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The ever-broadening brush….

April 30, 2019


Writing in today to rue the passing of subtlety.

Being that I am a hyper-massive consumer of data, both via reading and of course video watching, and have been for the better part of 10 years now…. there is an obvious trend, un-escapable and probably only re-claimable on a personal level anymore.

That trend is a hard move to broad brushes and ever amplifying bombast, coarsening our ears, our eyes ad thus our minds. The subtle has, by force of overwhelming money being thrown to the coarse side, given way to the coarse.

Everything on the Tella lie Vision, is on such an obviously coarsenign trend that you’d have to be blind/deaf to admit otherwise. With sit-coms and stand up comedy killing all moral bounds (even today, all a person has to do is say the word Fuck on a microphone in front of more than 20 people, the instantaneous reaction is the tell, laughter, nervousness, shock, cognitive dissonance)….. the sounds of most house-holds today are coarse ones. He who laughs loudest, hides the most pain….

This is the sound of civilization in India :


Contrast with this:

When we get coarsened, we use words coarsely, and mostly with sweeping effect. Broad brushes. Feminist, masculinist, nationalist, muslim, hindu….. and all the subtlety of individuality is lost.

But this works well for those who would pull strings to steer society downwards, coarse-wards…. coarse people waste…everything…. energy, money, things….. they consume in large quantity, being wasteful in conversion…. waste by you is profit to the seller….

So, with music… the dominant sound is coarse, mechanical, electronic, repetitive, high pitched, weird worded, wyrd worded, occult, atonal……. coarser and coarser.

Sex? Gonzo porn…. rape porn….revenge porn, refugee porn, hidden cameras, Open sex… need I say more?

They fooled us with lies like “the devil lies in the details”…. actually the magic liVes in the details…

If we live, create and navigate via our senses, then coarser sense make for coarser experiences. Love life? Off Coarse you do 😉 Off course….

Coarser senses make for coarse human interactions… coarse dialouge, coarse feelings, coarse touch…. see?

Heck, lets even say the TRUTH liVes in the details…..but is fully knowable by it’s outermost manifestations as well.

So, my case is that a coarser society, getting coarser every day, is logically on a down-ward spiral. TO deny that “civilized” society is on a steep down-ward spiral is to deny reality.

Civilization is codification, primarily and that too linear, dissective, lacking feeling.

Roadways eat farms and trees, dams kill rivers, cities suffocate humans, industry pollutes everything…

So, I also make the case that western “civilization” , as forced down the global gullet, is basically a coarsening influence, human and nature negative in the extreme.

Can society heal collectively of this malaise and move upwards again, into light and laughter together?


I am actually hopeful. 100th monkey, now all wired into social media. We can make the jump together.

Boycott the coarse. Begin by recognizing what coarsens you and what makes you finer. When you become finer, you are refined.

Nature creates subtly, inside out, silent power, patient.

Us, not so much on any of the above counts…

Embrace Subtlety…




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  1. Ilsa permalink
    April 30, 2019 7:07 pm

    Well said, Vivek, and I agree. I’ve found myself lately grieving what appears to be the willful, wanton destruction of the blood of my own European ancestors and feeling an insatiable urge to *feel* them, to *be* them again; through their history, their language, their labors, their arts, their wars, their traditions, their everyday living. Your writing made me realize that I’m also looking for re-fine-ment and lost beauty, so coarsely discarded. Thank you and namaste.

  2. Daveed Benjamin permalink
    May 2, 2019 12:57 am

    Well said my friend. Here’s to finery!

  3. May 8, 2019 12:34 am

    From Amerika:

    Of course we are coarse!

    Consider our history.

    We murdered and/or corralled the indigenous people and raped their land.

    With that settled, we set out to remake the world in our own image,

    Human rights, respecting the delicate environmental balance given to us,

    Autonomy of other peoples and nations be damned!

    Acquisition and exploitation, the Amerikan way!

    In nature, in an organism, or in a Petri dish,

    When a parasite exponentially multiplies,

    The food resources, living space, and the general environment (or host),

    Become eventually exhausted, and the host dies.

    How and/or why does the human race (and Amerika),

    Consider themselves exempt from this simple biological law?

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