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Up up…Indians, Can We please get off our knees? HPV Vaccination Program begins in India…

November 25, 2016

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This is the Future of India at stake, right here….The Indian feminine is under ATTACK…

The timing is peculiar…And the pRIME mINISTSER went to inaugrate it?

Shame on you pRIME mINISTER….

Shame on the doctors who recommended this….

Shame on the foundation that is funding this…

Shame on the government that is allowing this to happen.

Shame on the snake oil salesmen of the FDA, here in India and abroad….shame on you….

Shame on the national government…shame on the health minister….Shame on you J P Nadda…

Indians, on their knees since 1947……

Poor uneducated parents….

Poor girls….

Poor families….

HPV Vaccine side effects….look it UP!

My daughter Laura has just turned 17 and is without doubt another girl whose life is ruined as a result of the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

Misled by Government Assurances

When Laura first brought home the consent form from school in 2010 I read it thoroughly. I also went on the World Health Organisation (WHO) website to educate myself about this vaccine as it was new here in Ireland and I didn’t know much about it.

After reading their information and that supplied by our Health Services, I felt not only reassured that this was a safe vaccine but also that this was something very important for ‘my little girl’ and her future health. I stupidly thought that all details good and bad had to be printed so parents and girls could make properly informed choices.

Let’s not forget this vaccine is being promoted by our schools, Department of Education, the Health Service Executive Ireland (HSE) and WHO so one would think it must be good for all our children. Surely these reputable organizations wouldn’t take any chances with the lives and health of our next generation. I was satisfied I had done my research and taken all necessary precautions.

Reactions to the Vaccine

On the day of Laura’s first vaccination and indeed the following two injections, I was called to the school as Laura was feeling weak. This was to be expected as Laura was always squeamish about needles. In fact I had to do a lot of talking with her about the necessity of this vaccination to convince her to go through with having ‘a needle’. On the day there was also a lot of scare mongering amongst the students so I probably took it for granted that this had raised their anxieties and caused several of the girls to feel weak and unwell.

The vaccinating nurse told me to take her home, let her rest and she would be fine.

In the months that followed, Laura started phoning from school complaining of feeling unwell, faint and dizzy. We thought she was starting to experience menstrual problems for the first time although her periods were well established and not problematic before. The family doctor prescribed medication.

Laura was becoming tired all the time, her short term memory and concentration were deteriorating. She also started to experience food intolerances for the first time, in particular, yeast, gluten and dairy. Laura suffered visual disturbances and noise sensitivity. Burning muscles and joint pain were her constant companion. She was unable to continue with sports.

Yes, the constant practise of Madicine….the Hypocritical Oaf….A Doktor…

Shame on the lot of you for not standing up….

Demonitization is on top of hearts and minds….hmmmmmm………

Vaccination programme against cervical cancer begins today

Vaccination programme against cervical cancer begins today
Additional Chief Secretary JS Sandu and Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare, Vini Mahajan, review arrangements for the Prime Minister’s visit in Bathinda on Tuesday. A Tribune photo

Tribune News Service

Bathinda, November 22

Girls of government schools will be vaccinated against HPV (human papilloma virus) tomorrow and day after under the HPV vaccination project of state government that will be inaugurated tomorrow at Mother and Child Hospital, Bathinda.Under the project, around 2.2 lakh Class VI girl students of all government schools across the state will be vaccinated in the current academic year against cervical cancer.The vaccination programme will begin from Bathinda and Mansa from tomorrow as these districts have high incidence of cervical cancer.The percentage of cancer in Bathinda is 17.5 per cent while in Mansa it is 17.3 per cent against the national average of 12.4 per cent.The vaccination reduces the chances of this cancer. Around 10,000 girls of government schools from Bathinda and Mansa will be vaccinated.Around Rs 7.5 crore in the current fiscal and another Rs 15 crore in 2017-18 will be spent on vaccination to protect these girls with the second dose in the state, which is required at a gap of six to 12 months.Besides, the next group of Class VI girl students will also be vaccinated with the first dose during 2017-18.“The sole motive of the programme is to cover the girls from 9-13 years of age to prevent cervical cancer. Every year nearly 250,000 women die of cancer globally. India is the largest contributor to these deaths with estimated 67,000 deaths in a year and accounts for approximately one death every eight minutes. It is the second most prevalent cancer (after breast cancer) in Punjab. The vaccination is procured by the Punjab Government through UNICEF. The vaccination will be carried out at CHCs (community health centres/sub-divisional hospitals and district hospitals under the supervision of medical officers. Subsequently, the state also plans to cover all school girls in government and private schools studying in Class VI and the drop-out girls in the age group of 11-12 years,” said Director of Health and Family Welfare, Punjab, HS Bali.Bathinda Civil Surgeon Dr RS Randhawa said, “The second dose will be given next year to these students. Private hospitals charge around Rs 4,000 per dose but the government is providing it free of cost.”

What do you say or do? Ehhhhhhhh?

Up up…Indians, Can We please get off our knees?


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  1. Anastasia permalink
    November 27, 2016 4:03 pm

    That’s just disgusting. And so sad. People the world over have mistaken governments for their former tribal leaders, who were generations ago quietly overthrown and supplanted by the mindless minions of THE ONE CHOSEN TRIBE. The consequence of this confusion is that the people trust that “their” governments have the best interests of their tribes at heart, when the truth is that the aim of those governments — largely unbeknownst to the useful idiots who serve them — is to destroy all tribes but THE ONE CHOSEN TRIBE.

    • Token White Goy permalink
      May 7, 2017 3:59 pm

      You are very correct, Anastasia. I wish others would pay the level of attention, which you clearly have, to what is actually happening in the World. For, if one DOES pay attention, this problem — which is now threatening to destroy the entire World, and in short order — is actually QUITE easy to see through, isn’t it?

      Wide-scale, global recognition of the problem is imperative if we are to shut down these anti-human arch-criminals and their unprecedentedly-depraved and age-old lust for GLOBAL CONQUEST and the DESTRUCTION OF HUMANITY.

      Somehow they envision themselves as wise… But, in reality, they are unmatched, throughout history, as the most foolish of all fools… For they fail to see that they are destroying THEMSELVES, as well, in this unholy quest. And that process is already WELL underway… They have alienated EVERY NATION, and EVERY PEOPLE, which ever extended a hand of friendship to them. They have ALL been stabbed in the back now. But there are none left for them to EXPLOIT, is there? And MANY PEOPLE, globally, are now very aware of their game. What all this means is that, when the hammer falls on them, it is going to fall INCREDIBLY HARD.

      Because NO NATION, NO OTHER TRIBE, will ever again offer them quarter.

      They have ALREADY sealed their own fates. As have the traitors from within those other tribes who have ENABLED them (read: “government” sell-outs, and the like).

      A system built upon a framework of lies WILL ALWAYS FAIL. A machine cannot run long with broken parts. And there are always those of us that are willing to sabotage the few remaining parts on such a machine in the interest of making it fail even sooner.

      Thanks for doing your part. Rest assured, Anastasia, I will also do mine.

      Fear NOTHING… They feed on it.
      And be well.

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