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H1N1 US/Canada Exploding, Global Pandemic Potential.. Possible Healing/Defense…Please share Widely

January 5, 2014


Am sure no one reading this needs to be told that there is something NOT GOOD happening with the H1N1 situation in the US and Canada. It is already ‘flu-season” and the flu map, especially confirmed cases of H1N1, does not look good.

You can find details all over the web. Incidentally, since no one has grounded any airline flights yet, you can count on this becoming global with-in the next 10 days. Not being alarmist, just a possibility. Terrible weather in the UK is not helping.

Developing world city populations have highly compromised immune systems.

A lot of strange microbial shenanigans already happened in this just concluded Haj season.

Overall people, high alert time. Especially because defense and even possibly healing yourself may not be that difficult at all.

I have worked with two substances for a long time now and believe in their potency as energetic healers, Hydrogen Peroxide and Garlic.

H2O2, if handled sensibly, is pure healing magic. Please see link below…also, please think through H2O2 use, do it wisely.

Search for other work on H2O2, stock 3% food grade if you can, garden variety if that is all you have access to. Get a sprayer, just in case.

Next, please see this link, actively following peoples dealing with the flu, naturally….

Especially, please go down to comments and read this man’s Garlic plea…

From Barry W. Bittinger Sr

My life was saved by a mistake I made (concerning Garlic) Im now trying to inform you about that mistake

I Know of the flu threat of many innocent fellow Americans you are now making an effort to defend against serious attacks of Diseases, Swine flu especially. I can help by suggesting something that has been very helpful to me and my family

This has been used before by other countries to defend against similar attacts of diseases.

I am aware of an emergency remedy to use against swine flu, also now known as H1N1,: I am speaking of GARLIC &/OR GARLIC OIL, also known as “Russian Penicillan.” Garlic is readily available and can easily be obtained by most anyone.

I am a cancer survivor because of a mistake I made (with GARLIC). I was dying of cancer when I made the mistake that saved my life. My daughter, Barrie Lynn had strongly suggested that I take a clove of garlic a week to cleanse my blood. I mostly ignored anything about garlic until the cancerous growth in my right underarm lymph nodes turned into blood poison. But instead of eating a clove, I misunderstood what was a clove and mistakenly ate the whole bulb, I ATE THE WHOLE THING AT ONCE!, THE WHOLE BULB OF GARLIC! This mistake immediately changed my life expectancy from dying in only a matter of hours to still alive now some 16 yrs later. Read my story at under Garlic Bulbs.

I now know and I now understand why garlic is so powerful against a disease or flu or sickness. Garlic alone has been used against an epidemic before in Russia. It is called “Russia Penicillin” because transports of garlic flown in to turn the tide of an epidemic.

Yes, please see that last line. Garlic has excellent shelf life. Please keep a kilo or two handy at any time, organic of course.

For more on the garlic story in general, you can see my earlier post…

There is an embedded link in that article that is worth digging into also.

For more on Baking Soda/Garlic/H2O2, see here…

So heads up everyone. A bulb of garlic handy….

Another good thing to do would be to eliminate meat (two reasons, one is that meat eating inherently weakens the immune system and second, unless you raise/butcher, store bought meat has a thousand vectors for disease), at least temporarily. Feed the body kind foods like soups and broths.

Understand also that this could be the kicker for quarantining North America, which has it’s own set of ominous implications. Air travel suspension, border closures, all can be done under the guise of a real of hyped pandemic.

This year began under a tense and in-tense cross in the skies, has a 2010, Haiti quake feel to it.

Pays to remember that it is not that life’s challenges get easier, ever, it is only we who get stronger, if we choose to. The shero’s journey is the perpetually repeating allegory to this inevitability.

Not being dramatic here at all, just that the feeling is not good. Do pass this around. Even if one is already in pharmacopoeias clutches, these remedies are complimentary.

Get in-formed…strong…





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  1. Rishat permalink
    January 5, 2014 5:56 pm

    I am a Russian I have super immunity to influenza. I work for the best distributor of newspapers in Almetyevsk, I go around the city sell the newspaper for 15 years. A flu afraid of people who play sports in the fresh air. Not sick with diabetes mellitus other type of drink a lot of water. A flu does not like people who drink a lot of water. I propose to make a flu vaccine based on my blood. phone 79046762574

  2. kimyo permalink
    January 5, 2014 8:54 pm

    great video on how to blanch garlic:

    hopefully, blanching garlic doesn’t impair its healing qualities. blanching does make eating massive quantities more palatable.

    proper vitamin d levels help keep the flu away:

    However, while there is no specific dosage level at which “magic” happens, based on the most recent research by GrassrootsHealth—an organization that has greatly contributed to the current knowledge on vitamin D through their D* Action Study—it appears as though most adults need about 8,000 IU’s of vitamin D a day in order to get their serum levels above 40 ng/ml. This is significantly higher than previously recommended!

    For children, many experts agree they need about 35 IU’s of vitamin D per pound of body weight.

    and it looks like tamiflu is a massive scam:

  3. ldd permalink
    April 5, 2014 8:49 pm

    And here we are in April 2014 and – no pandemic; again.
    Buying into the hype is as bad as buying the debt. 😉
    THE only year I got talked into the flue shot – I wound up in hospital with pneumonia in the spring. Never got a shot since and never got as sick as I did that year. Canadian winter of 2000/01.


  1. H1N1 Pandemic Potential – Possible Healing and Defense | peoples trust toronto

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