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Money, Mooney….

October 29, 2018


Once I understood the importance of money in our lives, how central it is to the modern “system” and how it does make this Whirled go Around,…. I dug deep. Deeper. Deepest.

You have to go the root of it all to get to the heart of the matter.

Money is ancient energy, like all other expressed forms we see in the world. All expressed forms are egregores, collective belief spoken, dreamt and propagandized into 3D reality. That in fact is the whole of our construct.

This collective reality we are living is truly just that, a collectively believed in reality. A collectivist construct.

Perhaps we are genetically commies, eh? I jest. Di jest.

Imagine being able to visualize the truth of varied collective realities, each unfolding as we arise to the world, all smoothly blending into each others, the greatest common collective taking on the hardest mantles.

That is life, as I see it, create it, visualize it.

Sadly, I find very little overlap with the global collectivist mind-set now-a-daze.

So was the above a drift from the theme, money? Hardly, an excellent segway into it actually.

Some time, a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago, a group of people of people figured out three things:

  1. Most humans tend to laziness and convenience and those that don’t can be trained to be thusly
  2. Money was Talismanic and correctly designed, held man’s mind with overwhelming force
  3. The easiest way to make money in this construct was to make money make money. The moneylender’s, in some form, I suspect is the oldest profession.

Take the above mind-set, access to ancient secrets of energetic manipulation via symbol, architecture, spoken word, a few, x thousand years and voila…. you have today.

ABsolute fiat currency, where it is declared on the note itself that this is merely a debt canceller, doing the rounds as current-sea to grease the wheels of commerce.

The scam, long having run it’s course, is now swinging through shorter and shorter fiat cycles, the explosion in Crypto being an excellent case in point.

Unsustainable systems can run a long time on artificial stimulus,but it means fooling more of the people, more of the time, ultimately an impossibility.

Feels like a top, eh?

Screeching head-lines, tightening credit-lines, shortening hem-lines, heck dis-appearing hemlines, shortening time-lines….

As someone who feel more like an observer into the matrix, rather than a participant in it, I can see how it is constructed, brilliant, long term, laser focus : control through symbol, words of a tightly controlled and ever falling tongue and round the clock propaganda….

The map is being made the reality, because reality is perception.

The world, wars, beauty, love, nature, instgtram, VR, AR, gaming, gaming, gaming…… perception is reality and our purseption is now formed through screens.

This is a time

of the rise and fall

of breath

and empires…

This is a time

for the give and take

of life

and legacies….

This is a time

for the warp and weft

of grace

and theft…

This is a time

for the good and bad

of us

and them…

This is time

for pause and reflection

course correction


What the heck, you might ask, brought on all this introspection?

This chart… picture…thousand words and all that sort of thing…

consume wisely…

Central Banking Malaise

If you’d like a book about the history of money which will rightly and leftly blow your mind, e-mail me, aadivaahan at g mail dot com, tell me a little about yourself, what brought you here, what floats your boat and I’ll send you the book in return…

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