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Life and death….

May 9, 2014


Woke up today to this very sad news: Our dear friend and my brother Dublinmick Aka Tom, wise friend, had this on his blog…..

My Son Just Committed Suicide-With My gun

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  1. Bugle permalink
    May 9, 2014 4:19 pm

    The biblical term would be Jubilee

    The victim always has the right to forgive.

    L ear ning to exercise the law of victims right’s for your self is Jubilee ing all the debts we
    might want to hold again ‘st others…
    This is freeing/jubileeing ourselves from that burden. And entering into living in/on the free side of “judge not lest you be judged. even by your own witness/self.

    Deuteronomy commands the Jubilee of all debts every fifty years.

    We are due a Jubilee on a cosmic scale.

    In the “inner” most Holy place the Mercy seat was over the Law in the Ark of the Covenant.

    Mercy over Justice.


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