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A little warming up….

January 13, 2014


Music has been taking a larger and larger role in my out-word facing life lately. It all-ways has been a very big part of my inner life. Sometimes, playing in my stairwell, which some/many of you know well by now, everything concentrates into that space and time….all the music wells into me and out of me simultaneously…

All the magic of the uni-verse is written in the sacred law of sevens in this reality we have agreed to be-lie-ve in. If one is to lie in the heart of one’s be-lie-f, then it is good to be re-sonant with the Law of Sevens, which strangely rounds UP into an OCTave.

Which of course rolls up into the most sacred law of the enneagram, the 9s.

9, the ultimate solvent till you can leap through it, to grasp the Circle and the line, the 1 and the 0, the masculine and the feminine and then Die-vide again to 11.

And so on and so fourth.

Feel so connected to root, deep sound. What are called throbs and thrums.

Soooooooo…..lot’s of playing in front of peoples.

Very very interesting feeling. I learn so much, every time, mostly about where I stand.

Here are two little vignettes, this first one was a sound check for something I’m doing in a beautiful art space on February 16th. Will post the details here, but here is a short guitar warm up at the stage…

Then, on a totally wilder, rougher, sweaty note, was at my friend’s birthday party and I played. He recorded. The sound is a little shaky, but I can assure, the heart was in it 🙂

Thanks for the great edit Robi. Brother Paul Robi! 🙂

It’s a calling and it’s calling….

Much more to flow….




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