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Magical day….24/4/2014….

April 24, 2014


Today as I was communing with the trees in my house, something I do often, I had one of those magical experiences that leave you thrilled.

I’ve been watching a beautiful golden ringed dragonfly for the past couple of days. …

Golden Ringed Dragonfly

Golden Ringed Dragonfly

What a magnificent creature and what amazing fliers. I’ve studied them for hours on end…

This one comes and sits at the edge of a branch a foot away from my hand.

And before you know it, I reached out and it allowed me to stroke it’s wings.

Twice, left lower and right lower.

Then it flew off and then came back again.

It was the most fascinating energy.

So I reached out and it allowed me to do it again.

Twice. Left wing, right wing.

Such a powerfully gentle experience.

I felt in tune πŸ™‚

Big days my friends, big days in general.

Big hugs all around…



Just for that, some older music from me….these were the test cuts from what became….well, you will find out….


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  1. blindman permalink
    April 26, 2014 3:30 pm

    lovin’ the lay out.
    those dragon flies, damsel flies, etc ..
    can be surprisingly tolerant of the
    photography process.
    mr. p

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