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i Say…..

August 19, 2018

Sometimes, straight to the heart of the matter, like a flaming arrow, or a gentle whisper, filled with urgency and longing, booming, gently, like waves, the plip-plop of water on the lake of consciousness, tongues of flame burning un-forget-able nuances on the paper-stuff of the un-know-able that is our mind, glazing the clay-tablet of memory into a living thing, un-erase-able, funny that, living glazed clay, cuni-form triangles of arrow-headed simplicity, the heart of the mater, the heart of the matter, normalcy in shreds, the comfort-able fabric of our lives, with it’s warp and woof, or some say weft, cleft, right and left, asunder, woof woof, sun, dog, god, orion, something to cry on, eye-cleansing, tears, rips the mote of blindness from my i, my u, your us, common rail, diverging at infinity, parallel lives, inter-secting, bi-sect-ual pri-mate, man, woman, being, static, like an electric top, sometimes a bottom, spinning, shock-ing, un-lock-ing, deep recesses…..


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