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bLow yer bRow… bow….Say Wow!!!…ow….Ufff…..

April 30, 2014


Humans, when capable, are so capable that we are left without speech. On both ends of the spectrum we call life…

Dumb Founded.



This is my nishabd selection of the day….wonder how it moves you….

The ride is a wild one….


Alarming rise in abortions in Mumbai


Alarming…….holy smoke, I’ll say that is alarming….something to do with the massive pornographicization of an entire nation? Eh? Who are the cultural gatekeepers? That is a staggering statistic, and imagine too that due to stigma, it is under-reported. The Indian Feminine is under attack, via it’s womb and RU 486 is the pill from heaven. Welcome to western style militant feminism ladies…’s a really slippery slope from here…




From Despair to Humor, from a genius, polymath, musician….if ever a man knew timing, Viktor Borges did: Feel free to discover him further, deep sub-genius human….

3) Okay, if you were like me, your sides should be hurting now, so we’ll take one from the heavens….this happened last week, killed a young man as it fell….it is such a tell…In Italy, young man killed lived on a street named for Pope John Paul XIII, the statue was commemorated to Pope John Paul the II….picture, million, billions of words…..very very strong portend….

From an article :

freak accident killed a man when a crucifix dedicated to the former Pope John Paul II toppled over and crushed the man to death. This 98-foot crucifix started to splinter and then cracked before coming down, just a few days before the former pope is due to be canonized as a saint, according to the Daily Beaston April 25.

Adding to this tragic twist of fate, the man who was killed lived on a street that was named after Pope John XXIII. This pope is also scheduled to be canonized at the same time as John Paul II. While it is probably nothing more than pure coincidence, the connections are uncanny. Source

Yessss, un canny indeed. JP II is not done yet….


Interesting so far eh? Now this is from earlier, but well worth a watch: when man and machine are in tune…. Chris Pfeiffer….


For all the pretender “rock” stars of today, if you are going to do it, then do it. KNOW they will, then do as they wilt is the HOLE of the law. Asses!

If you were gods descended indeed, you might at least pretend to be a shadow of what came before you. Pretenders all>

Rock it Jimmy….Roadhouse Blues…

6) Teetering at the edge of a dis-covery, my vision shimmered with a sense of sumpum….a mirage….what a mirage though….

Holy desert smoke I sez, it’s troo. It is, after all, happening, just as it said it would. In the book of futures.

And so a princess of the desert and a charming….wait, say it like it is….absolutely stunning princess speaks out against her despotic father in Saudi Arabia?

Really? Is it time for the Prince of Persia in real time amigos? All those years mastering all those levels were for this? Sword play in pixels, dreams in real time?

She clearly needs saving, she is a prisoner in a desert castle.

My Still suit is in my ornithopter, my worm sense is tingling, for as I see this as another sign that the old way is being made to crumble.

Old is goald. Jailed. 😉 That is the new mantra. Out with the old and in with the anything…

So, the breath-taking Arabian princess who needs Captain VC to finally don his super avaatar and do the heroic thing….I wonder how hot it gets in Saudi Arabia though, Delhi is bad enough…..Hard to do a heroic mission in Air conditioning and I DO sweat a LOT…..consider this a marker though….

Re-volt is to Re-Charge….

You must watch this…

Ok, so much for the Krack In the Kingdom and the missed opportunity for eternal Vivakance of Saudi Arabia-hood….


The deep sexualization of children and the shocking social construct and conversation being engendered around it:


Still, this pattern of homosexual abuse and facilitation of such abuse by the “LGBT” movement is nothing new.


Take Jennings hero Harry Hay. Hay is considered the “founding father” of the modern “gay rights” movement. Among other things, he has been honored as an “icon” for “LGBT History Month” by the entire homosexualactivist community.


Not surprisingly, Hay was a child rape enthusiast and avid supporter of the pedophile North American Man/Boy Love Association, or NAM/BLA. In 1983, while keynoting a NAM/BLA event, Hay said the following:


“It seems to me that in the gay community the people who should be running interference for NAM/BLA are the parents and friends of gays. Because if the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what 13-, 14-, and 15-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world.”


Or take “LGBT” martyr Harvey Milk, a sexual predator known to have statutorily raped, repeatedly, a drug-addicted, teenage, runaway boy. Milk’s punishment? The Obama administration just awarded him an honorary USPS postage stamp.


Am I the only one who sees the pattern here? Has the goddess of “tolerance” really driven the world completely blind with madness?



PHEW!!!! Heavy….but this is where music comes in…..and in one swoop of it’s woven magic, trans-ports….

Kala Ramnath, making the violin speak. For the western mind…this is really something else….Violin like you have never seen….


Hmmmmmmmm……Virtuosity with feel is very special, like above….so how do we top that……

Something is up on May 6th. I found out that it is the day the :

Eta Aquarids are a meteor shower associated with Halley’s Comet.


ETA Aquarids….hmmmmmmmmmm……

Liquidity crisis, either by tsunami or lack. The water bearer cometh….

He said to them, “Behold, when you have entered into the city, a man carrying a pitcher of water will meet you. Follow him into the house which he enters.

Luke 22:10

Aquarius Water Bearer


So, there you have it people, a bit of a ride…..

But abide

Because all









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  1. blindman permalink
    May 1, 2014 4:30 am

    i enjoy and enjoy love this art form.

  2. Dublinsmick permalink
    May 2, 2014 1:21 am

    I got a post in on the last one by Cathartes, but it has been there for days with a “waiting for moderation” stipulation.

  3. Dublinsmick permalink
    May 2, 2014 4:24 am

    You … I and Cathartes don’t exactly get rave reviews by some on the hedge 🙂

    Nobody said it would be easy down here.

  4. Debbie permalink
    May 3, 2014 12:01 pm

    I feel like everything is speeding up and time has gone double time. I can barely remember what day of the week it is. I’ve never had this feeling before. Is it age or is it something else? Deep inside says it’s something else. I wish I could get into a tiny corner of your mind for some better understanding. I just go with the gut trust feeling and leave it be.

    • May 3, 2014 2:50 pm

      I hear you Debbie. I have two suggestions, you can implement them tomorrow and your life will change forever.

      1) Quit drinking milk. Yogurt is good. NO MILK.

      2) Quit eating meat

      50% agitation gone. Try it for 21 days and see. Please…

  5. Debbie permalink
    May 3, 2014 3:28 pm

    thank you, I’ll give it a shot

  6. blindman permalink
    May 4, 2014 6:57 am

    Tom Waits – Big Joe and Phantom 309 (Live)

    i want to tell you a story here …
    Big Joe And Phantom 309

    See, I just happened to be back on the East coast a few years back
    I was tryin’ to make me a buck like everybody else
    I’ll be damned if times didn’t get hard, and Christ I got down on my luck
    And I got tired of just roamin’ and bummin'(2) around
    So I started thumbin’ (3)my way back to my old hometown

    And you know, I made quite a few miles in the first couple of days
    You know, I figured I’d be home in a week if my luck held out this way
    You know, it was the third night, oh and I got stranded
    And it was out at a cold lonely crossroads(4)
    And as the rain came pouring down, man I was hungry
    Yeah, I was hungry, tired and freezin’, caught myself a chill

    But it was just about that time
    Yeah, it was just about that time that the lights of an ol’ semi topped the hill
    You should’ve seen me smile when I heard them air brakes come on
    Yeah, and I climbed up into that cab where I knew it’d be warm
    At the wheel… well, at the wheel sat a big man
    And I’d have to say he must’ve weighed two ten
    As he stuck out a big hand and he said with a grin
    ‘Big Joe’s the name, and this here rig’s called Phantom 309’

    Well, I asked him why he called his rig such a name
    And you know, he turned to me and said ‘
    Why son, don’t you know this here rig’ll be puttin’ ’em all to shame
    Nah, there ain’t a driver
    No, there ain’t a driver on this or any other line for that matter that…
    That’s seen nothin’ but the taillights of Big Joe and Phantom 309′
    So we rode and we talked the better part of the night
    And I told my stories and Joe told his
    And I smoked up all his Viceroys as we rolled along
    Pushed her ahead with 10 forward gears
    Man, that dashboard was lit like the old Madam La Rue pinball
    Serious semi truck

    Till almost mysteriously…
    Well, it was the lights of a truck stop that rolled into sight
    Joe turned to me, said ‘I’m sorry son, but I’m afraid this is just as far as you go, you see…
    You see, I kinda gotta be makin’ a turn just up the road a piece’
    I’ll be damned if he didn’t toss me a dime as he threw her in low and said
    ‘Go on in there son, and get yourself a hot cup of coffee on Big Joe’
    I mean to tell you, when Joe and his rig pulled off into the night
    Man, in nothing flat they was clean outta sight

    So I walked into this stop, well I ordered me up a cup of mud(5),
    sayin’ ‘Big Joe’s settin’ this dude up’,
    but it got so deadly quiet in that place
    Yeah, it got so deadly quiet in that place, you could’ve heard a pin drop
    And as the waiter’s face turned kinda pale I said,
    ‘What’s the matter, did I say somethin’ wrong?’
    I kinda said with a half way grin
    He said, ‘No son, you see it’ll kinda happen every now and then
    Cause every driver in here knows Big Joe, son, but…

    But let me tell you what happened just 10 years ago out there
    Yeah, it was 10 years ago, out there at that cold lonely crossroads(4)
    And there was a whole bus load of kids
    And then they were just comin’ from school
    And they were right in the middle when Joe topped the hill and…
    They could’ve been slaughtered except Joe turned his wheels
    And he jacknifed, yeah he jacknifed, and he went into a skid
    And you know, folks around here, well…
    They say he gave his life to save that bunch of kids
    And out there at that cold lonely crossroads
    Well, they’re saying it was the end of the line for Big Joe and Phantom 309

    ‘But it’s funny you know, cause… cause every now and then
    Yeah, every now and then when the moon’s holdin’ the water
    Well, they say that old Joe’ll stop and give you a ride
    It seems, just like you, some hitchhiker’ll be comin’ by’
    ‘So here, son,’ he said to me, ‘you get yourself another cup of coffee
    It’s on the house, I kind of want you to hang on to that dime
    Yeah, I kind of want you to hang on to that dime as a souvenir
    I want you to keep that dime as a souvenir of Big Joe
    Of Big Joe and Phantom
    Big Joe and Phantom 309’

    Written by: Tommy Faile(1)
    Published by: Fort Knox Music (BMI), © 1967
    Official release: “Nighthawks At The Diner”, Elektra/ Asylum Records, 1975

  7. Dublinsmick permalink
    May 5, 2014 6:10 am

    Wow Vivek you really were in san fran … the doors. Were you a back door man?

    • May 5, 2014 6:15 am

      Haah Dub, I hope you see how inappropriate that question is on an open forum! 🙂

      Butt, no, I was not 😉

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