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Hollyweird’s Bin Telling it like it IS!

September 5, 2019


As always, the commentators at ZH throw up gems, now mostly underwater from being over-run by trolls.

All good things are under severe and sustained attack my friends, and if you’re good, that includes you too.

If you have not started cleaning up your act at every level, it behooves you to begin NOW. Like this instant. Because if you choose to remain plugged into the matrix, it’s going to get really really tight.

If any one needs personal guidance and is committed to their higher self, reach out, I’m here to help show some light.

Meanwhile, from an anonymous poster on Zerohedge, this cryptic but deeply insightful comment… choose carefully what you take in through your senses…. those imprints create your reality.

No fear, just clarity and hyper-awareness…. good luck, the coming few months are going to be really really rough for many….

Here is the comment…


I never really lose my specialised focus even in this nuclear waste dump of info-trash. That is because I largely focus on what I know from life experience, including Government service – and this has involved contact with more than one Government.
The films, the films, the films. Including – and in fact, rather more now if we’re speaking American here for the moment –  television.

Let’s do a re-hash here from my corner of the room – in 1981 at the Academy Awards, SNL Intel Stooge/Emcee Steve Martin made the infamous cryptic announcement, “If you want to know what’s really going on in America, watch the films”.  Robert Redford has been one of their most regular assets over the decades. His film, “The Reader”,  took its title from the CIA’s role – along with the Nordic countries at that time – as one of the world’s great devourers of open-source materiel, including university student newspapers, from which materiel for several films were drawn over the decades.

Continuing here, as a nexus of world events and the U.S. Government’s obsessions came together in 1981, a nearly 40-year spate of Irish and some Scottish-themed films have been foisted upon the American and global audience.  These events involved events in Northern Ireland and domestically in the USA, and involved Moammar Qaddaffi’s support of the IRA, whose leaders were on hunger strike at the time.  The films began with “Chariots Of Fire” and continued through “Braveheart”, and some of you may have noticed “Derry Girls”, a new television offering from them to you, which I can explain in detail.

But my beef here is strongest with their 1998 “Enemy Of The State”, which at 1:54:00 had Gene Hackman and Will Smith discovering actor Jon Voight’s NSA character as having been born on September 11th, other scenes and dialogue in the film being relevant here, as well.  Jon Voight later starred in “Woodlawn”, a religious film passed off to America’s churches for spiritual inspiration. The title was actually taken from a street name a few blocks from where they murdered a 12-year-old boy named Gregory Anderson in Tustin, California in June 1988. The OP behind this was named Mike G. he is 75 y/o and lives presently in Mission Viejo, California. Come and get me. AG Barr acknowledged after I divulged part of this a few weeks ago, that “severe abuses” had been committed by the intel agencies, but his latest screed is “compliance, and you can complain later”. Naaah, AG, you went too far.
To make the “Woodlawn” film, they enlisted the assistance of Brian Broderson, the chief pastor of the worldwide Jesus Movement church from the 1960’s, Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California. I have written to him twice with my name and address.

Many people choose compliance in the face of historical Government crime.  Shame on them.



And there you have it, make of it what you will….

Get stronger…. every day…. remember, the key to life lies in the Spine….. 😉


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