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India is dying…one mother/baby at a time…

May 12, 2016

Greetings my fell-low country men and women…

we really need to wake up, singly, individually and collectively.

the CURSE that is civilization is choking us…and you better believe it, civilization is the biggest curse to visit upon us. It is anti-nature….I witnessed it first hand on a recent trip into the remote hills of nepal.

every lie that civilization and civilizers have thrust into our collective conscience was laid bare. I met true humans, living, caring…in touch with the land…in touch with their children…just in touch. Babies birthed at home, be it their own or of course their beautiful animals…

food cooked from scratch, most coming from the fields, their own or those of friends and family…

the only curse was western alcohol, available cheaply and aplenty…what a surprise…

but how can I convey what i felt and saw and understood in mere words…

and then I read this…something I spoke of a long time ago…


And then, this morning, I read this…aghast, beyond shocking….heart broken…

wake the fuck up people, this is true for the world over, where-ever the ugly hand of the civilizers has reached….

‘I can’t take it anymore’: Sights and awful sounds from the labour room of an Indian public hospital

A reporter goes undercover to see how women are treated in a large government facility in Kolkata.

Munmun Mukherjee is a good patient. She lies quiet on the white stone delivery table of the government hospital in Kolkata but for an occasional low moan. Even this is muted, the edge of her voice flattened, as if she knows that she needs to be on her best behaviour. A slim, dusky woman, she looks tidy even in her tired, crumpled nightie.

It is late January, and the reluctant Kolkata winter has already slipped away. Deep in the fold of the evening, there is a warm traffic of activity inside the labour room of this large hospital. The ancient ceiling fans hum like an order of monks. A couple of postgraduate students and house staff flow in and out the room, a gaggle of three nurses chats at the table, a cleaner mops the white floors. The doctors in the labour room are essentially doctors in training – recent MBBS graduates or postgraduate students.

The table alongside Munmun is empty, a brown blood stain in the middle has seeped in so obstinately that it looks like a marbled pattern. The next table, too, is empty, with a conspicuous brown stain on it, memories of deliveries past. The fourth table is bound in waxy black material, reserved for patients with HIV or hepatitis, also empty.

Munmun is the only patient in the room, her stone table is hard and cold to the touch. A young doctor called Romit, part of the house staff, strides up to check her. “Still a long time,” he shrugs.

“Please daktaar babu, ami aar parchhi naa [Doctor, I can’t take it any more],” she says.

“Tchaak,” he says crisply. “There can’t be any pain. “

It has been a long, long haul for Munmun, and she is quieted by exhaustion and apprehension in equal parts. This is the second hospital she has been admitted to that day and both have treated her with superb disdain, throwing her in wards bursting with women without beds, making her plead for water, dismissing her pain. Some of the women lying next to her in the ward of the Kolkata hospital said they had been slapped during delivery, and she felt anxious for herself.

Pregnant women await their turn for a consultation.
Credit: Reuters

the rest of this shocking story here…

India, indians….we are adrift on a sea of our forgotten selves, customs, morals and traditions…most people  stuck on the white man’s teat for everything…our ideas to begin with, from where it all begins anyways, right?

Rise, think, do…or at least die trying something with essence…and DON’T let anyone tell you to lighten up, take it easy, this is how it is…be the change we want to see, eh?

civilization is an ugly, hollow promise….

here is to returnings….





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