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On Death and Dying-4

April 24, 2020


Today, we’ll lend an eye and ear to the peerless Don Juan, made popular by Carlos Castaneda.

Reading ” The Teachings of Don Juan” in 1985 completely ejected me from the main stream, for ever. I’d discovered a way of life or a life-path that was so far from the mendacity that I was experiencing, I was, in a word, hooked. But, enough about me…

Here is what he said…


A warrior must focus his attention on the link between
himself and his death. Without remorse or sadness or worrying, he
must focus his attention on the fact that he does not have time and
let his acts flow accordingly. He must let each of his acts be his
last battle on earth. Only under those conditions will his acts
have their rightful power. Otherwise they will be, for as long as
he lives, the acts of a fool.


“Death is the only wise advisor that we have. Whenever you feel, as you always do, that everything is going wrong and you’re about to be annihilated, turn to your death and ask if that is so. Your death will tell you that you’re wrong; that nothing really matters outside its touch. Your death will tell you, ‘I haven’t touched you yet.”


Aaaaand today’s Zinger, the Humdinger, the root, the essence of this whole game:

“The totality of ourselves is a very tacky affair,” he said. We only need a very  small portion of it to fulfill the most complex tasks of life. Yet when we die, we die with the totality of our selves. A sorcerer asks the question, “If we are going to die with the totality of ourselves, why not, then, live with that totality?”.


Live fully so you can die fully…


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  1. Hélène permalink
    April 24, 2020 4:28 pm

    Once again, you shine light in times of confusion and darkness. Strange and unsettling this “new” normal. It’s shocking how easily we abandon our basic freedoms. I can’t help but feel like we are being lied to and lead down a very particular path. I will therefore embrace my totality….

  2. Colt Lake permalink
    April 27, 2020 5:20 pm

    I was given this book in my twenties in a most unpredictable way. If my memory serves a stranger in a bar. It is a life changer.

  3. May 4, 2020 3:00 pm

    So you are going to teach about how to live with the totality of ourselves? Not about death?

    Thanks for introducing “The Teachings of Don Juan”, couldn’t make much sense of it after reading it once. May be most of the teachings are experiential.

    On Death, Sadhguru (Isha Yoga) has a book on it too.

    • May 6, 2020 4:33 am

      “Teach” might be a trigger word now for most. I can only shine the light where I’ve found insight/gnosis. 🙂

      As for living and dying, could there be a better example of two sides of a coin? So if you must die well, you must live well, if you do die fully, completely, then you must have lived thusly too.
      Jaggi and his ilk are snake oil salesmen….terrible energy, plus, he is a master mason…. my advice, stay away…

      • voodooville permalink
        May 9, 2020 6:49 am

        I’ve watched Sadhguru’s (or Jaggi Vasudev’s) videos, he is showing youngsters to think different or not “think” at all. I read his book Mystic’s Musings, it was light and an easy read, don’t remember anything in particular about what he wrote, except for his trance-like or meditative experiences that he says lasted several days.

        He says a lot of clever things, it seems teaching is hard, and learning is hard but indoctrination is easy. To build an empire, there should be a good percentage of people who take things Jaggi says as true, without questioning. I’ve been to his place only once, hard to say whether I felt any positive or negative energy, the volunteers seemed nice.

        I’m not his disciple or connected to his organization in any way, so eventually I might get to your view of him as a snake oil salesman :). I’ll try and keep away from him.

        There is a guy who blogs as “ArchDruid”, who admitted he is a free mason. He does have an agenda that aligns with the elite agenda. Sadhguru probably goes along with the elites too, his focus on population control being one.

        • Skateboarder permalink
          May 10, 2020 10:44 pm

          He killed his first wife in favor of his then mistress / current wife (look it up if ya haven’t heard about it before).

          Radiance is a visible attribute of inner goodness, knowledge, wisdom, peace, honor, and glory. When you see someone’s face, disregarding physical attributes, you can physically see and feel the radiance or lack thereof. Jaggi says a lot of things, but I see no radiance emanating from him.

          • May 13, 2020 11:29 am

            Yup, have read the story, his background is shady AND he is a master Mason. When questioned about freemasonary and his connections to it by some students, he stammered and he stuttered pathetically, to quote a famous song whose title I forget…

        • May 13, 2020 11:31 am

          Interesting .The fact that he only agrees to be interviewed by bimbos from bollywood is another massive tell. He is silver tongued, is clearly fed a good line of things to say, but like my good friend skatebaorder pointed out, he has no inner shine. With his rally for rivers, he has also proven to be just a common thief.

  4. Skateboarder permalink
    May 10, 2020 10:55 pm

    Nice sayings bro, thanks for sharing. 🙂

    I know you’re not into metal, but Martin Walkyier laid down some excellent wordage in the song called “The Best of Enemies.” This part describes the way of the warrior:

    “When living your life like an arrow in flight
    You must always accept that the end is in sight
    Be grateful at least for the fact that you knew
    You came to death – he did not come for you
    You are like targets who sit and await
    Patiently suffer the arrows of fate,
    Saying “I am but mortal and destined to die –
    I can change nothing so why should I try?”

    Each morning you wake is an ’ember day’ dawning,
    Your penance for living in permanent mourning.
    By erst while ideals your hearts are enslaved,
    You crawl out of the cradle straight into the grave.
    What reward is a banquet of red wine and bread,
    When you hunger for life but on death you are fed?”

    • May 13, 2020 11:28 am

      Nice bro…. all these rock stars were on to it, on the inside and were sending messages to the masses on behalf of the classes….

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