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Getting interesting….

March 2, 2014
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Greetings all around.

Life is getting very interesting. I was a part of Tedx yesterday. I’m sure you’ve all/mostly heard of TED talks.

I gave mine yesterday….

Photo: We are pleased to announce the name of our tenth and last speaker for TEDxNMIMSBangalore 2014- Vivek Chaturvedi

Will post the video as it gets released/ready.

Interesting times. It’s all happening very organically.

I got to speak on what it means to unperform 🙂


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  1. Ryan permalink
    March 2, 2014 8:42 pm

    I will be interested in hearing this lecture, pls keep us up-to-date. ty

  2. blindman permalink
    March 2, 2014 11:42 pm

    and you hold such disdain for the tedx!

    • March 3, 2014 4:20 am

      Hmmmmm….we evolve bm. the progression to one-ness is one of a universal embrace. If I met the Buddha on the road, I’d kill him, but George Bush? Him I’d give a hug 😉

      • blindman permalink
        March 3, 2014 6:08 am

        you have internalized that inversion,
        grand !

  3. blindman permalink
    March 2, 2014 11:47 pm

    4 July, 2012 10:53AM AEST
    Harry Manx demonstrates the Mohan Veena
    i never saw one of these before.

  4. Dublinsmick permalink
    March 4, 2014 2:04 am

    Thats great

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