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On Death and Dying-5

May 13, 2020


How go your ruminations on the flip side of the coin of life?

Imagine how incomplete one’s life is, if one imagines that the half he knows is all there is, eh?

So, for today, in no particular order, I’d like you to meditate on the fall-lowing words be-low (see why it’s so hard to communicate anymore, the spell of language will, by it’s very nature, invert the essence of what is being conveyed)…

  1. Re-in-Car-nation
  2. Re-Anima-tion
  3. Re-birth
  4. Re-Juve-nation

This is, in essence, the circle of life.

When you, by deep inner work, dis-cover the sPIral of life as step one, breathe into it (step two), then you find a gateway out of the circles, which are, unfortunately perfect. And all perfect things are dead. In-Anima-te. And there we go with the language trap yet again.

Immortal or I’m-mortal? 😉

What do you think?

I’ll write further only if you engage….

Hugs all around,



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  1. May 17, 2020 6:53 am

    It is easier to drive cars in Car nation, live life pleasing to the senses (like an animal), die, be born again, and continue the cycle with juvenile infatuations.
    Should one have looked death in the eye, to figure out the “flip side of the coin of life”? And how does one escape the “sPIral” of life?

    In Isha Upanishad (the original Isha), there is one place where it says Truth is hidden behind a glowing lid, let the lid be removed so that one can see the Truth. I don’t have much knowledge of Hindi or Sanskrit, just quoting a commentary from a book.

    Technological conveniences, created by man, and good governance have distracted us from fulfilling lives. Which is not even remotely equivalent to the ancients’ pursuit of the realization of Para Brahman or knowledge of the Atma. But it seems “bright light” or juvenile distractions can be used to hide the truth.

    • May 23, 2020 5:04 am

      Well said/observed all around.

      One need not look death on the eye to gno it, but one definitely needs to go unfearingly to the edge of the coin (absolute uncertainity) and the center of it (absolute certainity), both places that take inordinate courage, in today’s terms, to be at/in.
      It’s why the world needs it’s outliers, it’s shamans, it’s himalayan yogis…. the outliers allow the rest of us to expand our own boundaries.

      Ever noticed or heard that we feel most “alive” when our life is most at risk? That is the edge of the coin.

      The center is of course 2D perfection, the trap.
      Spirals on the other hand, breathe…

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