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Hey…India…Wakey wakey…..

November 13, 2019

Yo! Modern India. That is all about development/modernization/westernization.

Blazing a path to the very firmament of Great Nation status. Strident, vocal, violent young India.

Strapping on your Billion dollar military arsenel that impresses no one that really matters.

Make in India, you scream as one. Humara Desh mahaan hai. Yells the jobless twerp, staring into his cellphone for the latest update on a meaningless verdict of a meaningless fight in a deeply compromised judicial system


It’s over before it even began babes. You’ve all been had…..bad….

Put on your newly globalized thinking caps, think trends, indicators, mammoths, momentum, turnarounds, slogans…. and ponder this chart carefully…. it is a tell, in case you cannot…errr…tell….

Indian GDP

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  1. Raj permalink
    November 14, 2019 10:17 am

    On top of that, the drive to export talent to western countries is in full flow!

    With cheaper labour costs of the talent imported! The trend seems to be lower living standards for all. I know from experience that initially the skilled labour comes over and to reduce cost live 10+ per house. The existing middle is suffering because of reduced salaries…I know I was earning 1/3 more 10 years ago then the going rate today!

    The middle class is being systematically dismantled as neither can afford to live!

    The knock-on effect being to reduce living standards, but the sheeple keep putting up with all the hardships! Once the talent establishes a small foothold the families join them and I’m sure this is having an impact on the GDP trend.

    Is this by design and all part of the globalisation blue print?

    • November 15, 2019 9:04 am

      Absolutely it is Raj. The pincer grip of foundations and this totally illogical and skewed exchange rate basis has screwed the world 6 ways to Sunday. We have to seek solutions outside the box, literally and figuratively… the muddle class (sp) is the most dumbed down, stressed out and getting broker by the day demographic the world over. By design. The lower classes will rise and the middle classes worldwide will crumble. Creating the kind of chaos the masters love to play with for profit…

  2. Stephen Romey permalink
    November 14, 2019 2:30 pm

    As a native born (European heritage) American in the IT field, I can tell you that the massive influx of Indians into America to take US IT jobs will not end well for America or India. Naturally, India is losing many productive citizens in the ‘brain drain’ from India to the US. The US is reducing both the number of IT openings for US citizens and very rapidly reducing salaries. America is a product of a once strong, stable, and prosperous middle class. Take away the strong middle class, and now you are a third world country with all that that entails. I hate to see my country destroyed like this, and I am sure that India will not benefit in the long run. We are returning to the middle ages of feudal Europe with a very small royal class and lots of starving peasants. If you are Indian, stay out of America! You will be helping both our countries in the long run. You are being imported here to America to destroy America…..and that’s a very bad thing for all of us!!

    • November 15, 2019 9:01 am

      It’s too late for all this brother. The globalists’s plans are in full swing. India’s brain drain was a designed strategy, the top schools were funded by the Ford Foundation/Rockerfeller foundations in the 1950’s. It’s really each person watchign out for themselves/families and those you care about. The mess in the matrix will not settle without harsh outcomes for many, because that is how it’s been designed. SO many anchor families now. And BTW, American companies come and use slave condition IT labour in India as well. Underpaid, crazy hours, low pay…. it’s everywhere, the malaise is….

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