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The return of In-formed astrology here….via Cathartes Aura…

April 26, 2014


Very pleased to publish deep astrological insights from CA aka Cathartes Aura aka La the BaBa ji!

There is a curious little history here between us. On March 8th 2011, 3 days before Fukushima, I published a post with Deep insights from CA, where she said, clearly, that on March 11th everything will change, nothing will be the same. The heavens almost spoke it.

After putting up her writing, I felt called to reach for The Book of Five Rings, and quote a Samurai master’s poem to his pupil.

And in it’s typical stark beauty, the poem reads exactly like a nuclear winter approaching.

We felt the ripple in the matrix…. I kid you not, you can check it out here:


So, back to now. Sure many of you are well aware of the super tight planetary configurations in the skies as I type. There are just recently passed grand crosses, of a whole lot of deep and fighting planetary energy opposed to each other, in her words, demanding resolution.

I will leave the details of what else to her below.

But please also see how multi-contextual signals are being flashed at us from every angle.

Notable events:

1) MH Flight 370…..true mystery, esoterically loaded, conspiratorially charged and for some reason, relentlessly being searched for. Why all the global hoopla, for so long? That many people are dying in Yemen and the Congo and Iraq and Syria and Libya and Afghanistaan every day. Watch for this to play some big role in times upcoming.

2) The Mount Everest Avalanche disaster, that killed many Sherpas (16)….at near the highest point in the world. Top of the world, 16 rather senseless deaths. Called the deadliest such accident EVER.

A lucky survivir, via AOL:

3) The Korean Ferry disaster. Down at the bottom of the ocean. From the top of the world to the bottom of the ocean almost simultaneously…The sewol sank with hundreds feared dead on April 16th, the Everest avalanche on the 18th of April.

4) The war drums beginning to beat louder and louder all around Ukraine.

Add to that one of the most active volcano months in history.

Yesterday, huge flash floods in Afghanistan, hundreds dead/missing.

It’s good to get the higher picture at such times.

There is also tremendous power available to the individual and the collective at such times. This is when mountains crumble and oceans dis-appear down vortices. Such energy can be guided to our own, leaping upward propelled growth. Individually and thus collectively.

This time, the fabric is stretched, the veils are thin and parting…..

The apo-calypse is on sisters and brothers….pre-pare to play a larger role. Learn to wield your medium of choice with inner-mastery….we will all  be needing you to be that way.

Over to my dear friend CA:


Begin with a disclaimer.  I don’t write under the label “astrologer” – I primarily use astrology as a perspective to view unfolding patterns – human, nationstates, etc.  I don’t do predictions, nor do I believe the planets “cause” anything to happen.  I simply watch what unfolds, note the patterns that tend to repeat, and try to keep in mind the archetypes assigned the planets traditionally (for the most part). If I sometimes use phrases that include my own opinions, I trust others will use their own points of viewing as well.  I have zero interest in proving anything to anyone, nor convincing that my opinions are “truth” – they’re just my perspective, something we each have.

First off, the ongoing Cardinal Square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.  Simple archetypes – Uranus (revolutionary ideas/change) in Aries (self as centre, me first, god of war) – how can this be anything but a force for unexpected events, changes?  Pluto (the sub-conscious Self, endings, deaths) in Capricorn (structures built from beliefs, including religion/governments, the Father/God).  They are in 90dg square aspect, tension that needs shifts for resolve.  

This is a long term ongoing transit, affecting global relations over time, and has been in effect since 2012.  The most recent exact square was 21 April, and 13dg (Aries/Capricorn).  And this pass was a Grand Cardinal Square, because it was joined by Jupiter in Cancer, and Mars in Libra, all planets at 13dg.  Jupiter (beliefs) in Cancer (emotions, defensive/protective, Mother/Earth), and Mars (rules Aries, Self-centered, warrior) in Libra (relationships).  Just lining up the four planets in “tense” aspect, basic descriptions, one can see the defensive, re-active natures in the archetypes.  Each is prepared to “fight” for the perspectives, to defend the beliefs of seemingly separate realities.  Cardinal signs Act.  A Cardinal Square is four cornersacting on each other’d, provoking inter-actions.  And so change is inherent, and inevitable.

As above, so below.

Each entity that exists has a natal chart.  Drawn from the intersection of Time & Place, charts are derived from the date, time and place of the subject in question.  Charts are also drawn for nationstates, and I have used charts for certain buildings of interest that suffer demise, with quite fascinating results.  Charts are fixed moments in Time, but the planets of course continue to move in their inherent patterns, thus they make aspects (based on the 360dg chart circle, divided) to the natal chart, and this is “how” the stories unfold.  Again, various humans will interpret all fixed data through their own points of viewing, and “predict” from those perspectives.  I hope to merely point out the patterns I see, and then watch what may happen based on those patterns.

Human charts inter-act with charts drawn up representing their environments.  I’m going to make some correlations between Vladimir Putin and the US natal chart, because both are strongly correlated to the Grand Cardinal Square which took place 21-23 April at 13dg, and the ongoing Uranus/Pluto squares.

First, the US chart.  There are numerous versions based on dates/times – I use the Sibly/porphyry chart for my work.  This has the US Sun (self) at 13dg Cancer, in the 7th house (relationships with Others).  Simple interpret:  US has a defensive/protective notion of itSelf regarding relating to others in the world.  This notion of itSelf is under immense pressure as Uranus/Pluto continue to square – change is inevitable, but we’d need to read the whole chart for probable outcomes.  

Putin’s natal chart interests me because his Sun is at 13/14dg Libra, so he is also being pressured into acting by this Cardinal Square, and the Uranus/Pluto pattern.  His Sun is exactly square the US sun, and it would appear there is some “work” to be done between the two in the world.  Putin also has three more planets in Libra, Saturn (belief structures built, barriers/boundaries) at 17dg, Neptune (dissolves Saturn barriers, deceptions, principle of One-ness) at 21dg, and Mercury (communications, gathering/dissemination of informations) at 23dg.  So Putin has some strong incoming transits over time, and I expect he will be “in the news” for many years to come.

What I find of great interest is the current “news” escalation between the US and Putin, encouraging folks to take sides as if it is solely down to the two “entities” fighting it out.  There are, of course, many un-noticed actions taking place behind the news-scenes, but this story is what is being “reported” for consumption. 

There are still two more exact squares between Uranus/Pluto incoming – Dec. 15 2014, at 12dg, and March 15 2015 at 15dg.  So both will still be within an orb of affecting Putin & the US natal chart.  I would expect the “drama” to still be actively reported.  There are also other methods of looking at these players, including drawing up Solar Return charts – but I’ll leave that to Vivek to decide if he wants to give over another blog post to looking into this!  I’m also watching the Mercury aspects between the two, US being 24dg Cancer, retrograde, in the 8th house (inherently deceit-full, manipulative for personal/resource gain), and Putin’s being 23dg Libra, in the 12th (an “unconscious” house considered fate-full).  These are in a tense square, and no doubt will be the source of further struggles which neither entity has full control over – leaks will abound, some information being intentionally released to manipulate global opinions, and some will be undermining the individual entity.  We each get to decide what we choose to believe!

One more piece of the puzzle I’m assembling. . . there is a method used where a chart is overlaid on the global map, showing areas where the chart/ planets may play out.  I use the Solar Map version.  Just a quick look reveals Putin’s natal Pluto MHdirectly over the Ukraine/ Black Sea. In his natal chart, Pluto is placed at the Midheaven/ top, in the 10th, considered a very strong placing, and one that shapes his life in the world, as a notice-able power-player.  That he also has four personal planets in the 12th house suggests his role behind the scenes as fated.  Many “rulers” have this 12th house Sun pattern, including George W. Bush, and Tony Blair.  Make of it what you will. . .

End transmission…….


This is Vivek again.

So….this level of tension is a birthing event as I see it. There is bursting and flow and seawater PH equivalent amniotic fluid spilling, death and life inter-twined.

Such is how I am reading the energies. Deep questions coming to the fore, from different aspects of our-selves, all demanding resolution and refusing to return to any old status quo.

Birth time.

May 6th CA, anything special?

So there we are, charts of interest below….

Power, the Potential opposite of force (which is kinetic, mass into acceleration) is our friend. Store it UP!


Hugs all around,










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  1. blindman permalink
    April 26, 2014 3:45 pm

    4/24/2014. i don’t know why or how but i
    felt a change from deep beneath my feet,
    a change in direction of something that
    i feel in my gut, heart and head. as if, finally,
    some contrary motion, static, was released
    from the earth itself. maybe just “”spring”
    or maybe a special spring signalling much
    maybe the dream of an ancient honey

    • April 26, 2014 3:49 pm

      Woaaaah…crazy image…..and yes, I’m walking and sitting straighter since… very very energetic times….everything is hot hot hot…loaded…spring in the heels spring heals…

  2. Dublinsmick permalink
    April 26, 2014 7:33 pm

    Hopefully this comment will take. I can no longer seem to post comments on google blogs. You can’t have old men running around spouting off I guess! 🙂

    I saw this on zerohedge about the chart coming soon. CA indicated I could repost it so I will. I applied to post on zerohedge yesterday, don’t know if the request will go through.

    Hopefully this comment takes.

    • April 26, 2014 7:42 pm

      Hey Dub, will be great to have yo in the mix at the hedge 🙂 we can tag team a bit sometimes, it’s needed 🙂

  3. Dublinsmick permalink
    April 26, 2014 8:34 pm

    I am blocked on two different browsers, I am trying to post this from the third one. It looks like 007

  4. Cathartes Aura permalink
    April 28, 2014 7:36 pm

    so, Vivek & Mick. . . I knew this would open up a can o’ worms in my head, and I’d get repeatedly drawn back “in” to poke the layers!

    over at the ‘Hedge, arrows are still pointing to Nuland, who’s partner Kagan has a birthdate available via wki (she only has a birth year, and who knows how accurate either is). should Kagan’s given date be accurate, he’s got a 5dg Libra sun, with an early degree Aries moon opposite, both have been “agitating” over the past few years – and his nodes (of the moon, the archetype is south node “past” – north node “future”) are Aries south (conj. moon possibly), and Libra north, 22dg, so not aspecting his sun. . .more Cardinal stuff.

    I guess I add this in because he’s obviously part of the “neo-con zionist” agenda, having been instrumental in forming the PNAC manifesto from 2000 (with father & brother Kagans), that is a “road map” leading to where “we” are now. . . with little need to question where “we” are being steered down the road.

    they’re just a couple of current bit players. . . but I’m being drawn back to the early1970’s Nixon era, THIS is where the “echo” is strongly calling out. Uranus in Libra, Pluto also in the very early degrees, and Jupiter in Capricorn. . . with a Capricorn president Nixon as a figurehead. again, more Cardinal actions.

    may have some more depths to add to the story? what do you guys think?? CA

    • April 29, 2014 7:26 am

      Fascinating CA. The Nixonian rhyme repeating.

      Not to forget that it was “WATER” gate that brought him down.

      This is oncoming….the age of Aquarius.

      Also Water gates are Dams….


      CA, how does the astrology of May 6th look? Overall? I feel it is a key date too.

      Please share/write some more.

      • cathartes aura permalink
        April 30, 2014 12:55 am

        I’ve had a look at May 6th, but apart from Mercury moving from Taurus into Gemini around then (depending on time zone), nothing jumps out – having said that, all planetary “action” happens through/via “actors” – so depending on the entity, who knows? is your question specific to a place or person?

        each weekend from now to mid-June will see the Moon in Cardinal signs, so “activating” the Cardinal Square, from an “inner/emotional” space, and those most affected by that event last week, notably including folks born in the first week of Jan/April/July/October (sun sign by degree) might be feeling reverberations or echoes of anything experienced then.

        those born late 1970 through mid-72 are experiencing their Uranus in Libra opposition, with anyone born 1975/78 with Pluto in Libra, is experiencing their Pluto square; these are both “mid life crisis” transits everyone gets to live through as they age, and how they impact the individual obviously varies! but some shifts will always happen. key years are roughly between 38 – 44 of age.

        the Pluto squaring natal Pluto tends towards resistance building from within that brings eventual shifts, with the Uranus opposition more of a “blow off” leaving behind what may have been built up over time (careers, relationships, etc.) these are very general statements! there are so many ways to “read” the actions, and one needs to see an accurate chart to understand where the shifts take place. . .

        hope the Taurus new moon solar eclipse brought a kind of “grounding” to all, a resolve going forward.

        • April 30, 2014 4:11 pm

          Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse…interesting, because if I “feel” archetypally, I can say with complete sincerity that the phrase scribes exactly how I “felt” and am feeling…..Strong, Dark, Hidden, Shining…

          • cathartes aura permalink
            May 1, 2014 1:50 pm

            the Grand Cardinal Cross plays out in each individual chart too, as you appear to be experiencing. . . the tightening of anger/resistance meeting a force demanding shifts.

            Saturn retrograde in Scorpio also seems to be whispering in your ear. time to re-visit some wounding, patterned 28/30 yrs ago? or life-times even. . .

            all acting-out comes from within.

            • May 1, 2014 1:57 pm

              Holy Smoke CA, just Holy Smoke….

              Everyone, please pay attention over these next few months as CA and hopefully I to some extent tease open the Astro Logical mystery here.

              What you said above….exactly….30 years on the Mark….people, personalities, memories…

              And triggered by my TED X talk, which went live on March 22nd, which I knew was somehow juiced.

              Very very interesting CA……

  5. izzy permalink
    May 1, 2014 2:35 pm

    Well, I’m probably displaying a profound ignorance or misunderstanding here, but who or what is Cathartes Aura? (other than the turkey buzzard)

    I can’t find a link on this site, and a Google search doesn’t get me anywhere, no matter how I tweak the parameters. Is there a web address?

    • May 1, 2014 2:38 pm

      Cathartes Aura is the pseudo nym of an deep astrologer, she is a fried of mine/ours here.

      She had a site, now ceased.

      This is her current web roost…. 🙂

    • cathartes aura permalink
      May 1, 2014 3:17 pm

      you can find me sharp-eye’d perching over on though I warn you, my voice is singular, and mostly not to the high-pitch whine of the crowds that throng there. I do not exist to be agree-able.

      as this is my Nature.

  6. Dublinsmick permalink
    May 30, 2014 11:36 pm

    Cathartes I am afraid I draw my share of down votes over there also. Many of the participates over there are funny however.


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