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The Trap and Release of Language

December 30, 2016


Please ponder, communicate and share 🙂 I hope not knowing hindi does not limit your experience of this stream of consciousness in any way…. if what I’m saying is Truth, imagine how much psychobabble all this back and fourth is over words like flat and round? memories of conversations past…. Sevan Bomar Brother Sevan, thank you so much for your IN-spiration…. to everyone who has found it hard to communicate with me of early…. this is why….. when you spring the language trap, the rabbit hole goes back to the root of where it all began…WAAAH……look at the first sound a baby makes….Wah…great….and then …..a life condtioned by WORDS….. does it not behoove us to know the deepest origins and mean-ings of these codes that run our tongues and thus our creations and our life…. there are techniques to turn words OFF and the result, my friends is incomprehensible, indescribable in words, obviously…. C why now a new weigh told?

When King Arthur removed the SWord from the STone to free Excalibur, he was actually practising original sound magic (Mantra Shakti) to free the WORD from the TONE and we all know about the Word who was WITH God and Was GOD…the name-less one whose name cannot be taken….lk at us tday… 😉 .

if someone convinces you that this is just word-play, I suggest you ignore them and think….EVERY_THING is language….

big hugs all around…


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  1. nowyouknow permalink
    January 6, 2017 12:36 pm

    I did not know something.

    Italians say


    when we say


    but they also say


    when we say


    The rest of the vowels sounds almost the same AEI but they have a faster pronounciation.

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