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The Doctrine of Clean Hands…

March 30, 2020


We are being asked to be Faultless…

Why? Think…

The doctrine of clean hands is a legal maxim that says that he or she without fault cannot be tried or held liable in a court of law.

We are clearly in a time of generational, almost biblical shift and what is happening on the surface is clearly not the story. So the instructions come to us, as always, in parables.

Wash your hands so they are clean. Wash your hands so they are clean. Between fingers, everywhere…. clean hands, clean clean hands. Essentially signalling that we need to clean up our act so we can be without fault.

Those that make the jump into the C-Void that is upcoming will be those of clean heart/hands…in the skies, the Executioner (Saturn) and the Judge (Jupiter) are sitting together in the house of Capricorn….

We are in a literal AND figurative Judgement day scenario….

Wash your hands, your mind, your heart….everything….

Be clean…cleansed…

It’s time…

Much Love,


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  1. Deborah Muga permalink
    March 31, 2020 2:44 pm

    I’m ready! Good to see you back. Hope your reality isn’t full of chaos.

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