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Guitar New Ways 2 .. Boxes and Taut Strings… Vth Anniversary

June 9, 2015


Today this outpost on the web completed 5 years on the interwebz.

For those who have been along from the start and for those who have come and left and come again along the way, great journey…thus far and ongoing….

5 years is a land mark for me and my friends here have seen the most consistent public thing I have ever undertaken. 🙂

A big Dhanyawaad to one and all….

I have learned a LOT through creating this space and all the people who have engaged here….


Stay sharp, C sharp 😉

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  1. Mula permalink
    June 9, 2015 7:55 pm


    Uttam~ Ati-Uttam 🙂 Super !! closed my eyes and enjoyed listening with headphones !! This was Sitar from Guitar !! Congratulations & many thanks to you & all those who constitute team aadivaahan on completing 5 years (on web) of service to humanity (~free humanity).

    I wish aadivaahan goes on to achieve even greater milestones.

    Best Wishes !!

    || रथस्यैकं चक्रं भुजगयमिताः सप्त तुरगाः
    निरालम्बो मार्गश्चरणरहितः सारथिरपि ।
    रविर्गच्छत्यन्तं प्रतिदिनमपारस्य नभसः
    क्रियासिद्धिः सत्त्वे भवति महतां नोपकरणे ॥

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