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Did Ol’ Ma Shipton have it right?

January 12, 2019


How art thee? I ask this, not ever rhetorically…. truly, how art thee?

As a man who thinks he is astride the beast that is a-straddle the fine, twisting, ever-changing line that lies betwixt the simulacra and that which we call reality… I have to say that even for the jaded mind, the mind that has delved and dived and swum in the deepest recesses and rabbit holes of the mind….. the current news flow is beyond strange.

The war, it would seem, is on. Or someone surely wants us to believe so.

Even the war wording…. everywhere… you know the drill, war on drugs, war on terror, war on poverty.

We are perhaps the losingest human collective in his-story, eh? Because all those wars are losing wars.

And now, in the last 4-5 decades (perhaps longer), the ultimate battle, the battle that will define the great war, is the war On/Of the Sexes. I’ve alluded to that a lot in posts past.

That was always the root. If anyone or a group of people got to the root of it all and spread their mind-virus there, game over. A tree that rots at the root can never recover.

Well, my friends, in the simulation, the battle was long lost. Because the simulation is essentially a narrative, with tools to DRAW you in. So he who wrote the rules on which the simulation/narrative runs, controls it’s later flowering.

Perhaps the deepest flow in our lives so full of flow (FLOWers, see?), is that of our sexual identity AND practice.

Doubt that to your own detriment.

Half a MILLENIUM or so ago, an old woman, in fits of ecstasy, saw things, from the mouth of god to her ears and then on-wards to us.

Make of her words what thou wilt!

As all ways… 😉

From Mother Shipton’s Prophesies ~ 1542 AD:

They’ll be a sign for all to see, be sure that it will certain be.

Then love shall die and marriage cease, and nations wane as babes decrease.

And wives shall fondle cats and dogs, and men live much the same as hogs.

Krishn and Radha

Krishn and Radha

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