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Fire Fire….Trance-Mutator…

December 15, 2015


Sometimes, when things turn one way and you, caught with those things turn that way too…and then just go along and go along to get along…you pick up a lot of dross along the way…

I am of course speaking about life….

After floating the Amniotic fluid (and yes, Amniotic has the same root as AMnesia and thus the sea of forgetting),  for 9 months, we come to this world pure and free with all memory of past pasts only epi-genetic….

And when nature is at it, always at it, many of our nurtures are and-or were a little twisted. No blame, it is a game after all. And many of our coaches in the game of life, our PA-rents are successive cogs in the game, doing the best they know or can or could.

So on and on, on the tabula rasa that is a baby, things are written, some deeply, some sweetly but sadly, in this day and age, many traumatically.

Even birth is such….give this a listen…

So thus it begins….

On and on and on….in little ways and big ways….and this is all dross…this is how this school is set up…

And there is only one PURE-i-FIER or is it PURE-i-FIRE?

And so, from time to time to time, it is a good practice to gather with a group of conscious humans around a fire and a fire pit, around a dark huddle in a  sweat lodge and Pure-I-fy…

And so I did….

And it was beautiful….

Grandfather Fire, Grandmother Earth….


Night after night…

Sparks, inside and out…

Dawn, A New…

And fire, the transmutative element….through the crucible over and over…

Till clean…

Hari Om….

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  1. Terrance permalink
    December 17, 2015 3:10 am

    Hello ……good medicine …….sweat and prayers…….all my relations

  2. permalink
    February 7, 2016 5:57 am

    My thyroid is giving me a lot of trouble, swelling, fukushima. This may be my magnum opus!

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