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mo pho toes… India the magnificent contradiction….

October 7, 2013


Did I say I’m having a hell of a time on this journey? Well(!!!!), if I did so, I apologize, for why would I want to have a hell of a time? Why indeed would anyone want to have a hell of a time?

Them thar word ruts, no better or worse than them thar road ruts.

And the wagon wheels of our minds, so comfortable in con-formity, rutting away.

Being here, in capital country (I’m in Delhi, the capital the british chose for India, surely for reasons of ley line power and geo-mancy, building atop a hill the largest presidential palace in the world…weird, that with so many starving, such pomp and splendour for the chosen satraps that still grind their own countrymen in the dust for their masters in the city of londonium), my senses are heightened, awareness at full keen-ness, badgered by wild energetics of this mad, sprawling metro of close to 20 million human beings.

Someday, I’ll do a Delhi special…

But for now, something for your eyes…..

DSC00153 DSC00152 DSC00151 DSC00148 DSC00145 DSC00144 DSC00141 DSC00140 DSC00139 DSC00137 DSC00136 DSC00135 DSC00134 DSC00133 DSC00132 DSC00131 DSC00130 DSC00129 DSC00128 DSC00123 DSC00121 DSC00155


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  1. October 7, 2013 7:05 am

    Delhi, in my view, represents Fire and the chaos/destruction it leads to…better to be water :). And to think it once used to be a green city…

    Surprised you can find your awareness in such a chaotic place…I found that very difficult there…from the polluted air to the constant horning sounds everywhere…wasn’t an easy place to dig deep into myself…

  2. blindman permalink
    October 8, 2013 10:22 pm

    thanks for the images v. i fear one of many of my dreams
    in life, to visit india, may never come to pass so it
    is appreciated to view the images.
    somehow i suspect i might have once been born
    a hindu boy..
    . that is just me. and i would
    never trust a medium to confirm it.
    the film i last linked has been unfortunately removed
    from the site, that sucks and it hurts but it happened.
    i looked for other interweb postings of it but found
    it is apparently otherwise commercially available yet
    the search continues on, always.

  3. Dublinsmick permalink
    October 9, 2013 2:09 am

    It looks kind of dry around there! I did chuckle at the “State of California” shirt.

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