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Incredible study in diversity….

December 9, 2014


How are you?

Who are you?

Saw that? How-Who….

Woo Hoo….

But I di-gress. Which is not pro-gress, so let us in-gress…

The topic of the day (By the way, see-saw…..think before you trust thine eyes, whose true interpretation is flipped and re-coloured by our full frontal cor-tex….and even if you knew not, these eyes of ours are still struggling to adjust to Ra, the bright and shining one in the sky, the one whose face is so terrible to be-hold that it WILL blind you…we have eyes made for the moon, not the sun…)…

Actually I like the thread above, so let me pull on it a little more, so some more mysteries may unravel.

Here is an out of the box thought….ever wonder why so many people have trouble sleeping….at night? Perhaps because we were not meant to sleep at night?

By day, we are blinded by the light of  oh my gawd and troof and too much light from the orb, whose face you can see is like Medusa…if seen through a lens, darkly… night, moonlight, ever changing in it’s phase changing gentleness, caresses the eyes, never blinds…

Ooooof… that a turn-around or what?

But even (oddly) as I di-di-gress, the thread at hand re-fuses (whoa, re-fuses? Re-binds? call me a re-fusnik then) to leave, urging further un-ravel.

Our meta-phors, of love and life and craft are all gentle, like the night. Our killing machines spew mayhem in flashes, blinding flashes.

So, is the Sun the One? Blasphemous one, I’m called for expressing views (un-blinded that I am) like this.

The Sun spews hard rays, bounced off the moon, they are gentle. What then is the less-on? More-on?

Night light is light light.

Day light is bright blight. See…bRight-bLight…the old Left/Right one-2.




The circle of light is the trap ultimate.

Dark light is the oxy-more-on. Conun Drum beating….

The Sun, it may sur-prize you, is new to us. Not Knew to us.

Don’t be blinded or binded…

Eyes that can see in the dark usually associate with ears that can hear in silence…


I leave you for now with this incredible kaleidoscope of diversity.

Don’t miss the music….



3 Comments leave one →
  1. December 11, 2014 12:27 am

    They so used to buzzing around the flickering lights in air cooled boxes all day can hardly fathom the awesome beauty of a single bulb a glow among billions, let alone labour in the cool light. “As it is in Soviet Russia, it’s the air which conditions them eh?”

    • blindman permalink
      December 11, 2014 1:06 am

      word, money corporation market. i have not lost my
      mind, i placed it in a good, hard place to find. who am
      i? a body, like any other. cycling in an unforgiving time,
      yet capable of bliss.

  2. blindman permalink
    December 11, 2014 1:29 am

    the music of it is true. original. the reflections
    are beautifully assimilated and harmonic, yet limited,
    refined, suggestive, to the lesser evolution of matter to sense/s.
    there, the starting point, the beginning and origin
    of “consciousness” and metaphors.

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