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Virtue is it’s Own Reward….

November 17, 2019


As I continue to dig and dig and dig… nuggets always present themselves. And then another piece of MY puzzle clicks into place. Please note the emphasis. My puzzle is my own. Yours is yours. They are similar, chiral, but not identical.

Look up the word Chiral by the way, very insightful. Tells us a lot about sameness, differences and why we each have our own Path in this life.

So, virtue is it;s own Re-Ward. Yes, I have trouble with the words of course because Words are SWords and they mess with our minds in ways we still do not recognize well enough.

That said though, in the commonly agreed upon vernacular, you get the idea, Virtue (goodness, cor-RECT-ness (see RECT for Rectangle, the 90 degrees, the impossible angle for humans)))…. is it’s own reward.

This is the central tenet of the Stoic way of life. Stoicism is a way of living that promotes englightened indifference to everything. To life, birth, death, sickness, joy, lust, avarice, greed, kindness….. the whole gamut.

Why was Socrates a Stoic? Have we not been given emotional centers so we may emote? Of course, but like all things in this life, the sWord has two edges. If emotions run you, it’s not good. If you run your emotions, excellent. Just like every other faculty the magnificent human has, if you are it’s master, then mastery. If you are it’s slave, then slavery.

The balanced path asks of us the rigorous and ruthless examinations of extremes, even participation in them if called/necessary, but always remaining ESSENCE-tially unmoved. The ebb and the flow of all things ensure that good comes after bad, light comes again after darkness (every day) and so forth.

Death comes to us all, differentially but inevitably, as does some or the other form of dis-ease, pain, joy, grief… the gamut. These are the seas that batter our shores, cyclically, relentlessly.

The Stoic master rises above the fray, so to speak. Being above it all, he is then the observer, in ESSENCE, untouched, unmoved, even if physically fully participatory.

It’s the spare life, but infinitely rich in it’s inherent re-ward.

Watching this lecture and learning about Marcus Aurelius in-spired this post. I highly recommend giving it a good listen 🙂

It was a definite dot-connect on my Journey… it’s a great train of thought to jump off the blame game train 😉

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