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Epigenetic Shamans, We Are!!!

March 19, 2019
The mystery of our true inner power, has been shown to us in bits and bytes….. all we need to do is connect the dots….. we are FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR above and beyond what we’ve been reduced to…. pain-frightened, gravity weighed, sickness prone, mostly weak and getting weaker as a species.
If we are the APEX (look, APEX is mostly APE and X, just a side note) of creation, a mighty weak apex we are, eh? If we are the apex, then below one would imagine seeing below us weaker and weaker creatures, misfits in their environments, mentally unstable, weak with short life-spans.
But we see the opposite… we see creatures well adjusted to their environments, hardly ever sick, strong social code of conduct, a highly active epigenetic memory…….
Why have we blown so far away from the tree? Why does a human child need upto 7 YEARS to get socially adjusted?
It’s time we revitalized.
Everything, from Ant to Whale and everything else in-between is shining it’s example at us every day, as we degrade. Look look, effortless flight (Bumble Bee), food aplenty, until there is not at which time, death is good, healthy competition, no petty fights, lots of play play play…. why not us?
It seems to me that we, epi-genetically en-coded are perfect, the physical expression has been severely damaged.
This is the great work, the return to our in-nate, epi-genetic truths and roots…. where we ARE vast and sublime….
The journey is uphill (of course it would be), awareness is a muscle, the top of EVERY literal and figurative highest mountain is inhospitable, cold and bare (as above, so below), language is a program, Reality is inverted (continuously, think tesseract), cubes are anti-life, music is the way home and of course…
SILENT and LISTEN are anagrams. As are SPINE and PENIS. Think about that…
Our most necessary, the thing that binds us as a collective, manna from the gods is AIR.
We are all children of the air (Vayuputra/putri), 3 minutes or so’s lack of which is all the proof one needs.
Air, Vayu is THE ONE. It is everywhAIR…
Relaxing one’s breath is a good place to start….
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