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Today’s world….the externalization of faith and the trouble thereof…

November 6, 2015


Hope you are all living in the bliss of ever heightened awareness.

I have, as always been pondering. This, that and the third thing, as is my wont and I had a real-eye-zation.

A lot of the troubles we see around us began when faith (religion, spirituality, I’m using faith as a catch-all word here) was externalized.

You see, faith was and still should be a deeply internal matter. As we grow into being aware, thinking grown-ups, we build our life on the bed-rock of our faith/s.

Now this faith can be agnostic, atheistic, deist, religious, scientific….matters not.

Even faith in institutions (family, education etc.)…all of it.

Our bed-rocks are bundles of faiths.

And faith, as it is, is always dualistic, never singular. In fact, if irreverence to a degree does not play a part, it is not faith, it is beLIEf, which we all know is the rock on which most lives founder.

Belief systems are cast in stone.

Faith is malleable. It can have qualities of rich-ness or poverty (of faith that is), it changes and we hopefully and often, challenge our faith, to make it stronger or, so to speak, move on.

Now this eternal dance in and around the concept and objects of our various faiths is an internal thing. It is the subject and object of our internal strife.

Strife being the KEY. Except for the few calm masters who may or may not exist, the rest of us HU-mans are strife-torn (well torn might be a strong word, but you get my drift)…as we should be.

It is the constant state of refining and re-balancing, which usually happens in the firey crucible of true doubt and with sojourns to the edges of total, often maddening  imbalance that finally and hopefully help us arrive at a state of Isness, being in the eye of our own inner hurricane.

All well and good.

And then someone somewhere OR the spiral of devolution currently extant and the people who look to benefit from it, realized that the externalization of faith was a way to externalize the strife.

So was introduced the mirroring of our lives. All faith was wrested out onto the surface. It has, for the last 2,000 years especially, been an object of the social debate.

Do you have faith is X or or do you not.

It was fine when done is small ways.

But when the externalization of faith was institutionalized, we have had the dark ages, the inquisitions, the witch-burnings, the crusades, radical Christianity, the splitting of every system of faith into vertical stove-pipes of mutual hate…all the way to today’s madness.

What to speak of the middle east, whose dominant religion, Islam has had to face this Jihadi externalization by what I consider totally un-natural drives and drivers…

In India, the faiths are at war….and being stoked more every day, because it is so easy. Once we got used to wearing our faiths on our sleeves or hearts, but out in the open, we became easily manipulated, because faith/s, those existential bedrocks are powerful triggers.

So perhaps, time to draw them back in, the devil and the angel, the yes and the no, the questioning quest for balance and the search for that inner place where we know….

Otherwise we are puppets on strings, always ready to be swayed by the vitriolic rhetoric of today’s faith-keepers.

When I feel shaken, which I do….I go hug/kiss a horse 🙂




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