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Food, Vege-Tables? Fruit and NO MEAT!

February 4, 2019


Being (hah!) that we are what we eat, it’s been a long running journey for me of working out what works best for the body, my body.

I’ve eaten meat, sporadically till the age of 26 and then not at all since, so half my years have thankfully been purely vegetarian.

I’ve overdone aclohol, including a year and a half long bout with functioning alcoholism, the resultant Gout, liver issues etc.

I’ve definitely overdone the sugar as a result of the above, put “spirits” inside my body and thus mind, have had it drive me to the brink of madness.

And of course, the many years spent in the wilderness of not knowing, allowing me to abuse this magnificent instrument we have with all manner of packaged foods, available in every form, taste and colour on the shelves of grocery stores and supermarkets the world over.

The last 18 years though, free from the grip of Alcohol and living immersed in a people group that gave great care and attention to their diet has been one of startling revelation, great repair and re-covery. And great taste as well. A refined palette is a great thing to possess…

Being a self-experimentor and general all round risk taker, I’ve also done what people would call crazy experiments and not only have I lived to tell the tale but am much the healthier (mostly) or better in-formed for them.

As an example, 3 years ago, I spent 3 months eating just Mangoes, Bananas and some dry fruits(hardly any). All day, Mangoes and bananas.

I never looked better, smelt better or felt better in all my years. But alas, Mango season ended, other fruits seemed to come from the same toxic farms like they are now all over the world and the frutarian experiment came to an end.

BUT, I can confirm that we can live healthy, light and fit lives full of energy just on Fruits. Yes, them fruit sugars are good for us. You cannot over do them.

At any rate, when I came across this interesting post from a person named Mangotarian, I read it with relish and felt called to share.

Behooves us to remember that we are primarily creatures of habit and one of the biggest control systems in place globally is food and associated industries.

And again, I can only say this as someone who has lived the experiments, been on both sides of the coin and being generally self-introspective, paid deep attention to the effects….

Please stop eating meat. MEat is ME-eat….. a form of cannibalism. Plasma based creatures are not meant to eat each other plasma based creatures. That is what the Cellulose system is made for.

A happy symbiosis, plasma / cellulose.

So, here you go, via the Mangotarian, youtube channel link at the end of the piece.

Eat well my friends, in this toxic world we inhabit (see, in-habit), food is our first, last and best defense.



Why do you feel weak when you stop eating animal foods?

For one when you eliminate toxic foods from your diet you will go through the process of detoxification and physical withdrawal, and even more so with animal products. The reason why you feel weak and tired when you give up animal foods is because you’re no longer consuming hormones, steroids and Neurotransmitters from the animal tissue.

Meat is like a stimulant that makes you feel good, but also puts a beating on the human organism because the proteins are very acidic, and hard on the kidneys and wares out the bowel function. It’s just like having a daily coffee habit and giving that up. You will feel caffeine withdrawal for a week and then regain your strength and energy when the body recovers. It’s the same thing when you consume animal products. If your used to eating conventional meat, eggs and dairy then it will be worse because these products have added hormones and steroids, because unfortunately these animals are injected with them to make them grow bigger so the farmer can produce more meat.

The only reason why a person can get big and strong on animals is because it’s similar to taking steroids and hormones in a small dose. It’s not the protein because there are plenty of people that can build up, and get very strong on plant proteins. look up the worlds strongest man, to my knowledge he is a vegan.

When you start eating healthy you will no longer stimulant your body with stimulating foods, so your body will go through the process of detoxification and depending on the diet switch,and how aggressive the diet is regarding detoxification your going to experience a level of detox that is not going to be comfortable. It’s not forever, and when the body cleanses itself, and removes the sewage byproducts animal foods leave behind, you will regain your strength and energy again.

The one thing that so many people overlook is they don’t understand transition, and they rush the diet change and feel extremely weak, and turn back to meat,eggs and dairy because they don’t understand the healing phase, and how long it can take especially if you go from a toxic diet of meat and processed food right into a fruit diet and 100% raw.

You never want to just go from one extreme to the other if you want to get healthy and make it last long term. Some of you that have cancer and your health is declining at a rate of death, you need to bite the bullet and endure through the detox, and put the peddle to the metal. However for those that are not in these situations need to be carful with transitioning so they don’t end up blaming the most healthy foods on the planet, and mistaking the diet as causing malnutrition because they have no idea how toxic they are and what happens when you go from meat, dairy and eggs to a living foods diet that’s so energetic, it’s like being electrocuted by lighting when you go from dead meat to living electromagnetic fruit.

Fruit will open the flood gates, and start pulling on stagnant waste throughout the body very quickly.and will show no mercy in the process. Living foods will go to work on cleaning out your body, so you must understand the process of your going to jump into the diet overnight.

I would recommend giving up the meat, dairy and eggs and adopt a cooked plant based Whole Foods diet first, and have fruit for breakfast and remove salt,oil and refined sugar, and do this for several months and go through a slower detox so you don’t shock your system, and end up fearing the very food your designed to eat fruits, berries and melons.

Eventually when you start chipping away and cleaning the body out from the metabolic waste the animal foods and processed foods left behind, you will regain your energy back overtime, and you will start to benefit from the diet like everyone else does when they get cleaner, and get through the detox and withdrawal phase. If you don’t remove the obstructions that block the flow of energy in the body you can never experience the benefits and energy from the diet.

Once you transition to 100% raw and fruit based detox will be on another level and your body will take you back to your past and symptoms can resurface. This is called a healing event. Your body is finishing the healing that didn’t take place all the way from your past. You can run into skin problems,cold and flue like symptoms, get swelling in certain areas because your kidneys are not yet filtering good enough, head aches, stomach aches, pain after a bowel movement, and urination (UTI like symptoms) blurry vision and brain fog, itching all over, intense cravings for junk food, anxiety and depression and insomnia, pain etc.

This is the karma debt but your paying it off, and it’s with every penny! Regenerative detoxification is the most natural healing you will every experience, and you can not only heal your major health issues but your body will heal everything on a deep cellular level and you will become reborn physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Meat, dairy and eggs are toxic stimulants like taking drugs they are masking agents and create systemic acidosis, and back up the lymphatic system with sewage waste.

We have enough evidence that high meat diets cause ulcerations to the bowels and also damage the kidneys and adrenal glands. Humans are not designed to consume dead animals, we are not carnivore canines, and have nothing in common with them regarding their physiology. Meat does not digest well in the human body, makes people stink (Putrefaction) and is very constipating! I wonder why?, because it’s not designed to go in the human body regardless of humans have adapted to eating it because of survival from migrating out of the tropics. We are not cave dwellers or paleo by design this is only took place because of migration and survival. Even the Paleolithic ancestors mainly ate tubers and plant foods not dead animals.

Don’t blame energetic foods and think they are making you worse and return back to the problem. If you really damaged your body with the SAD diet then it’s going to take some time to heal yourself with transition, 100% raw, a fruit based raw food diet, and it will take herbs and periodic fasting to fix the damages, and the foods can get you pretty far, but with the level of damages humans have created it will take fasting to heal them, and no diet will fully heal the body, and you will have to transition to water and dry fasting to completely turn your life around and heal on a level you desire.

When damages are fixed then you will not have problems with plant based diets because their is no culture in the past that relied on fruit and plant based diets that had health problems like we do, and it’s because they were born on real food and they die on real food, and that’s why we have on record civilizations of people from the past living on plants alone that lived to over 100 and it was the norm as well.

Get back to nature my friends, get back to the diet your biologically designed to eat, tap into your intuitive consciousness, let your instincts guide you, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Meet the Mangotarian:


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  1. Eso permalink
    February 4, 2019 3:18 pm

    A busy self-centered mind writes a lot! Yet there is nothing Conscious in what “They” write…

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