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Goa, Hang Time, Words, Tumbling, Tongue STumbling….

May 26, 2018

Sow, So, Sow (Reap)….thus Leap……well now? Well? How deep? Well well well… Feeling well?

Reap:Leap, pRay:pLay, cRown:cLown, Vile:Live:lIve:Evil, Levi….. you know the drill…

Why of course, the drill is left:right, left:right…..LR, LR, LR….

Feeling Sin-kronus?

Ready for a fresh under-taking? Perhaps a brand new end-ever?

So Today is To Day even, oddly though, it is one day….

in the ear of the fox….

Awn and on anon……

It’s enough, this realization, to make the most practised tongue skid….

Here we go…

For-Give and For-Get?


Okay, In-Div-I-DUAL…

Enemy… Any Me?

Are you my Any Me?

Are we on the same pitch? And Tar?

Such a niggardly tongue, that one word and more specifically one sound had to mean (how mean) so many things, mostly the opposite of the word’s supposed conveyance.

He was so tightly bound that he bound-ed away….

He was, off coarse, re-leased…. re-leased to whom you may well and should ask!

If re-lease is re lease, then what is free dumb?

How FAR can we take this?

How about precisely this far…

Ancient Scroll


Sow what you might sp-utter, it’s just fancy lines…

Really? Just look at, sans comprehension. This is objectivity. Not intended for specific comprehension only.

Not impressed….

Ancient Scroll 2

A real tell there, even if it is, pardon the pun, Greek to you….

Mirror mirrim on the wall…

Look, ask yourself, perhaps these ancestors, who produced such masterworks of expressing reality in symbol, did not no a thing or two about how to de-sign a tongue?

And set a broken wheel in semi-perpetual motion, fanned along by the fire of Media…

Since Shakespeare, the Bible, the books…. it’s how it has always been….

The town-crier is now a billion accounts on social-MEDIA….

A heard….see? A social media heard….

Eye heard…..

more brilliance…. objective beyond doubt…. the power of symbol, the origin of Aliph-bet…

Ancient Scroll 3

This is refinement….

So, how do we tackle this gordian NOT of language and as I understand it, most language.

The scattering of tongues never stopped.

But pretty soon, lot’s of people will be left grunting at each other while emoting through their embedded smart phone.

Here is a Vivek-ism for you. An axiom if you will…

You can only know your tongue in silence.

Then, the practise of discernment…

Then the courage to take action…

Then the detachment to be silent….


Language is a slippery slope…

Mind your tongue, they say…eh?



is what you make of IT…





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