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March 7, 2015


This is some amazing music I just found….amazing to my ears anyways 🙂 It may or may not be your thing, but if you do give it a listen, do it with a good pair of earphones….

Samsara – Naked Rain


Samsara – Purple Sunrise

Now this next one is a TRIP! It made me intensely aware of myself. Intensely so….Be ready to face core issues as you watch video. Anthropologists are the forward feelers of our race and usually end up ruining that which they first observe. But that is a topic for a whole other Saturn’s day….

Isolated: The Zo’é tribe

And this should be to your taste whether you like it or not…this is the sound of bitter medicine…the collective Stockholm Syndrome cries out in fear of it’s imminent demise….

Internalised Indoctrination of the Myth of Progress – Joaquin

Do take the time/space to watch/listen. From my perspective, when you wish to work your mind, you need to do it with the understanding that true balance is always when all potential extremes are fully expressed.

Below is Ekta-ji’s fusion with her muse, Khalil G. It fits the bill at this moment, almost exactly….

Handling her work in real time is mind-excoriating…..

So, here we are then, I’m getting grey-er but still seeking that lost chord, but this time in the company of three rockers…grey-beards all…. 😉

Me in my rasta cap….jaaaaaamin….I’mmmm jaaaamin….

I had not played with anyone in 5 years and suddenly, on stage with veterans… was well received… 😉

All good though, most people able to sit and peruse this thus far are probably in what would be considered “blessed” conditions by 90% of the world’s population (at least)…look around us….

Blood-lust my friends is the air in high places. A sense of “sacrifice” is in the air as well. Boko Haram, Al Qaida, ISIS….many dead in Nigeria today, blasts….

The veil is at it’s thinnest, we are collectively at our most vulnerable (wide open due to intensive pro-gramming…see that, pro-gram…gram is a measure of weight….more pro-grams consumed, the heavier you get…..imagine that then, all these years of lies, bigger lies about who we are, why we are here…how ANYTHING really works, history as it was…..the ways back…language pro-gramming from the womb….)

And then, just look around at the imagery strewn around in your daily life. Put two and 2 two gather.

Somehow this seemed worth a re-post:

dropping thousands of wordsworth

so the pear tree won’t shake

and no one will take

or give

from the lake

of their plenty

to the dried up

ones and


possession clown

possessive noun

always asking…..

which is witch

and what is




Be bold…

Be boldness….

Don’t be old….

Or give way to Oldness…

Most of all…




Till you are hoarse.

The sooner this question becomes the itch whose scratch lies so deep with-in that you know no finger or cough or retch will reach it….the better.

Be-cause (see that?) you see….

it is infinity we are after, not outfinity….

See-cause, y’know…..

You DO get it.

It just takes too much doing sometimes….

Don’t be tired…

get wired…



Who is be-cause…

Japanese sword

Gracefully then, ehhhhh?

Read in Dune today that true wisdom knows when to apply just cruelty to a situation where kindness now will SURELY produce great trouble ahead (paraphrased and badly at that….)…..

How much cruelty have you doled out on your-self? It takes cutting, healing, letting go, un-knotting, un-hooking, un-binding…

Why not just start with sugar?

In thirty days, you will thank me 😉

More…in a bit and a few bites….



Upside Down

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  1. Kapnos permalink
    March 8, 2015 3:36 pm

    ‘it is infinity we are after, not outfinity….’

    Precious. Thank you, Vivekji. For Everything

  2. blindman permalink
    March 9, 2015 3:28 am

    no audio on the jam?
    i like my jam with an audio,
    spoiled and rotten as i may be.

  3. DublinMick permalink
    March 13, 2015 5:52 am

    I have often tried to decipher what Nostradamus was getting out in his quatrains. I am always wrong. Here is a case however that is making sense. He does mention fire from the sky after the Hecatombe, or games of death, the olympics. We did see trouble in the Ukraine after the Sochi olympics. There was indeed fire from the sky.

    See what you think of some of the references to Kalki in these few links. The comments contain most of the speculation as I reblogged one of the CC pieces. I am probably wrong again but it could be what Nostradamus was referring to. You are probably one of the very few I know this would make sense to.

    I noticed a link on another site

    where Sunny had linked this. This link is from wiki but tries to link some of the Nostradamus quatrains to explain Kalki. I have done this in the past and I am usually wrong when it comes to Nostradamus. Here User:Kalakara2001 takes a shot at it. I am only posting a small portion of it. You can follow the link out if interested.

    Century-2-29 L’oriental sortira de son siege, Passer les monts Apennins, voir la Gaule, Transpercera du ciel les eaux & neiges En vn chacun frappera de sa gaule. Century-2-29 The Easterner will leave his seat, To pass the Apennine mountains to see Gaul: He will transpire the sky, the waters and the snow, And everyone will be struck with his rod.

    The rod which has been described by Nostradamus in his Prophecies is the shinning sword of Kalki Avatar which has been described time and again in the Puranas.And the mode of transport or vehicle of Kalki Avatar is as mentioned in the Puranas is a white horse. When Nostradamus says that “he will transpire the sky, the waters and the snow”, he probably means that Kalki Avatar will move through the world on his Divine means of transport. The Divine weapon along with the Divine transport or vehicle will strike fear and dread in the minds of the forces of Darkness.

    The Divine weapons of Kalki Avatar along with other qualities like infinite wisdom and the numerous qualities found in an Avatar of Vishnu are what will convince the world that the Kalki Avatar has finally arrived. Such qualities cannot remain hidden they are obivious. One will know who is Kalki Avatar, when one sees these qualities. There is no other way one can recognize Kalki Avatar.

    This is certainly a Quatrain to watch out for as the likelihood of its occurrence in the near future is high. This Quatrain will also coincide with changes of an unprecedented magnitude in India and the Hindu religion in particular.As i have said before the future of Pakistan is the Taliban/Al-Qaeda,who will seize power. This is the most important Nostradamus Quatrain which refers to the identity of the person called ‘Chyren’ or ‘ Chiren’.Chiren is going to be most influential person to have taken birth in this world. There has been no other world leader in the history of mankind who can even come close to the title of ‘Chief of the World’. This is how Nostradamus has referred to him in hisProphecies. , not once but time and again in various quatrains.

    Century 2 -.44. L’aigle posee entour des pauillons, Par autres oyseaux d’entour sera chassee, Quand bruit des cymbres, tubes et sonnaillons Rendront le sens de la Dame insensee. Century 2 – 44 The Eagle driven back around the tents Will be chased from there by other birds: When the noise of cymbals, trumpets and bells Will restore the senses of the senseless lady.

    If this prophecy is associated with the THE THIRD ANTICHRIST or an alliance created by him is not known. What is clear is that “The Eagle” being driven back is the “Bald Eagle” the symbol of the USA.The “noise of cymbals, trumpets and bells” stands for weapons used or used to threaten by the other nations. This will restore the ”senses of the senseless lady”, the senseless lady stand for the Statue of Liberty.

    This prophecy could be fulfilled in the near future. It has become more and more evident that the USA is trying to create a New World Order. In the quest for world dominance it is trying to invent scapegoats which it then destroys. This creates an atmosphere of chaos in that region, which the USA then uses to its advantage. The chaos is then justified as a reason for military presence of the USA and its allies in that part of the world.
    Success will make the USA and its friends reckless and over confident. They could interfere and try to corner the Russians. A lot of nations are likely to align with the Russians. The Russians will then display their weapons of mass destruction and throw the Americans and their friends out of the region where they have trespassed.
    These events will take away the current position of the undisputed world leader which is held by the USA.A rethink and a scaling down of their ambitions is indicated by this quatrain.


    Nostradamus predictions about a South Indian Leader

    Nostradamus predictions on kalki

    The great Hindu leader who will wipe out our enemies will hence be a south Indian who offers worship on Thursdays. It is easy to see why Nostradamus specifically mentions Thursday as the holy day. It is only Hindus who consider Thursday sacred. Moslems pray on Friday; Jews bow before God on Saturday; Christians bawl hymns on Sunday at church. Nostradamus is making it clear here that the conqueror will be a Hindu from South India. He will bind Asia together under his rule. The Hindu leader, however, will not be a tyrant. He will be ruthless with the Moslem fanatics. But he will win over the communists by persuading them of the timeless varieties of Hinduism. Russia will become India’s ally:

    The Hindu hero will march from his base, Crossing the Apennines to enter France, Conquering the clouds and seas ice, All enemies will fall before his lance. Paris will be taken after a fierce siege.

    Hadrian will be killed in a vain defence. At this juncture, Nostradamus makes a curious abservation. He predicts that a tree in the centre of Paris will crash down. What tree? Could it be the Eiffel Tower, built more than 300 years after his death? From a distance the Eiffel Tower rather resembles a giant oak-tree.

    (I myself once climbed the Eiffel Tower)

    In fact this is one look at Nostradamus and his prophecies where again I was wrong/wrong olympics. However the current coup in Kiev did center around the Sochi Olympics or Hecatombe, (games of death) as Nostradamus calls it.

    And then once again we have Vanga adding to the suspense.

    • March 13, 2015 1:32 pm

      Very interesting all around Dub…..what days, what events, what times…the inward journey is really more fun 🙂

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