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Credulity, Belief, Smoke and Mirrors…

August 5, 2016


As many of you reading this know, I’ve been telling the wold (and making vehicles in my own limited budget as best I can) that most people are blinded by the light of celebrity and heroes and this is especially true of the current world tech hero, Elon Musk.

Who, from my own research and understanding of Electric vehicles, is a giant ponzi, accounting, market hype driven Fraud. Even in India, he is the hero du jour of the tech world.

Well, here is what intelligent people think of Tesla.

And it should be said, and perhaps I don’t have a readership anymore, just old followers who could not be arsed to shake a finger anymore, but the response to my crowdfund here was a big fat Zero. Not even a “hey vivek, good luck in your battle against the beast”…such apathy is saddening, especially after the years long relationship some of us have shared…

All good, hope you are well in this increasingly unstable world…


Let me know what your thoughts on Tesla are.

Thank you for voting!
Is Tesla a giant fraud or the future of motoring?
  • It’s a whopping great fraud! 79.97% – ( 942 Votes )
  • Tesla is the future of motoring! 20.03% – ( 236 Votes )


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  1. August 7, 2016 7:03 am

    Good luck old friend. WordPress broke the links to my blog also.

  2. noosphere permalink
    October 3, 2016 6:07 pm

    The only fraud is the expectation that the initial investors can offload their assets to pension funds. Buy at PE 0,5 sell at PE 10000. Such is the game of racketeering. Every time the legislators and prosecutors are amazed. How could it happen again?

    Media pump the hype. Compare profits and sales to the old auto companies. It is ridiculous. Utterly nuts.

    But if it works every time, why stop the racketeering.

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