and a NEW WORLD ORDER was born.  Simultaneously almost Bretton Woods.

In our quiet corners of the world we don’t see skies and seas full of iron filling space with leaden spittal.  However, we’ve a much more sophisticated, much more concentrated and highly funded war machine.  It lives in the higher realms of confidence and the unseen.

Do not underestimate the resolve of the politico-banking-mind control multimedia sort.  Most ZH’s are long past first discovery of the original sins of fiat and fractional reserve, coin clipping, and the Large and Small Frauds in statecraft.  But the same ennervating powers that supplied an allied crush of man and material is ever larger and arrayed against any true EQUITY left in the world.  You see, and clearly, the entire self-levitating machine require constant tribute in the form of REAL SURPLUS.  Not the funnybux, not the leverage conjured from thin air, not the fair-weather promises to pay, not the factoring upon the extraction from the human animal, but real saved surplus from sweat on the brow invention, labour, setting aside.

This system has geared itself so that any REAL goodman or woman who produces for neighbor to profit, but who bypasses the traditional liquidity route depositing in the bank or equivalent, and who presumes to make himself sovereign or APART–throws a spanner into all that gearing.  When leverage is allowed to exceed even 10:1 when the productive leave the scheme, it exponentially guts the beast.  It is the last freeman act to preserve liberty.  This horrible creature created by tacit participation by all citizens of all nations who is far worse than the Jekyll Island beast, cannot stand the shun and walk away.

Deprive it of capital, deprive it of your savings, deprive it of your hard-earned, and each deprivation is exponentially multiplied to the detriment of its balance sheet.

It can and must die, but only by active everyman participation which strikes at its belly by contravention of its rules and the bypass of its appetite.

Starve it of capital, starve it of your contribution.  Some day as it dies another great rebirth of freedom may come.  Another golden age when men and God combine to invent and enlarge upon all the great bounty of the planet.  The gearing may work toward your greater benefit in that system.  What exists now takes such dear tribute, that there is no escape velocity from its morbid gravity.  You see now the lands of setting suns and dimunition of ability and creation.

In the other system lies a gearing or leverage whereby contribution is magnified, industry amply rewarded.   It no longer exists and especially not so in the Land of the Debt Donut, and the fro bro of doubtful provenance.   A hard rain and rightful purge could restore and could be done without violence.  Keep your substance from their patterned plunder, withhold and deploy ONLY for GOOD, nay GREAT purposes.











Be wise like the owl…









































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  1. Paul permalink
    June 28, 2013 4:43 pm

    Sometimes Vivek =O)~ You just go tooo deep for me lol.

    I look forward to the day people on this forum meet. I Love words but face to face we can better understand the meaning.

    From the owl thing I got …. If you can’t beat them… Join them (as in stratagise as well as they do) But in your own way for what is good for you personally. Coz Know one really knows what “Good” is. It could be go od???

    I was also unsure about what you was referring to regarding the “beast” so that too I put into my own interpretation of what works good for me =O)~

    Love ya… Dat oneness style.


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