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68 years ago today….. pandora’s box was opened….

July 16, 2013


Atemporal and therefore timely re-post from three years ago below.

Only now, it all seems much closer.

This year, this period between today and 15th  august, especially August 6th, are loaded, absolutely loaded.

We shall, with deeply attached detachment, feel it all un-fold, eh?

Terrance McKenna was right about 2012 being the beginning of peak novelty as he called it. Easy for a mind like mine to grasp. It’s like the joist pins are flying out from all the infra-structures.

Structures are strictures. Safety boxes of rules or fences.Their limited life is in-herent, they limit growth, which in the end, will prevail.

Growth is the only constant. Forget that thing about change. Change is a subset of growth. It is growth that is relentless.

So all structures are inherently self-devouring.

And this is such a time, when the old has to give way to the new old.

Be-cause there is really nothing new under the Sun.

The deepest crash for me, the thundering real-i-zation that the very basis of my outward and inner life, this language, was a massive control algo-rhythm, a sigil casting a long shadow from a past that even will not and can not throw light upon.

Somethimes I wish I could broadcast the energy behind these moments to you somehow. It is a physical thing, to real-lies that all your t-ruths might be false hoods.

Because this I know well, that first there was the word….. and now, it is hidden in plain sight.

But I wander…. while I ponder, Pan-dora, no no, not the ex-plora….

Her box, once opened, has never been shut. All the his and her stories and their art are full of confirmation for this.

As is our modern day technological world of fukushima’s and deep water horizon’s and bouncing 787’s to boot.

If you allow a thing to start designing it’self or it’s ver-sions, sooner or later, it’ll leave it’s original creator in the dust.

The Matrix trilogy was a public telling of this and those years were the turning points in our relationship with technology, especially time based technology.

All computing is based on the clock, and the faster we dis-sected time, the more do-able the machine became, the more machines designed sub-machines….

and here we are….glued to machines, ear-plugs snaking into ears..I just watched a part of Animatrix, so that might explain the imagery a little.

And this, my friends, is where this iteration of man’s re-peating (yup, we all go back to being peat) predeliction to do really nasty things on a species wide scales emerges.

Pan-dora’s box, 16th July, 1945, White Sands…..

The obligatory phallic suck-cess symbol…


Location: White Sands Missile Range
Nearest city: San Antonio, New Mexico
Coordinates: 33°40′38.28″N


So there you have it….33rd parallel and all.

We all need to re-member these days, because on an annual cycle, that energy ripples through….. just re-member…

Intense days ahead, I feel the dollar debt note of  the UNITED STATES Corporation are going to go nuclear. Boom and then bust and no one will want to touch them, as if they were radio-active.

Next key date is August 6th, Hiroshima and 9th August Nagasaki.

The 15th August, India’s fake Independence and Nixon’s breaching of The Bretton Woods agreement…. the day the dollar went nuclear……what?

16th July, 1945, Trinity….Unleashed

July 2, 2010

Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.


Left this:

If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One— I am become Death, the shatterer of Worlds.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the A bomb. The last frontier was shattered.

The true start of the age of terror. Nuclear Terror.

The transition of our mind-space from Fear to Terror.

All war is filled with fear. But survivable, which is critical to our core instincts.

Nuclear war is not.  It has been the threat hanging over us all. Species annihilation.

Nuclear Explosion, #1, at a test site in New Mexico on 16th July, 1945, at 05:29:45 local time (Mountain War Time), (11:29:45 UTC), we officially entered the age of Machine terror.

Sound too far fetched?

Mutually assured destruction? MAD?

This is why this date must be remembered. And this time, approaching the 66th anniversary of a seminal event that changed us forever, which happened to occur right at the 33rd parallel, must be especially remembered.


See how the cycles turn.

16th July 1945, it was detonated as a precursor to 6th August (Hiroshoma) and 9th August (Nagasaki), a mere 3 weeks later. And in the weird double-speak we are now inured to, we were told it brought peace.

But what has followed has been anything but, eh?

The greatest war, to end all wars, brought only more wars. The decades since armistice 1945 has brought us one devastating war after another and the Damocles sword hanging ever over our head… Nuclear War.

So, 65 years on, and here we are. The GOM disaster (Deepwater Horizon) is nuclear too. Read about it. High readings of radiation in the escaping oil. (By the way, all oil, especially in certain regions has low levels of radio-activity, but this is high levels. Toxic levels)

Meme’ sbeing released to the public, all say that the only possible solution to the problem is to seal it shut with a “controlled” nuclear blast.

Strange how these two twin evils, oil and nuclear energy are coming together at this generational tipping point.

And nuclear energy, that which has destroyed and only destroyed (nuclear power is dirty power by the way, they still do not know how to store nuclear waste safely, except dump it on poor countries/peoples), is now going to be mankind’s saviour!

Do you see the delicious irony in this?

And Iran, the target of the latest twisted twist on the Axis of Evil, war on terror is all about Nuclear Power (peaceful/war-like, regardless).

The nuclear genie is everywhere.

And so, I would like to pull as many people’s attention to these two pictures and everything they represent, as we approach 16th July 2010.

And I would like to suggest a ritual that can help us all, collectively put the nuclear genie back in the bottle.

Much more to write on this, but I’ll leave you with the imagery for now.

Do pass it around.

In a bit then.

From Nuclear to New Clear anyone?





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  1. Dublinmick permalink
    July 16, 2013 4:25 pm

    I was thinking along these lines this morning, you darn near said it all. I will just repost this over at my place when I get a chance. We are looking at a grand star alignment coming up July 23rd. This one points to a direction that can last a 100 years or so. There are also some reports of earthquakes in the Gulf of Mexico near Bayou Corne sink hole the media has not been to keen to report on as well as reports of a new oil leak in the area. Maybe they did bust a hole in the earth mantle there. I don’t have a large enough research team on hand to get to the bottom of it, so just guessing!!

    Like you I have noticed some interesting tidbits of info floating around out there, strange bodies seen in the heavens, bombing in Syria, Russia mounting up 160,000 troops toward readiness. McKenna and time wave zero does go a long way toward explaining a lot of it does it not Vivek?

    We have flooding in places not prone to flooding, glaciers breaking off icebergs the size of countries, and the matrix man wants everybody glued to Snowdon and Trayvon.

  2. Dublinmick permalink
    July 16, 2013 4:43 pm

    I guess I could have added that Cathartes Aura ( I miss her) summed it all up long ago when she stated considering the degraded state of humanity, it is all for the best. I have always since considered that a prophetic statement. Lets hope the (Christians) you know the ones who think Jesus Barrabas was Jesus Christ and not simply manifesting the Christos had a few things right. Constantine had to have gotten a few things right in the bible. The part about, through grace may those days be shortened certainly stands out for me. May it be quick, may it be all encompassing and may it be redeeming!

    As you know, I refer back to the Oppenheimer/Gita statement many times myself: “I am become Death, the shatterer of Worlds.”

  3. Dublinmick permalink
    July 16, 2013 10:00 pm

    Tales from the nuclear age.

  4. Terrance permalink
    July 17, 2013 2:45 am

    Audacity and ignorance…..lack of spiritual maturity!

    There are better and safer ways to boil water than using radioactive stardust!

    Pandora’s box…..ashes to ashes …..dust to dust!

    Your insights are brilliant!…….

    • July 20, 2013 4:42 am

      🙂 It’s a material world Terrance. sure, is, but what many fail to see is that it’s MUCH more than just that….

  5. July 19, 2013 12:11 am

    It is my opinion, and one that I held many, many years prior to seeing anything written by Joseph Farrell, that the three bombs exploded at the Trinity Site and in Japan were not built by the Manhattan Project, but by German scientists.

    • July 20, 2013 4:40 am

      Ahhha, interesting….it would all tie together that way. For all the JP Ferrell I’ve heard, never heard that theory.

      Makes sense, 4th reich is here…

  6. Dublinmick permalink
    July 21, 2013 12:30 am

    Vivek must see, Vesuvius went off today. It is part of the Cayce predictions if Pelee erupts anytime soon if I remember right.

    I have been talking about this for sometime. Today Mount Vesuvius Has Awoken? Cayce Prophecies. He mentions an eruption in near conjunction short time followed by Pelee in Marinique is the trigger for full scale earth changes. Nevada and Utah to go in 3 months afterward by total inundation. I will be watching Pelee very closely.

    The fulfillment of Edgar Cayce’s end time prophecy seems to be on track. Cayce’s end-time prophecy includes predictions of erupting volcanoes, earthquake swarms, and major earth changes.

    What seems to be missing at present are “noticeable eruptions” at Mt. Vesuvius in Italy or Mt. Pelee in the Caribbean. According to Cayce, when either of them begin “noticeable eruptions,”we should expect major earthquakes along the southern coast of California within three months. He also predicted a pole shift following closely on the heels of volcanic eruptions by Mt. Vesuvius or Mt. Pelee.

    Cayce foresaw a shift of the Earth’s poles around the millennium and described the concept of the shifting of the poles as a result of Earth’s crust moving independently from the core of the Earth. Cayce’s prophecy is tied to a prediction in The Bible made by Archangel Gabriel to the prophet Daniel, “These changes in the Earth will come to pass . . . and there begin the periods of readjustments.”

    The fulfillment of Edgar Cayce’s end time prophecy seems to be on track. Cayce’s end-time prophecy includes predictions of erupting volcanoes, earthquake swarms, and major earth changes.”

  7. Dublinmick permalink
    July 21, 2013 3:25 am

    Vivek must see, I have been talking about this for a long time. I will be watching Pelee closely.

    “The fulfillment of Edgar Cayce’s end time prophecy seems to be on track. Cayce’s end-time prophecy includes predictions of erupting volcanoes, earthquake swarms, and major earth changes.

    What seems to be missing at present are “noticeable eruptions” at Mt. Vesuvius in Italy or Mt. Pelee in the Caribbean. According to Cayce, when either of them begin “noticeable eruptions,”we should expect major earthquakes along the southern coast of California within three months. He also predicted a pole shift following closely on the heels of volcanic eruptions by Mt. Vesuvius or Mt. Pelee.”

    • July 21, 2013 4:56 am

      hmmmmmmmm….. fascinating stuff Dub, it”s all coming together to fly apart it seems….. or is that at the seams?

  8. izzy permalink
    July 24, 2013 10:26 pm

    Ah, the Mighty Mushroom.

    From Oppenheimer’s infamous bomb and quote, to Condoleeza’s dire caution, all the way to dear departed Terence’s “Food of the Gods”, it’s a shape that has loomed large in our recent collective awareness. Of course, I’m much more in alignment with Mckenna’s ideas and experiences, from its possible role as the catalytic agent that morphed the early hominid into the human of today, to the notion that the molecularly dense outer shell of its spores enabled interstellar propagation. And still the most useful of psychic tools, giving us a respite from the unbearable burden of current consensus reality, and a chance to remember who we really are – a tale not yet fully written or understood.

    Having been born in the year of Roswell, and spending a good deal of childhood hiding under my desk in “Duck and Cover” drills, I’ve always been partial to the notion that we’re far from alone in the universe, while understanding that other branches of the family are probably giving us a wide berth as we thrash our way through unfortunate detours in the evolutionary story. One day we may learn, in some ultimate irony, that we ourselves are the result of a genetic engineering program gone awry.

    Can hardly wait to see what surprise is next, and probably won’t have to wait long. Exciting times indeed.


  1. Take A Break From The Snowdon/Trayvon Concocted Drama, Unreported Earthquakes And New Gas Leak In Gulf Of Mexico, Pandora’s Box Opened | Here Comes The Sun

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