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Google Doodle tells the story…2014, the Year the world goes 2 ways….

December 31, 2013


Been a while, hmmmm?

After re-storing my internet connection a couple of weeks ago, I’ve mostly sat in quiet con-temple-ation or have been travelling/making music.

Very very very fascinating end to 2013. This year just flew by, did it not? Did everyone else feel the time-speed up-tick? Whoosh, one minute we were all waiting for the earth to swallow us up on December 21st, 2012 and then, just like that….yay, survived, just like Y2K. And here we are, over a year later and most people think we dodged a bullet.

Hardly 🙂 2012, December 21st, everything changed. The divide in the road that I’ve been speaking of for over 3 years now, came into sight. And every day, in the perfect fractal re-flection of this dualistic world we in-habit, that choice, of taking the high road or the low road is soon going to be in the rear-view mirror for-ever.

Which road did you choose?

The “quickening”, which finds it’s most obvious reflection in our faster perception of time, is a general vibrational quickening. Faster and higher vibrations on one had and slower, denser, lower (Slower, Lower, same thing) on the other.

One thing you can take from me as axiomatic, if you are still eating meat, the low road choice is being made for you. The intention is to cover that in great detail next year, because it is that important.

Flesh eating, any sort of flesh eating is a form of cannibalism, especially at the plasma level. Sentience is not human food.

And PLASMA is A PSALM, a song to the High one/s.

The Age of Aquarius is well and truly upon us. You may not recall my last post, but it said water water everywhere. And so it has been, rains, floods….

A word of caution to the wise, global warming was/is a huge hoax. Global cooling, mini-ice-ages, severe chills and weird weather, those are all in store for us in 2014.

I’ll be back next year 🙂 It’s going to be a doozer, make no mistake. As I was looking at the Google Doodle, I realized that the message was right there…

Happy New Year!

Look…. 2 says, yeah, it can go either way, up or down, left or right.

0 says Yeay, up up, both hands (remember what was going on in the second quarter, we were dealing with Papal resignations and budget deals etc.)

The 1 says….3rd Quarter, everything was moving sideways….no change, walking on egg-shells….

And then the 3 says….both hands down folks…..down…. and that is just how it is/was. NSA spy scandals, Typhoon Haiyan (largest EVER recorded…hmmmmmm…anyways, no point HAARPing on that too much)…then Fukushima’s bad news getting worse….

And if you see the 4 of 2014 hanging out down in the shadows….. both hands hard down.

1st January is astrologically loaded, tomorrow that is, so we are ushering this new gregorian year under intense skies.

Stay grounded, go inwards, feel your-self, feel….deeply.

As I told a friend…

Don’t make promises you cannot keep and if you’re going to journey, make it deep, in 2014, the year of the Gypsy!


Hugs all around. It is not even the new year, you know that. That comes on the spring equinox, in March and early April.

So save your energy re. re-solutions etc…. just be or do or be or do or just dobedobedobedooooo….




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  1. blindman permalink
    December 31, 2013 9:22 am

    Jackson Browne: “The Road”

    i like the use of e flat in this one.
    great to hear you again.!
    seems all speech is of the future and the past,
    the same stories repeat with different faces
    and places.
    so unreal. as if nothing, nothing, nothing …..
    ever changes; even when everything comes
    up different.
    does it mean i have become “old”, knowing it
    makes no difference even to myself?
    all we ever want or love is the next breath
    for all breathing beings
    and it is always granted ,
    to that certain point.. perhaps the end of the “road”.
    time stops playing with me
    and i stop playing
    with time.,
    in the end it is always better that wayaywayay …
    ” the world just keeps on getting bigger
    once you get out on your own.” tom waits
    from the front.

    • December 31, 2013 7:38 pm

      beautiful music, intense lyrics too. Thanks for that and the waits lyrics. His singing voice is just something else. I like him like I like Leonard Cohen.

      So where is you music up-loaded mr. p?

      I just came back from playing a really intense but bizarre 30 minute set at a New Years Eve Party. Made a man of me 🙂

      • blindman permalink
        January 2, 2014 9:57 pm

        good for you on the performance!
        i wish i could have seen and heard
        i cover the waterfront, looking for my love.
        Billie Holiday – I Cover the Waterfront

        maybe 2014 will be better? there is always, contrary to all
        public and informed opinion, hope.

  2. Terrance permalink
    January 1, 2014 7:05 am

    Hello Vivek… is always enjoyable to ponder your insights!
    Indeed time distortions abound as we progress on our journey on an out of balance planet!
    Dubedubedo….in Colorado…. And as Groucho Marx once said……

    Time flies like an arrow and fruit flys like a banana!

    • January 4, 2014 3:34 am

      Hola Terrance, well in Colorado, I believe you can now buy highly modified, strained, GMO Marijuana on any street corner. Talk about warping time, ehhhhh? 🙂
      That Marx quote, instant mirthful snort….thanks!

  3. eazybee permalink
    January 3, 2014 5:06 pm

    interesting placement of the disco ball on that, is it a pyramid? google wouldn’t be a part-y to this would they? maybe they know some-thing we don’t. light or energy passes from less to more at the apex…a symbolon indeed. best. ezb

    • January 4, 2014 3:36 am

      Gd’eye ezb, was wondering who would notice that.

      Now I wonder what code the ball and the tiles below their feet are flashing.

      Once in the rabbit hole, the only way out is the “other” other way, eh?

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