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While you/we/us wait…for godot?

April 23, 2016


We did an event (more like a ceremony for me) to launch our crowdfunding campaign for the record attempt you just saw in the previous post…


Enraptured audience 🙂

Intensity writ large…

tok tok tok…

more intensity…the energy was awesome!

And then I got this, via the lovely and articulate Priyasha Singh, second from left in the following picture…

And this is what she wrote :

Thursday Night at Lahe Lahe

Being an outsider to a new city, I have the opportunity to be spellbound and gaze starry eyed at the achievements of the people who have built their lives here. I get to feel inspired, be more and do more whenever I step out of my comfort zone.

The concept of Aadivaahan, from it’s eccentric, young and handsome founder is that humans are endo-skeletal beings- why shouldn’t our vehicles, our ‘vaahans’, be the same? Speaking of the legendary designer Preston Tucker of the Tucker 48 fame as his inspiration, this man is on a mission to raise 5.1 million rupees on the indigenous crowd funding site to create a vehicle to break the world record for longest distance traveled on a single tank of fuel. The current record is 1626 miles.  Does this statistic sound intimidating? I wouldn’t be doing this if wasn’t challenging enough, comes the confident reply.

This small pitch to friends and well wishers was made in a beautiful new space called Lahe Lahe. Being well connected to all the creative spaces in town (it’s on the 80 Feet Road, between Kormangala and Indiranagar), it’s a serene, extremely organic place for all forms of art to grow. I’d highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone who wishes to reconnect with the artist within.

Towards the end of the evening, we were served *free* food by a newly launched, much needed night-food delivery startup called, This announcement drew more cheers than Aadivahan’s pitch, much to the founder’s amusement. Feel free to contact Vishal on 9538538380 for your midnight cravings.

Despite India’s huge potential, we have no major technological or design patents. One man is out to tilt the balance in our favour. Are we going to help him try?  Vivek, the founder of Aadivahan, asked us to pitch in what we believed would help him, and if we didn’t help him financially, at least spread word about his work to 10 people. I’m putting in my 2 cents. I hope this inspires you to do your bit too.

To find out more about Aadivaahan, please follow this link:

Thank you Priyasha and everyone who came.
Ekta ji, the energy behind aadivaahan’s people outreach did an amazing job as always…
So, this is where we are at…
Where, my friend’s…. are YOU?
stay grounded, listen to your heart, it says a lot more than lub-dub….the screws are tightening as we approach MAYDAY…
a big hug all around…
Before I forget…

This is our latest creation, the Jeetdi….33 lucky people will get this hand crafted electric drift rod…will you be one of them?





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