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Our Collective Dystopian Simulation….

February 22, 2018


Inspired and disgusted by a video that showed the brutal and heavy hand of indian policemen on poor daily wage earners, I wrote the following, about India and Indians at large and the state of our collective psyche…

Re-reading it later, I realized that with minor tweaks, it’s true for all matrix dwellers…. this is an unvarnished eye…because the mirror, it always lie πŸ˜‰

We need to raise our collective vibe…. city dwellers especially are at risk, everywhere…..

read on ….

India’s truth is almost too ugly to bear. And yet the masses, dumbed down, mis-educated, poor, aspirationalized by TV, dead to the viciousness of the polity, law enforcement and judiciary, diseased by having their environment poisoned at every level, placated by fake spirituality propounded by disgusting, fake Babas and gurus… repressed, suppressed, depressed and ruled over by masters they cannot believe even exist….. THIS time, THIS moment is India’s fork in the road….. so much talk, so little will to act, everyone in their own minds a leader, pumped up by a false sense of knowing something deep, each person, you, me…all of us secretly and mostly un-knowingly craving our own seat, our own special protection group, our own pliant bank manager…. truly crabs in a bucket…… like a horse with it’s mouth worn by years of a metal bit, responds only to vicious tugs, dead to the subtlety that is actually the unknown force that vivifies all things…… sub-human cities, fast dying villages, culture overshadowed by the toxic brew of filth spewed out by a deeply sold out media….. the poor average bharat waasi is probably the most lost citizen on earth…… tongue, even of the mother, discarded to adopt this foreign spell, stumbling, awkward, ill-pronounced and therefore ill-expressed, a laughing stock…. a nation brought up on chewing bitter neem every morning, now unable to withstand even a tiny grain of bitter truth….. what or who will bring this battered humanity a gentle light that everyone may gather around without fear….. it’s all about fear my friends, in the end, we have been made fearful, thus always begging for that favour, that admission, that access to a ruling criminal, shameless before our stone gods….gidgidate hue, hamesha gidgidate hue……. unable to throw off our individual and collective shackles, blinded by the light of the media glare, deafened by the vocal and audible coarseness of our existences… loud horns, grinding machinery, that child standing on the front of his father’s scooter in a three hour Bangalore traffic jam, every breath destroying future genes, forever….. coarse environs, coarse nurture, so coarse nature…coarse children, coarse adults, coarse parents….it’s easy to spot patterns you know….. can we turn this ship of state around before it batters itself on the jagged shores of other defeated cultures, now mere relics of history? Can you? Really, think, hard…… can you? I say yes. If you have a plan, tell me and if it resonates, I’ll get behind you. If I tell you mine and it resonates, will you stand with me? Really? I am all ears…..



So…..what say?



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  1. February 22, 2018 2:45 pm

    Our mind’s are the first bastion against such foreign ‘attacks’ and once the offenders have breached that they have unfettered access to the Heart and finally the Soul. Tragic situation for humanity.

    Keep adding your clean flow of thoughts to the putrid stream of debris that those on high promulgate.

    • February 22, 2018 2:47 pm

      That would be “minds”……sorry for the error.

  2. Steve permalink
    February 23, 2018 1:25 pm

    There is is no plan. It is a failed experiment in consciousness. At a higher level of consciousness, the people would stop having children knowing that they could at least spare another generation pain and suffering. Alas, they cannot stop having children as the simple desire for sex outweighs any sort of rational reasoning. The experiment is ending in a most disastrous way. But, it will be restarted at some point….probably with the same results. We have been here before.

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